Let's be serious, mask off for once.

I'd like to start by giving my thanks for your relentless support, and thanks to everyone who has asked and checked up on me with the messages ranging from "You dead?" to "Please tell me Covid didn't get you!"

It's always been warming to have that feeling that if I did suddenly drop off the face of the planet, there'd be people who would notice, and people who would care.

This account, that is, this persona, of Sir Lucifer Morningstar, was built during my mid-to-late teen years as a means of taking control - of being a rebel. I leaned in to being as brass, crass, edgy and as unfiltered as possible due to dealing and struggling with real life issues pertaining to a loss of religious identity and a rejection of religious ideology.

Rebel against god! Rebel against the universe! Rebel against authority! Rebel!

And who, in my mind, was the perfect figure of rebellion, if not the devil himself?

Even my first ever original work, Janus and Oblivion, to those who have read it, (I sincerely thank you for your patronage) opens with the theme of man versus god, of divine punishment for rejecting the whims of the almighty.

However, this constant rejection led to my pursuit of meaning, and my pursuit of meaning led to deep bouts of depression and nihilism.

You know it's really bad when you can relate to, and even idolize the likes of Rick Sanchez.


However - I've stopped searching.

I never did find the meaning and purpose of life I was searching for, but I did learn to stop searching.

It's why I have difficulties returning to this, and, truly, and a few other of my stories. The overwhelming sense of nihilism that once plagued me in my teens makes me laugh now in my mid-twenties.

The protagonist of this story, DC - Remastered Edition was filled with angst, because I was filled with angst.

The original plot outline for this story was written by the unhappy mind of my teen self, and following it would be no different than letting a younger, sadder version of yourself guide your decisions in the present.

So I cannot continue as it is. However, it feels like sacrilege to simply rewrite it. Whenever I read through it, it always gives me a feeling of melancholy. Like looking into a faded photograph of an old lover that you simply can't bear to throw away.

I would like to thank everyone who has followed me on this ride, everyone who enjoyed it, who loved it, who flamed it, and everyone who hated it.

Alas, all things, good or bad, must come to an end.

DC- Remastered Edition - is now hereby discontinued.

For those wishing to read more of my works, please check my profile. For those who wish to support me and long awaited the sequel to my original stories, you can find Book 3 of the Nightmares of Alamir - Janus and the Dreamer now available for your pleasure.

For those who came here to read my fanfiction want want to see more of my free works, then, I leave with you a confession - a final gift.

Before I adopted the devil's mantle, when I first began on this site, I wrote works under a different pen name, which I ultimately abandoned in lieu of sliding slowly into nihilism and depression. As these are fairly old, (Read: I was younger and happier but had thinner skin, don't judge me too harshly) your enjoyment of them may vary, but, perhaps you'll find some amusement in seeing how much (or how little) the years can change a person and their writing.

The name of my alt/first account is Silent Songbird.