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"Mrs. Bartowski, that's an interesting new fragrance you're wearing," Chuck said suavely.

"It's called Ode de sewer," she replied. "I'm afraid you have some in your hair. Maybe we'll have to have a shower together to get rid of it all."

"Christ you two, I didn't come as close to throwing up in those sewers as I am right now," Casey grumbled. "Why don't you two go home and we'll call you if we need anything."

"Can't," Chuck replied. "Ellie is wanting me to try and find Orion." Casey grunted a laugh.

"Orion?" Casey said. "The same Orion that was the CIA's top computer wiz? That Orion? Good luck."

"Casey, did you ever watch the movie Swordfish?" Morgan asked. Casey nodded.

"I've seen it," Sarah said. Chuck looked away.

"It's based on him," Morgan said, nodding at Chuck.

"Seriously?" Casey said. "I thought that movie was based on Piranha." Casey looked at Chuck. "No."

"Yep," Morgan replied. "Chuck is Piranha." Sarah turned toward him.

"Really," she said. Chuck nodded. "Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"I never really thought about it," Chuck replied. "Besides, it's not like I really hid anything, I've always been open with my computer abilities."

"So are you going into the office?" Sarah asked. Chuck shook his head.

"I have all I need here to try and find him," Chuck replied, heading toward their apartment. Sarah watched him head that direction. Casey leaned down to Morgan.

"We may need earplugs tonight," he said. "She's got that look in her eye." He paused. "Morgan, there was a scene in that movie."

"Total Hollywood there buddy, total Hollywood," Morgan said as they watched Sarah walk toward the apartment. "She knows that, right?" They both look at each other, and then turn and head toward their apartment.


"So let me get this straight, you've made contact with Orion and he's supposed to be sending a laptop?" Ellie asked.

"Yep," Chuck answered. "Why do you need Orion? I mean you have already upgraded the Intersect, unless you're making a new one."

"There are no current plans, Chuck, unless you are wanting to leave the program," Beckman answered. Chuck and Sarah shared a look.

"One day, General," Chuck said. Sarah nodded. Beckman smiled.

"I figured sooner, rather than later," Beckman said. "When it's over, would you be interested in keeping Carmichael Solutions open and working as an analyst?" Chuck looked over at Sarah. "Of course Sarah would remain there, in charge of security and continuing to bring in normal business."

"Forrest and Casey?" Chuck asked.

"They would be the team in the field, and perhaps we put the new Intersect there at Carmichael Solutions," Beckman said. "It's just a thought. We hate to lose you, Chuck, but I understand your reluctance to be in the field."

"Do you need an Intersect in the field, General?" Sarah asked. Beckman paused.

"That would be ideal, but perhaps the way the Intersect is designed is not the way it was intended to be used, and that is why finding Orion would be ideal," Beckman said.

"I have a delivery for a Charles Bartowski," a voice came from behind them. Everyone spun.

"Pancakes," Ellie said. "You were going to make pancakes!" She stormed from the room. Sarah looked at Chuck.

"Sarah, meet my father," Chuck said. Chuck turned to Stephen. "Dad, this is my wife, Sarah. Where the hell have you been?"

"I had to hide, but it was getting to dangerous," Stephen explained. "I brought you a laptop."

"Why would you have Orion's laptop?" Chuck asked, as a thought dawned on him. He looked at Stephen. "You're Orion?"

"Sorry, Son, guess I should have told you sooner."


"Is Ellie okay?" Casey asked. Chuck looked at him. The burnout NSA agent would protect the Bartowski's at this point if it wasn't his job, and that included the ear-splitting Ellie. Chuck knew Ellie legit scared Casey, but he respected her, and his asking was genuine concern.

"Yeah, best I can tell," Chuck said. "She's getting herself together. Beckman and my father are talking about something, apparently, they go way back. How did your mission go?"

"Piece of cake," Casey said. "I planted the bug, Devon performed the surgery, and the patient is doing fine."

"Dude, your dad is losing it," Morgan said. Chuck and Casey turned to him, Morgan was holding a tech show brochure that featured Roark Industries that Stephen had been railing about. Chuck flashed on it. "Uh…did I do that?"

