Hi! Just two unrelated short(ish) stories surrounding Pippa & Hecate helping each other. As always, I appreciate any comments! :) ( medicalfanatic on tumblr)

Awaking with a start, Ethel Hallow sat upright in her bed and opened her eyes. Swinging her legs off the bed, she put on her slippers and silently padded out of the room and down the cold hallway. As she walked, she held her arms out in front of her like a disorientated mummy - it was clear to anyone watching that she was in fact sleepwalking. After successfully navigating the sharp stone corners, she arrived at a large wooden door - Ada's office.

With her signature craftiness, Ethel silently turned the doorknob before entering the dimly lit room.

However, no matter how quiet she was, it was inevitable that Hecate Hardbroom would miss a student creeping around the school; a small groan escaped her lips as she forced herself awake and, grabbing her cloak and keys, strode out of the room. There was little she hated more than being awoken from her slumber. Once again, her dreams had been visited by the glamourous, pink-adorned witch who had once been her best friend. Whilst Hecate was usually unfailingly good at controlling her emotions, when it came to Pippa she was at a loss; ever since they had first met, Hecate could never control her mind when it came to the blonde witch. Her dreams were always similar - nothing more than Pippa's fingertips grazing her thighs, or her soft kiss against Hecate's blushing cheeks. However they always produced a deep, overwhelming warmth and comfort of which no potion or magic could ever hope to match. Shaking her head out of her thoughts, Hecate continued walking down the hallway. She had used an advanced tracking spell to discover where the awry student had ended up. Sighing, Hecate turned the corner and rolled her eyes as she spotted the Ada's ajar office door. Seeing as Ada was always so careful to close her office door, this could only mean one thing. Mildred.

"Mildred Hubble what ar-" Hecate stopped, taking in the scene before her. Ethel's fingers were hovering mere millimetres before the picture containing Ada and Miss Gullet. "No! Ethe-".

But it was too late. Just as Hecate called out, Ethel's fingers touched the picture. The whole room turned an ominous green as power surged from her fingers into the picture. A malicious cackle resonated throughout the air.

"Thankyou girl. I knew you would be susceptible to our trance. Miss Gullet, NOW!" Agatha's voice crackled from beyond the picture. Although she had very little remaining power, the power from Ethel's fingers alongside magic from Miss Gullet had allowed them to cast one final transformation spell into the office. It was meant to hit Ethel, stopping her from talking to Ada; however, the young blonde had squealed and ducked, narrowly missing the beam of the spell.

Everything happened in slow motion. Darting from the picture, the green spark flew across the room, past Ethel and straight into the adjacent mirror. It reflected off the glass and hit Hecate straight in the chest. With a strangled yelp, Hecate gave one last wide eyed glance at her chest before she suddenly turned into a black cat.

Barely daring to look, Ethel took a quick glance at her now very feline potions teacher before tears began to fill in her eyes. She considered running away; however, she knew that as soon as Miss Hardbroom was back to normal she'd be in even bigger trouble. Anyways, running away like a coward was not in the Hallow's nature. Okay...lets try a reversal spell. I can do this.

"Ebony fur, strong tail

Please forgive this unlawful switch

Whiskers, claws and nose to match

Turn this cat back into a witch!"

Ethel groaned. "Back into a WITCH!" For some reason, the spell wasn't working. Ethel could feel the magic tingling at the end of her fingertips, but the transformation spell was far to strong for her to reverse.

Yawning, Ada stumbled out of her bedchambers, a fluffy pink cardigan wrapped around her body. "What is all this racket?" Ada looked around her messy office with wide eyes. "Ethel? What are you doing here? And why have you brought Nightshade with you?"

"Oh Miss Cackle-" Ethel sobbed, her heart pounding in her chest. If she was expelled she'd never hear the end of it from her mother. "It's not nightshade. It's M-Miss Hardbroom-"

"Ethel! Why would you do such a thing?"

"I didn't! Your sister put me in a trance and as soon as I touched the picture, she cast a transformation spell that hit HB-I mean Miss Hardbroom."

"Even alongside Miss Gullet, my sister is still very weak. Her spell must have been intensified by your magic, the mirror and hitting Miss Hardbroom square on." Ada thoughtfully turned her head towards the picture, concern creasing her brow. "Have you tried a reversal?"

