Author's Notes

The Butterfly Trilogy begins with my attempt to explore forbidden love relationship—in particular, incest. Regardless of its undesirable implications in the biological and social aspects, I am not squeamish about such relationship due to personal reasons.

In this trilogy, I choose Rose Weasley and James Sirius Potter as the key characters to form the cousincest pair. We all know Rose has pretty much inherited Hermione's personality, while James has taken on his grandfather's instead. Both of them seem like the extreme ends of the spectrum, which I thought would be interesting to explore if they could become an unlikely couple.

The structure used in this trilogy is an experimental style loosely based on the Three-Act Structure. I am not a fan of it (even the industry standard hates it), but I just thought of using the format to play around with a new way of storytelling. I hope you will enjoy this unique mini-trilogy.

I appreciate all those who are open-minded enough to give this unconventional fanfic a shot by setting aside your personal opinions and taking the first step out of your comfort zone. It doesn't matter to me whether you're supportive of forbidden relationships or not, but I believe that we're now in an era where people are rising up to fight for their own rights, such as calling the public to accept homosexuality—most importantly, increasing awareness that relationships outside of the norm exist, and learn to be more understanding of them.