A/N. Hello, everybody! I am here with a BRAND NEW FanFiction! Also, this one isn't going to be another 'high school' A&O FanFiction, this is actually my first 'wolf-world' FanFiction. Just in case you're not catching on, this is my first FanFiction where Kate and Humphrey and the rest of the bunch are actually wolves instead of humans (or anthropomorphic.) To be honest, I'm actually very excited to be writing this FanFiction. It feels good to just get away from the 'high school' genre and just do something different, you know. Also, if you guys didn't read the summary, this FanFiction is taking place a few days after the ending of the first movie, well at least not in the beginning. Anyway, I bet you guys/gals are getting annoyed at my author's note, so let's hop right into Chapter One!

Prologue: Let Me Tell You a Story

"It was the night after two couples got married, except this time it was different. An Omega and an Alpha and an Alpha and an Omega got married, which was against pack law. After a massive stampede of caribou ran through the valley, it left a tannish, Alpha female wolf unconscious. This was the turning point for everybody in the pack. This is how that pack law was abolished. A grey, Omega male wolf leaped onto the female and took all of the hits for her as she laid down on the ground, unconscious. When the stampede ended, all of the wolves gathered around the unconscious body of the tan wolf. Everybody thought she was dead since she didn't seem to be breathing, so they all howled out in sadness. As they were all howling, a ray of light shines on the unconscious body of the tan wolf. It was as if God was giving her a second chance at this thing they call life.

As the tan wolf began to stir, everyone stopped their howling. The grey wolf looked down, surprised that the tan wolf wasn't dead but alive and breathing. The grey wolf spoke, 'Kate!' He was so happy that Kate wasn't dead, he wouldn't know what he would do if Kate ended up dying. Kate grunted as she struggled to get up through the pain. She had been kicked right in the head by a caribou so it wasn't as if she was going to recover with lightning speed. Kate ended up getting up and sitting.

As Kate was taking this all in, she spoke to the grey wolf. Since her vision was still a little blurry, she couldn't really make out who was in front of her. So, she said who she knew it would be. 'Humphrey?' Humphrey, the grey wolf was so relieved that Kate could still remember him. He smiled.

'I thought I lost you...' Humphrey trailed off as he felt his emotions rushing in. He didn't want to just start to break down crying, making himself look bad. Kate shook her head with a sliver of a smile. Kate thought as if he was acting silly like he always did since she had no memory of what happened previously. She had no memory of the stampede, no memory of the wedding, only memories of the adventure she and Humphrey had. She realized on that adventure that she loved Humphrey more than anything in this world. Kate was disappointed in herself a little because she didn't realize that sooner.

Kate got up with her legs still trudging and her front paws still holding her up. She looked around, taken aback by the crowd they had. But at that moment, she got an idea. She was kind of scared to do it since it was her confessing her feelings to Humphery. Kate just seemed to do it anyway. 'Is everyone staring at us?' She asked Humphrey.

'Well...' Humphrey took a look around. 'Ugh, no not ev- not every- well yeah, now they are.' Humphrey smiled after he said that. He was laughing at his own response since it sort of represented his personality in ways no one could understand.

Kate felt as there was a fire lighting inside of her because of how tense she was starting to get. She had this plan, and she wanted to make it happen. Right here right now. 'Aw, darn... 'cause I wanted to tell you something.' Kate went up to Humphrey's ear and whispered, 'Humphrey, I have something to tell you. I love you. On that adventure we had, I realized that I loved you more than anything in the world...' Humphrey started to wag his tail.

Kate stopped whispering, leaving an astonished Humphrey at a loss for words. 'Really?' Humphrey managed to say without sounding like an idiot. Humphrey never realized that Kate had these feelings for him. Of course, he's had these feelings for her ever since he first saw her, but with the pack law, he never bothered, until the failed attempt on the train.

'Uh, huh,' Kate said, making the most beautiful smile in the world.

Humphrey started to think of his own words in his head. He was going to confess to her as well, the same way she confessed to him. 'Okay, well, well I wanted to tell you something too...' Humphrey started to whisper to her, 'Kate, I've loved you ever since I first laid my eyes on you. Ever since we were pups, I've always loved you. You have this personality like no other... Kate, all I've ever wanted was for you to love me too, and I cannot believe that you actually love somebody like me. Kate...' Humphrey, sort of trailed off because of the question he was going to ask next. He took a deep breath. 'Will you make me the luckiest wolf in the world and marry me?'

Kate was very surprised at the sudden question, but she knew what she was going to say. 'Of course.'

The two stopped whispering to each other and kissed. To Humphrey, this was like a dream come true. He only dreamt that this would happen... He can't even describe how it feels to be real. A couple of seconds after, a white wolf tackles a red wolf down to the ground and kisses him, signifying the packs uniting. The pack leaders eventually abolished this law, making Alphas and Omegas able to marry each other and live happy lives together. All the wolves cheered happily for the two couples. They were all happy that the packs are finally uniting. The caribou population in the Eastern Pack dwindled, and the only way they could get food was by hunting in the Western Pack, which was against pack law.

That night, all the wolves from the new Central Pack gathered around and had fun at the midnight howl. It was all done in beautiful harmony... Your grandmother and I were at the very top. Oh, how she looked so beautiful... We howled the grand finale. It's truly something I'll never forget..."

All the pups looked at their grandfather in surprise. They couldn't believe that their grandfather and grandmother were the ones that went on that crazy adventure. "Wow! It was actually you and grandma that went to Idaho and came back?!" The pups' minds were blown. Of course, these weren't the pups Kate and Humphrey had three years ago, these were Stinky, Claudette, and Runt's pups. Of course, Runt had a wife, Claudette had a husband, and Stinky had a wife. It's not like they had pups together.

"Oh, yes. It was quite the adventure..." Humphrey trailed off as he remembered the adventure.

Claudette took a look outside and noticed that the moon was almost at the center of the night sky. She walked back into the den and said, "Okay pups, time to go." Stinky and Runt followed along with Claudette. The pups looked back at them with pleading eyes.

"No, please! Come on! One more story? Pleeaseee." The pups begged their parents.

Stinky smiled and looked at Humphrey. "Well, what do you say, Dad? You up for it?" Stinky asked his father.

Humphrey smiled, stretched out, and sat back down. "Well, I guess I could tell one more story..." Humphrey knew what story he was going to tell. "There was another adventure that your grandmother and I went on before we became parents. I don't think I've told you guys this story yet, have I?" Humphrey asked Stinky, Claudette, and Runt. They all had perplexed looks on their faces and shook their heads. "Well... this should be good then. Okay... so it was a couple of weeks after the moonlight howl..."

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