"Yes b-but it didn't work." Stammering, Ethel felt weak; of course Esme had never helped turn the deputy mistress into a cat.

"Okay, lets see." Ada summoned all the magic she could, from the depths of her soul. Charms were more her forte; nonetheless, she was going to try her hardest to get Hecate back. "Each to her own, let the truth be known."


With huge, sorrowful eyes, the ebony cat stared up at Ada before suddenly turning and running away. Ada sighed; she needed to tell the other teachers as soon as possible.

"Hecate please believe me when I say I'll try everything I can to help you!" She called out into the dark corridor, having almost forgotten about her current company. As she turned, she was reminded of Ethel's presence. "Ethel, please return to your chambers. Oh and I'd appreciate if you kept this our little secret for now - no need to panic everyone."

"Of course Miss Cackle." Ethel nodded. In her mind, she was confused over who would 'panic' about old HB being turned into a cat - no potions for a week? She doubted any of the students would be particularly concerned. Shaking her ponytail, the blonde returned to her bedroom and continued her dream wherein she was finally head girl.

"Is there any more chocolate cake?" Miss Drill asked, having polished off the last two slices.

"Sorry Dimity but I didn't call you here for no reason. After yet another situation involving my sister, Hecate has been transformed into a cat." Bewildered looks between the four teachers flew across the table.

"Have you tried reversing the spell?" Miss Bat asked, furrowing her brow.

"I have truly tried everything I can think of. Chants, potions, reversal spells...I am at a loss as to how we can turn Hecate back."

"What can we do?" Mr Rowan-Webb pondered the question as he sipped his tea.

"We need to find someone who is gifted at transformations. We all have our strengths, and I am willing to admit mine do not lie in transformations." With her fingers steepled under her chin, Miss Cackle thoughtfully considered each of the teachers.

"Sorry Ada but I haven't got any friends with a gift for transformation." Dimity replied. Transformation speciliasts had always been rare - the spells were often complex enough to get right, left alone excel at.

"Have you contacted the Great Wizard?"

"I mirrored him; however, his Greatness is currently at an international conference in Appalachia." A concentrated silence fell upon the room.

"Oh!" Suddenly Miss Bat exclaimed, clicking her fingers. "I remember now - at the spelling bee, I was talking to Hecate and she was saying, rather fondly if I might add, how well her potions speciality had complimented Miss Pentangle's gift for transformations back when they were children!"

"Yes, of course! Brilliant thinking as always! I'll give her a call immediately; I'm sure she'll want Hecate back as much as the rest of us. Thankyou all for your assistance." As Ada finished her sentence, the witches (and wizard) transferred out of her office into their respective classrooms, with Miss Drill quickly picking up another biscuit before she left.

"Well met Miss Pentangle! So brilliant to see you. I hope that I'mnot interrupting anything...?" Ada questioned, resting back into her armchair.

"Not at all Miss Cackle. Well met! How may I help you?"

"Last night we had a rather...unfortunate mishap wherein Hecate was transformed into a cat." Pippa smirked slightly; she couldn't help smile at the thought of her Hiccup as a familiar. "However, I cannot break the spell. I was hoping you could come over and-"

"Miss Cackle, consider it done. You know how important she is to me. I will be there by this afternoon - I just need to fill my deputy in then I will be on my way."

"Fantastic. Thank you so much; I expected no less." Ada smiled. Upon discovering the intimate friendship the two women had shared, she had done everything to encourage it - seeing Hecate happy always made her happy too. "I shall see you soon Pippa."

"And you Ada. Goodbye!" With a final wave, Pippa left the mirror call before rushing off to organise her departure.

"Maud, did you hear? Miss Pentangle's coming!" Mildred asked, putting her porridge down on the breakfast table.

"Really? Wh-"

"Did you say Miss Pentangle's visiting?" Felicity couldn't help but interrupt, seeing as how much she loved Pippa. "Oh she's the most glamorous witch I've ever seen! She's so pink and beau-"

"Yeah. We know. Why is she coming Mildred?" Enid replied, rolling her eyes at the ever-predictable Felicity.

