Gerry yelled, lunging forward as Sandra brought her knee up sharply with the serial killer's groin. He immediately let go as Gerry practically threw him onto the chair at the other side of the room. Sandra shot him a look. He ignored her and glared at the man smirking at them. The muscles were clearly not just gym related; for a moment Gerry wondered if the use of steroids had made the man so aggressive. Was it the chemicals partly responsible for the level of violence? He knew he was not going to understand the man.

"Interview commenced 10:09 am date as stamp. Present UCOS Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman and Gerry Standing. Interviewee is Mr Zachary James Lloyd. Currently serving life in prison for murder, rape and attempted murder." Sandra stared at him as she spoke. "Quite the CV."

"No comment."

"Oh come on. You just tried to strangle me. Twenty years ago you'd have snapped my neck without any effort." Sandra felt the adrenaline rush through her veins. "Why didn't you? Old age? Touch of arthritis?"

"We all getting old."

"True." Gerry spoke, not liking the red marks on Sandra's neck. "Apart from those girls you killed. Back in London. 1982. Remember them? Or have you killed so many you forget?"

Zachary smirked. Sandra pushed two A5 photographs towards him. "London 1982. Karen and Laura. Promising young women with their lives ahead of them. You'd have been around the same age as them. You're what ? 55? Just a couple of years older than these girls."

He smirked. "Slags."

"No, no then you know that. You knew Laura's boyfriend. You knew they were friends. Doing well at university. Whole lives ahead of them." Gerry remained silent as Sandra spoke. He knew she was pressing the right buttons.

"Only that's it. Innit?" Gerry spoke. "I think I get it. You're getting old, but even back then you knew you were not going to make much of yourselves. Those girls were. You av a thing about powerful, intelligent women. Jealous. That's why you killed them, that's why you attacked the nurse, killed that teacher you met when you got ere. It's why you went for my Guvn'r. You're nothing more than a sexist, masoginist pig. A dinosaur with an inferiority complex." Gerry watched as the man he had wanted brought to justice turned a nasty shade of red. "You killed them in cold blood because you could never be able to match up to them."

Zachary slammed his fists against the table.

"I'm already stuck in this shithole. What is this going to get you?"

"You killed them." Sandra narrowed her eyes. "Is that what you are saying?"


Gerry and Sandra exchanged glances, they had what they had come for.


Brian put the phone down on his desk as he thought of the young women they were trying to get justice for. Running a hand over his face he wondered if they could ever really bring peace to their families.

"Penny for them?" Sasha asked as she placed a mug of tea in front of him.

"Not sure they're worth that much." He sighed. "I'm a tired old man. Take no notice. Esther would say I'm fretting."

"So?" Sasha watched her friend. "What are you fretting about?"

"Gerry just called."


"As long as the docs give Sandra the ok to fly they'll be heading home tomorrow." Jack and Steve immediately stopped what they were doing to focus on their friend.

"Sandra's hurt?" Jack asked firmly. Brian knew the oldest man on the team thought of Sandra as a surrogate daughter- he'd known her all her life. He nodded.

"Gerry says she's ok but that scumbag Zack tried to strangle her. He's now nursing a nasty groin injury and they have the confession we need." Brian put his glasses back on as he spoke. Steve swore.

"She's ok, apparently it's Gerry and Clare, the copper they've been working with that insisted on her being checked." He felt Jack relax as Ted and Dan walked back into the UCOS office.

"Bloody Nora, what we missed?" Ted asked as Brian looked directly at Jack.

"Is it worth it? Going all that way and ending up injured?"

"For Karen and Laura's families? Yes." Sasha stated firmly. "You said Sandra is fine and it's just Gerry being overprotective."

"This time." Jack sighed. "This time."


"Ok, So remember painkillers as and when you need them." The doctor handed her a box of pills. "Up to four times a day. You've a bruised larynx, luckily you don't have any serious permanent damage. See your own doctor back home. Ok." The young man smiled as Gerry huffed. He knew getting her to see a doctor was like getting water to run uphill.

"Thank you." Sandra led Gerry out of the hospital.

"Sandra?" He paused, gently pulling the scarf away from her neck. "God Almighty."

"Bruising. I'm ok."

"I'm sorry. Im too old. Too slow." He stopped.l as Sandra narrowed her eyes. She held his hand gently.

"We are at work."


"Home tomorrow."


"As far as Work goes nothing changes. You know that. I'm still the Guv. I don't need you treating me any differently." Gerry nodded.

"Outside work?" He asked, smiling as Sandra leaned up to kiss him gently.

"Everything changes."


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