Selena Arthtome, 27, Assistant Gamemaker

All the world's a game, and she's just one of the pieces. Or so they say. But if she's a piece, she'll slowly make her way to becoming the most powerful of them all.

She's seen game makers crash and burn. The fourteenth, the ninth, the seventh, all examples of game makers who didn't keep their spots on top after their unfortunate mistakes. When you're the organizer of Panem's largest game, there is no room for failure. But she won't fail.

She's currently carting around coffee for game makers, but someday, she'll be organizing games with the rest of them. They'll never see it coming. Who would? The woman who's practically a servant to them would never be seen as a threat for the greatest job in Panem. Especially with the egos of some of the game makers.

But she has plans up her sleeve. Just one slip, and she'll pounce on a job and never let it go. She's always been artistic, always able to see the bigger picture, and she'll get her chance. The current game maker's eccentric. Hiram has erratic movements and a vicious temper, but the man makes twisted, complicated, beautiful Games that the public devours like bread from District Nine. He's fired his fellow game makers before because they forgot to ask him about a decision in the arena. Even President Ember gets nervous around the man, each moment speaking to him like prodding a ticking bomb. If you're not careful, you might come another step closer to setting it off.

But she's fine with dodging burning coffee from his mug for now. She has plans. Big ones. And when she gets her chance, she'll become the greatest one of them all. She enjoys the power of holding lives in her hands, and the rewards that come with the job are immense. She'll be ready to start playing this game of skill anytime.

What else can you expect from Selena Arthtome?

Rewrote this chapter because it really really sucked. I might rewrite it again, but I like it for now. Paints a different perspective on our lovely game maker, don't you think?

By the way, this is an SYOT if you're new. Have fun, and if you want to see well written chapters, go towards the interviews and find your way to my favourite ones. I think the bloodbath's a great example of my writing!