"I don't know, I just heard some third years talking about it." True to her word, Ethel hadn't told anyone of Miss Hardbroom's current predicament; the school was abuzz with excitement and intrigue at the prospect of a mysterious visit from the Pentangles headmistress.

"Well met Pippa!" Ada called, touching her forehead before sending the witch's broomstick and cloak to her office.

"Well met Ada! Thankyou for calling me." Striding across the grass, a grin played on Pippa's lips - she loved visiting Cackles and felt sure she could help Hecate.

"Thankyou for coming!" The two headmistresses walked side by side through the imposing Cackle gates. "In true Hecate style, she has hidden herself away in the top loft of the West Wing. She will not come out for any of us; I can only hope that she will for you."

"Sounds just like her." Pippa groaned - Hecate had always been quite terrible at facing her problems, always preferring to either run away or ignore them.

"Indeed. Are you ready?"

As Pippa gave a curt nod, Ada transferred them both to the door of the West Wing loft. "Good luck Pippa. If you need anything at all, I'll be in my office." And with a final warm smile, the Headmistress departed, leaving Pippa to concentrate on the task at hand.

"Hecate? Are you in here?" Pippa opened the door and let herself into the old room. Dust danced across amber sunbeams; Pippa felt like she had stepped back in time. With a wave of her hand, Pippa produced a small glass of strawberry milk.

Crouching down to the floor, Pippa spotted a black paw poking out from below the bed. "Hiccup? It's me. Please come out darling. I have your favourite..."

Slowly, Hecate crept out from under the bed. Even now she was powerless to resist the teasing lilt in Pippa's voice. Huge, green eyes stared up at Pippa, wide with fear. Apprehensively, she walked towards the blonde, who was sitting cross legged in the middle of the room. Hecate began to drink the milk, inwardly smiling at the fact that Pippa had remembered her favourite drink.

"There we are darling. I know you won't like hearing this, but you look simply adorable." Pippa giggled as she gently stroked the cat's nose. After receiving one of Hecate's signature death stares (even in cat form they still did the trick), Pippa giggled some more before standing up.

"Okay Hiccup, here we go." Hecate raised her head, her ebony fur glinting in the afternoon sun. Gently moving her hands through the air, Pippa focused. She felt the magic running through her veins, concentrated in her core. She felt the warmth of the Sun, the history of the room, the apprehension radiating off Hecate.

"All my magic, present and past

Concentrate on this I ask

Release this feline detainee

Return my beloved back to me "

Opening her eyes, Pippa let out a squeal as she saw the very human Hecate standing in front of her. "Oh darling, I'm so glad it worked!" She exclaimed, giving the witch a tight hug.

"So am I. Thankyou Pipsqueak." Hecate murmured, returning the hug by placing her hands lightly on the blonde's hips. As Hecate retreated, there was a smile on her lips. "Strawberry milk? Really Pippa?"

"It's your favourite!" An indignant Pippa stated, smiling broadly at the witch before her. "Do you remeber how we used to sneak some into spell science? Or how we used to drink it-"

"In the fields? Looking up at all the stars." Hecate finished. Being with Pippa made her inexplicably happy; for once, she felt comfortable in her own skin. The blonde allowed her to love who she was.

"Yes." Pippa sighed, wistfully gazing out of the window onto the Cackle's grounds. Her arm was still wrapped possessively around Hecate's waist, as if not quite ready to let her out of their hug completely.

Suddenly, Hecate had a thought. Too risky. Out of habit, she dug her fingernails into her palms as she considered what to do. Have courage for once Hecate.

"Tell me what's on your mind Hiccup." Pippa murmured, placing her hand over Hecate's clenched fist. Whenever Hecate hurt herself like that, it had always broken Pippa's heart. As Hecate slowly unclenched her fist, her heart swelled with courage - time to be brave.

"Let me show you." Hecate murmured. Quirking her eyebrow, Pippa's curiosity was clear across her face. With a small smile, the brunette transferred them to her private bedchambers.

"Darling..?" Pippa spoke gently, the bewilderment clear on her face. Hecate had always been unpredictable to Pippa and today was no different.

"Wait here." Hecate smiled at the obvious confusion in Pippa's gaze, before turning around and quickly looking for something. Finally, she located it in one of her desk drawers. "Okay. Here." She held out a dark pink quill with bright feathers, a carved handle and shining tip, begging to be inked.

