Dobby's Reward

For a moment, there was silence as Siria stood in the doorway with Fred, George, Ginny, Lockhart, and Ron behind her (B2, 327). They were all covered in mud and slime, and Siria had ink, basilisk blood, and her own blood as well. She barely registered that the room was warm and more full than she expected when there was a scream (B2, 327).

(Book: B2, 327 Mrs. & Mr. Weasley cry out for Ginny, grab her, and hug her. Siria sees Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall, and Fawkes flies to Dumbledore)


"Sirius" she dropped the sword and fell into her Godfather's warm embrace. He wanted to scold her for being reckless. She wanted to apologize for worrying him. Neither would do either because they were just so relieved that she was safe. Mrs. Weasley managed to pull Sirius and Siria into their family hug. It was so warm that comfort poured over Siria. Through all the ruckus of hugs and tears, Siria was able to take hold of Ginny's hand. She gave it a firm squeeze and hoped Ginny knew her nightmare was over.

(Book: B2, 327-330 Siria explains what happened— where the Chamber was, how they found out where it was, what was in it, & basically everything that caused them to end up in the office. Dumbledore calls for a feast to occur. The petrified people will wake at any moment.)

Fred, George, Ron and Siria gazed uncertainly at Dumbledore (B2, 330). Surely, with Sirius there and them having saved Ginny, he wouldn't expel them. Ginny was safe. The monster of the Chamber of Secrets was dead. Tim Riddle's memory had been the only casualty; Siria's eyes fell on Lockhart who was examining the bookshelf in such a way she felt certain he didn't remember any of the books on it. He was alive, though, and much more humble. She was tempted to point this out to Professor Dumbledore before expelled them or gave them detentions for the rest of their lives.

"I remember telling you that, should you break further rules, you will find a fate much worse than your detentions," said Dumbledore. They had no words for him. Not even Sirius. "Which goes to show that the best of us must sometimes eat our words. You will each receive Special Awards for Services to the School and— let me think— yes, I think about one hundred points apiece for Gryffindor." (B2,330-331)

(Book: B2, 331 Dumbledore learns that Lockhart has lost his memory, and has Ron, Fred, & George take Lockhart to the Hospital Wing. Siria and Sirius stay for Dumbledore to say a few words and answer some of her questions. She learns that her choices are what makes her different— not her abilities. Siria learns she drew the sword of Godric Gryffindor out of the Sorting Hat.

Hagrid will be released from Azkaban & they'll need a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Lucius Malfoy enters with Dobby. Malfoy is upset that Dumbledore is back, Siria realizes the diary belongs to Malfoy. When he leaves, she takes it after him, stuffing it into one of her grimy, dirty socks and thrusts it into Malfoy's hands. He throws it, Dobby catches it, & Dobby is free. Malfoy lunges at Siria because she lost him his servant. Dobby blasts Malfoy away, Malfoy leaves, Dobby thanks Siria and he leaves.

It's the wildest and best feast yet. Exams are canceled, Hagrid is released, Gryffindor gets the House Cup, & Lockhart will not be returning next year)

When the feast finally settled down, Sirius pulled Siria to the side. His warm hand rested on her bloody shoulder. He held up the letter she had left in the common room. Soft, kind grey eyes peered into her troubled green ones. She worried he was mad at her.

"Sometimes, you are more like James than I'd like," he confessed. "I understand wanting to help people and even going to save them, but, Siria, you're…"

"Too young?" She sighed.

"No." He shook his head. "You aren't too young. You're plenty old enough to have adventures… I just wish your adventures wouldn't leave me wondering if you'll make it home. I am all for you having fun and exploring the castle and the world you thought only existed in books; it would just mean a lot to me, if you would be safe. If Fawkes hadn't have been there…" but Sirius couldn't finish that sentence.

Siria wrapped her bloody sleeves around Sirius. Even now, she wasn't sorry. She may even be less sorry than when she wrote the letter because she had come out fine. Fawkes had healed her and she felt it would be a long time before Tom could come back. Just like last year, she would get to see Sirius over summer.

"Before I forget to tell you, I got a call from the Dursleys" a smile broke out across Sirius's face. His teeth peered out in a childish way. "They've got some vacation home in Majorca, and can't take you until mid July—" Siria fell into laughter. "You still have to spend a week there,"

"LATER!" She shouted. He swept her off the floor.

In that moment of being coddled by Sirius, Siria felt peace. She felt she could finally fall asleep. Here, she was safe. Tom was gone, again. He may be back some day, but she would be ready for him. Tonight though, he was far away. Tonight, she was safe. Hogwarts was safe.

(Book: B2, 340-341 The rest of the term passes in a sunny blur. They board the train to return him. The group learns that Percy thought Ginny was going to tell them about his girlfriend [Penelope Clearwater, who was petrified with Hermione] the train arrives at King's Cross station)

"Remember, I get the first three and last few weeks at Sirius's." Siria said.

"It's so weird that you can't just stay at Sirius's" Ron told her as they pulled their trunks down.

"Dumbledore says I have to be welcomed into my mother's relative's house or it'll be easier for Tom to get to me." Siria said. She and Ron pulled Ginny's trunk off the train and onto the platform.

"Are you going to keep calling him that?" Ron asked.

"Yeah. You're welcome to call him Voldemort, but that's what he wanted. He doesn't want to be 'Tom', and I'm going to make a point of reminding him that he can't always get what he wants." Just like he wanted to know how she survived and why he came after her in the first place.

"I like it" Hermione smiled at her. They joined the crowd of people waiting to pass through the barrier.

"If there's one thing, aside from fighting, that I'm good at, it's making people mad" and together they walked back through the gateway to the Muggle world (B2, 341).