There she was, standing so elegant with a bouquet of flowers in her hand. An attitude that showed that she's from a respected family. With a beam of light illuminating her head, Lucy looked so radiant. He could only gaze at her in astonishment.

Slowly, silence came between these two old friends.

They stood there, still and tranquil.

Until she batted her lashes. "Humh… Gray?" raising the bouquet, she slightly waved it. The pretty pastel colored flowers came into his view. It's quite a contrast to the color of clothes he wore, all black with a touch of red.

"Ah, yes! Sorry for blocking your way." He moved a little bit. "Is this for me?" Gray joked as he accepted the bouquet. Their fingers were faintly touching.

"You can have it but ask Wendy first." She winked as he rolled his eyes. "Where's the birthday girl?"

"I think she's still in her room. Oh, there she is!"

A petite girl with baby blue dress ran towards her and hugged her tightly. "Lucy-nee!"

"Hi, birthday girl!" Lucy cheered at her. "You look so cute with this outfit." Her mouth curved into a smile while she gently touched her long and dark blue hair, fixing the headband.

Wendy beamed. "Nii-san bought this for me! And you also look beautiful, right Gray-nii?" she let go of her arms and innocently asked the guy who stood casually behind them.

"As always."

His dark eyes bored into her.

Before she could speak, Wendy had already pointed to her older brother's hand, "Is that for me?" then she took the bouquet and breathed-in the scent of the flowers. "Thank you, Lucy-nee! I can use this as the table decoration."

"Hey, where's my thanks? I'm the one who brought her here for you!" Gray requested and crossed his arms over his chest.

Wendy didn't answer, she stuck out her tongue instead.

Lucy laughed at the sight in front of her.

With an adorable smile plastered on her face, Wendy grabbed her hand, "Come, Lucy-nee! Let me show you the living room. It's so lovely!" She pulled her there while his older brother followed them from behind.

As the youngest, Wendy got an abundance of affection from her family. Especially for today, together with Lucy, they showed it by creating a memorable birthday party for her. But due to the weather, they moved the place from the backyard to their living room.

When Lucy set foot into the spacious living room, she stunned. It was lavishly decorated in Alice in Wonderland style.

"This is so breathtaking!" she cried enthusiastically.

"Of course! Thanks to your checklist, Ultear can boss us around to make it perfect. Not a single thing was missed." From the corner of the room, a young man spoke up.

She turned around just to see a guy flipping through a music magazine with a picture of himself as the cover. He looked visually attractive in his steampunk version of White Rabbit costume.

"Oh hey, Lyon! Looking good!"

"Said someone who insisted that we should wear a costume for today! So don't listen to him, Lucy." Ultear retorted. She put the bouquet from Wendy on the table and fixed the position.

Lucy giggled at their banter.

Lyon walked closer and grinned at her, "At least there's someone who appreciates my efforts!"

Hearing the words, Gray snorted but the blonde girl beside him nodded in agreement. Not long afterward, they were engaged in conversation. Mostly about their past activities and occasionally tease the dark-haired guy who tried to keep himself from sulking.

Wendy who had been quietly playing with her cell phone was now talking, "Nii-san. Can you bring the cake here, please? Carla said she'll be here soon."

"Oh and Lyon, tell Aunt Mika to join us also."

"As you wish, Your Highness."

The slim young man bowed to them in a teasing manner. "Are you coming along, Gray? I think you need a glass of cold water."



Lyon sauntered into the kitchen. It's located on the east side of the house, a place that is often exposed to the sunlight that coming in through the tall windows but this time the sky looked a bit cloudy. A delicious scent filled the room as he entered it. He amazed to see what was in front of him. Thanks to their mother's cooking skills, on the kitchen table laid out delicious dishes for the party.

Saw his mother standing with her back to him, his slanted eyes glinting mischievously.

"Mother, do you remember when Gray was high after his visit to the dentist?"

His mother turned around. Her dark brows puckered in a frown. On the other side of the room, Gray who was drinking a glass of cold water was choking at the words.

"… and he mistook the nurse for someone else just because she had the same hair color." Lyon added, ignoring his brother's protests.

"What did you call her, Gray? Ah, yeah! Goldilocks! Because of her long glossy blonde hair and she used to tie it with ribbons. He kept on rambling how she had lovely brown eyes, her laugh was melodic, and she had… you know…" Before Gray could strangle him to death, Lyon had already hidden behind their mother, using her as a shield.

"Why suddenly talking about this?" She asked in a soft voice.

Lyon simply shrugged, "Because I feel like it."

Gray hissed.

"I'm pretty sure that asking her to help him prepare this party just an excuse to get closer to her. Like when he pretended to be sick during our family vacation, so he could go on a road trip with her and their friends."

Mika gave a questioning look at his son. The corners of her eyes crinkled.

Gray didn't return her gaze. Instead, he threw a sharp glance at the guy who was still behind his mother, casually chewed on a blueberry scone.

"Lyon. Stop teasing your brother." She spoke, still with the same soft tone. It reminded her of their childhood when they often quarreled over small things.

"But Mother… you should see his face. You know it's hard to ask him to come to a party when he's in aloof mode, right? But all of a sudden, his whole face lit up as she entered the room. Just simply being there, that girl can brighten his day. And your son, behaving like a gentleman, he drove the girl home before the Halloween party was over because she was not feeling well. You'll find it cute, I think!" Lyon, much to his brother's chagrin, continued his chatter.

Mika nodded, "I see…" her dark eyes gleamed, "And who's this girl again?"

The eldest of the three siblings shook his head in disbelief, making the strands of his bluish silver hair slightly moved. "Mother, are you pretending not to know? It's Lucy. Gray's very fond of her."


Suddenly a feminine voice appeared in the kitchen. The three of them turned to the owner of the voice with different reactions.

Lyon smirked in triumph, "Oh, oops!"

"Yes, Lucy dear?" smiled knowingly, his mother asked the blonde girl, the object of their conversation.

The young Fullbuster lowered his head and covered his dark blue eyes with a hand.

"Ah... umh… it's… ah… the guests are here… and ah…" she stammered with a nervous glance.

Lyon took it as a sign to leave the kitchen. He straightened up and adjusted the lapels of his jacket before lifting the three-tier stand in front of him. "Come, Mother. We need to entertain the guests."

The same silence came back among them.

Gray walked over to her.




The blonde beauty held her breath.

Gently, he tucked her strands of hair behind her ear and whispered slowly.

"Let's talk about this later."

She could only nod feebly as her cheeks flushed.


Lucy Heartfilia once again checked out the window and found the Fullbuster family with some of Wendy's friends still playing fireworks joyfully in the backyard, while waiting for dinner time. She walked into the living room with light steps, wanting to meet a certain dark-haired guy who chose to stay there.

"So… tell me Gray! Is there something I need to know but you still keep it as a secret?"

Gray looked up from his cup. "Secret?" he asked back, trying to stay cool, calm, and collected.

"Graaayy…" she whined.

He stood up and drew nearer, "Do me a favor, please?"

"I have fulfilled my promise; what else is this time?" She huffed as she raised her little finger right in front of him.

He caught her little finger and grasped her hand. With an endearing little grin on his face, he spoke, "Dance with me."


. . .

. .


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Published on tumblr: 08.01.18

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