"I-it's beautiful. The feather are exquisite. Where did you find this?" Pippa replied in wonderment, turning the beautifully delicate quill over in her fingers.

"I made it. A long time ago, for you Pipsqueak." Somehow just saying her nickname made everything easier. It helped remind Hecate how close they once were and how Pippa, past or present, would never judge or laugh at her. "Do you lik-"

"It's perfect Hiccup. My Goddess, how can you see and know me so well, even after all this time?"

"Oh Pip. I have always known you. But I let you down. And I am sorry for all the hurt I-I caused." Her chest physically hurt with the pain of admitting what she had done. Running away was the worst thing she could've done and Hecate had finally gained the courage to admit it. Seeing the hurt in Pippa's eyes, all because of her, broke Hecate. However, finally apologising felt therapeutic. The witch felt like she at last had a chance to correct her wrong doings.

"My darling, I will not pretend you did not hurt me. Break my heart, in fact. However it is in the past and your apology means more to me than anything else." Pippa carefully placed the quill on Hecate's bed before embracing the brunette in an all-encompassing hug. Nuzzling her mouth gently against Hecate's neck, Pippa murmured. "Thank Goddess for you turning into a cat, huh?"

"Oh Pipsqueak don't remind me!" In an attempt to ignore the soft, pink lips currently resting against her neck, Hecate remembered what it was like being a cat. Everything was so big and rather frightful. "I have a newfound appreciation for familiars now; being a cat truly is horrendous."

"I'm glad!" Pippa stepped back slightly, still holding Hecate's elegant hand. "I'd imagine Ada will be rather pleased to see you! I said we would go and visit-"

"Her." Pippa finished, already transferred into Miss Cackle's office. "Ever the jest, hmm Hecate?"

But before Hecate had the chance to respond, Ada stood up from her desk, a portrait of delight across her features. "Oh Hecate it is lovely to have you back. Thankyou Miss Pentangle!"

"Thankyou Ada. Is it okay if Pippa stays for dinner?" Hecate questioned, a smile playing upon her lips. It felt rather wonderful being in a room with her two most favourite people in the world.

"Oh certainly!" Ada laughed - it was like Hecate was asking her mother whether her best friend could stay a little longer. Her hazel eyes twinkled; she had always treasured Hecate and seeing her so content whenever she was around Pippa made the headmistress swell with happiness. As far as she was concerned, Pippa could visit anytime she wanted. "I know the students will be pleased to see you. Please, join me in the Hall when you are heady."

As as she finished her sentence, Ada transferred out of the room, leaving the two alone once again. "You will stay won't you pipsqueak?"

"How could I say no?" With a gentle nudge, Pippa took hold of Hecate's hand once more. "Come on darling, lets go."

Arriving at the head table, Hecate sat next to Ada, with Pippa on her right. Having transferred countless times together, they had perfected the art of letting go of each others hand almost instantaneously upon arrival. Hecate struggled to keep the knowing smile off her face as she surveyed the room - almost every single student was looking at Pippa with a mix of admiration and intrigue. As she noticed Felicity, Hecate gave a slight eye roll; she could sympathise with the enamoured, wide eyed gaze she was giving Pippa.

"Hello girls. Before we enjoy Miss Tapioca's latest delights, let us first welcome the headmistress of Pentangle's Academy, Miss Pentangle. I hope you will show our guest the best behaviour our school has to offer!" Miss Cackle spoke with authority but, as ever, kindness filled every word. Unbelievably to most in the room, Ada wasn't even being sarcastic about Miss Tapioca's questionable skills in the kitchen.

As a typically loud Cackles din filled the hall, the teachers ate with friendly conversation; as Hecate and Pippa murmured to each other, Pippa's hand slyly made its way under the table and onto the brunette's thigh. As her thumb stroked Hecate's leg, a small and content sigh escaped Hecate's lips. It was just like the old days; every dinner the two would always sit next to eachother, enjoying private jokes. Pippa's hand, or very occasionally Hecate's, would always find a way to make private contact with the other. If any student or teacher had looked at the two witches, the expression of contentedness would've been clear to see.

"Thankyou again Pipsqueak." Hecate murmured, sure no-one could hear her call Pippa by their private nickname.

"For you? Always."