The Heartfilia heiress carefully twisted the key before entering her apartment. A small two-bedroom apartment and in the downtown area, not far from where she worked. Although small it looked spacious and cozy thanks to her roommate's creativity who often change the decorations by season. This time she used the color palette of various shades of grey and blue and with a touch of pink. She didn't mind the frequent change of decoration as long as it's not done in the predawn as they did when they just rented the apartment one year ago.

Lucy tied up her long blonde hair into a loose bun using the hair tie that she found in the blue key bowl.

A familiar voice greeted her from their living room, "Is that you, Lucy?"

As she dropped her bag into the nearest chair she saw the owner of the voice lifted her left hand into the air without looking at her, "Over here! I just unlocked the new level and got the rare item!" said her roommate cheerily. She played with her cell phone while the TV was still on.

Lucy plopped onto the couch after carefully placing a cup of tea on the coffee table. One bucket of ice cream and a box of cereal was already there.

"How's the date?" asked her roommate after lowering her cell phone from her face. Her eyes twinkled, couldn't wait to hear the juicy details.

"It's not a date. It just a friendly meeting with an old friend." She responded and took a sip from her cup, hoping the hot liquid would calm her nerves.

"Why all day?"

"Because we went to some places. We even visited Lucy in The Sky, but unfortunately, they've been booked up to 3 months ahead."

"Wow! Lucy in The Sky! That's escalated quickly! You're already planning a wedding?!"

"Hey! We went there for Wendy!"

"Wendy?" asked her roommate, she blinked. That name sounded familiar to her ear.

"She's his little sister. He asked me to help him prepare for her birthday party. The theme will be something like afternoon tea party. That's why we checked some places but some of them are under construction, being used as filming location for drama movie, fully booked, something like that…"

She then remembered something from the afternoon and started to share it with her roommate. "And you know what…"

They went into a tea house located inside a flower market. It's the fifth store they'd visited. They were in awe of how much thought was put into creating the place. Like an indoor greenhouse but with an exquisite touch. So many fresh flowers prettily arranged, here and there. They could hear the faint sound of the rippling water behind.

When they were engrossed in sight, a woman with long white hair and friendly smile on her lips approached them both.

"Hi, my name is Mirajane," she said, introducing herself. "So when is the wedding? You'll look gorgeous as a June bride! I can vividly imagine your dress. A simple yet cute tea length wedding dress with a bow on the back of the dress just above your waistline and for the color…"

Before she spoke too far, Lucy cut her off, "We-wedding?! What wedding?"

"You come here to plan your bridal shower tea party, right?"

Lucy shook her head in confusion.

"Oh dear… did I ruin the surprise?" Mirajane covered her mouth with her hand as she turned his gaze to Gray.

He was also confused. A faint blush colored his face.

Before they could say anything, that woman made her own conclusion. "You just wanted to propose her after this…"

They both looked at each other and one of them hastily refuted, "We… we're just friends… so far…" with the other one added, "There will be no wedding in the near future."

Another voice interrupted them. It came from a younger version of Mirajane. She pushed that woman away and said that someone was looking for her. They breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'm Lisanna. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, my sister can be so imaginative. She likes to play as match-maker sometimes." She shook their hands while apologizing.

They laughed awkwardly and followed her to another room.

"But are you sure you're not a couple? Because you guys can make a good pair."

Lucy ended her story, "Can you believe that?"

Her roommate exploded with laughter when she shook her head and drained her cup. "That's a funny incident, actually. They can see clearly except you two."

"Lynx! Stop teasing me…" a weak protest escaped from her mouth. "It's good to see him again though. He's still the same Gray as I knew before… but…" She glanced up to the ceiling, trying to find the words.

My heart has been busy today.

A certain good-looking guy with spiky black-colored hair occupied her mind. His distinctive smirk was clearly pictured followed by one scene at Cozy Corner where she saw their waitress stealing a glance toward Gray before placing her order onto the table. A corner of her mouth lifted. Since their younger years, it was a familiar sight for her.

"But he's more manly… sexy… yummy…" said Lynx while snapping her fingers in front of her, tried to pull her back to the earth. Her polished nails shine perfectly.

The blonde beauty gasped. Her eyes widened. A second later she threw a cushion at her, but she can easily avoid it.

"You're welcome!" said Lynx. She winked at her slyly. "Anyway, after the act of bravery that you did at the Halloween party, today's date is a good progress."

"It's not a date!"

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever!"

. . .

. .



"Hi, Mom! It's me, Gray. I will visit you tomorrow. Tell Dad I'm sorry I didn't reply his text. Ah no, no. I'll come with Lucy. What? No. It's for Wendy. Hey, no. It's not like that. Huh? Ultear will come also? Oh shit! No, I don't swear to you. Talk to you later, okay Mom. See you!"

The room was hushed again when he ended the phone call. He sighed.

It was a moonless night out there and he didn't bother turning on the lights, just relying on the dim light from the table lamp. Gray put his feet on the desk as he shut his eyes.

"Do I look like a pregnant woman?!" She grumbled as she left the place, her long blonde hair slightly swayed. "Is it because I ate too much this morning?"

Half running, Gray tried to chase her from behind.

She put her hands on her hips and turned around, "Tell me, Gray. Am I fat?"

Carefully he said, "You don't look like you're pregnant or fat. Actually, I have a few words for your condition... but can I say it without fear of tasting the infamous Lucy Kick? I don't think so."

He winced and it made her laugh.

"That Vandalay guy… he just wants to mess up your mind. Besides, I don't want to use their service for the party. It's still too early for Wendy to get to know this host club," he spoke, sitting next to her.

They remain silent for a moment, rested for a while under the shade of a large tree. People passed by before them and the streetlights started to light up.

The evening was falling rapidly.

"Gray…" without looking at him, she started the conversation again.


"I remember that Wendy always likes Alice in Wonderland."

"Mhmm…" He responded curtly. From a distance, he saw a little boy holding hands with his father. The toddler walked happily following his father's footsteps while talking in a humorous way. He also waved to Gray as he passed. Somehow it warmed his heart.

Lucy's eyes followed where the toddler went and continued, "… and you said that when she was little she loved playing with your dad in her playroom… dress up cutely as dragon slayer princess and make a treaty while drinking tea. Why don't we relive those memories for her? Let's make the afternoon tea party at your parents' house!"