"Casey, let's go talk to Beckman," Chuck said.


"We'd send you in as an employee, Chuck, but no one would believe it," Beckman said. "You're too well known at what you do." Casey rolled out the plans for Roark Industries. Stephen began to look at it carefully.

"Uh, son, why does Roark have a full-scale Intersect?" Stephen asked.

"What did you say?" Beckman asked, pulling off her glasses. Stephen looked up and then pointed at the plans.

"That's an Intersect, a full-scale one," Stephen said. Chuck and Sarah shared a look.

"Dad, if we could take that out?" Chuck began.

"You'd hurt Fulcrum, that's for sure," Stephen said. Everyone looked at him. "Oh, come on, you have to know Roark is behind Fulcrum. Everything he makes, I made first!"

"So your dad isn't crazy?" Morgan whispered. Chuck grimaced and shrugged one arm. "That's not exactly a ringing endorsement."

"Let's just say I'm not sure, and leave it at that," Chuck said.

"This just became a full-fledge military strike," Beckman said. "Team Bartowski are to sit this one out." The screen cut off. The screen came back on. "Major Casey!"

"Yes ma'am!" he said.

"Meet me at Camp Pendleton in three hours, and bring your trigger finger," she said, cutting off the screen.

"Yes Ma'am!" he said, grinning. Sarah leaned over to Chuck.

"That's the happiest I've ever seen him," she said.

"I almost feel sorry for Fulcurm…almost," Chuck said, grinning.


"Are you sure we can't go attack the super-secret deadly Fulcrum base?" Chuck whined to Sarah.

"No, you will stay here like a good brother and help Ellie with this wedding," Sarah said. Chuck turned to his father.

"Don't look at me," Stephen said. "You married her. By the way, welcome to the family, Sarah."

"Thank you, Stephen," Sarah beamed at him.

"Sarah, it's Dad," Stephen said. He was suddenly being crushed by a blur of blonde.

"Sarah, don't break my father," Chuck said. Ellie came rushing in.

"Chuck, Dad, Beckman needs proof she before launches a strike against that facility, can you two hack in and find anything?" Ellie asked. Father and son turned toward each other, grinned, and rushed out of the room.

"Why didn't Beckman ask earlier?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, Beckman didn't," Ellie replied. "They were just whining too much and I wanted us to do this together." Sarah smiled, and sat down beside her. "I'm going to be married, Dad is going to walk me down the aisle, it will be perfect." Sarah had been a spy for a long time, and she knew Ellie was lying.

"Ellie," Sarah said softly, laying a hand on her arm. "What's wrong?"

"I don't want this!" she cried, and fell against Sarah. Sarah sighed and put her arms around her sister. It wasn't that long ago that Sarah Walker would have run from this. She would have left as quick as she could to get away from all these emotions, but that Sarah was long gone. She had been Bartowskified, and she was glad. Chuck told her all of this was inside her and it was her doing. Sarah didn't agree, but at the least, his family had helped her come to terms with the person inside of Sarah.

"What do you want, Ellie?" Sarah asked softly, stroking the brunette's hair.

"A beach wedding," Ellie said between sobs. "My family and friends, and that's it, nothing fancy, nothing special, but there is no way we can get it done. The wedding is just a few days away. This is what Honey wants, not me." Sarah sat her jaw. No one, and she meant NO ONE did a Bartowski this way and got away with it.

"Ellie Bartowski, Sarah Bartowski never fails a mission, especially when it involves her sister," Sarah said. She got up, turned on the monitor and Beckman came on.

"Agent Bartowski, is something wrong?" Beckman asked.

"Yes, General, Ellie Bartowski's wedding has been hijacked by the Very Awesomes, and she would like a beach wedding," Sarah said. Beckman took off her glasses.

"Sarah Bartowski, are asking me to use my clout to pull strings and give Ellie the wedding she deserves?" Beckman asked.

"That is exactly what I am asking, General," Sarah said. Beckman grinned, cracked her knuckles, and started pulling files.

"I'm in," she said. She threw one file up on the screen. "This," she began as Chuck walked into the room. She saw his face. "Chuck, did you just flash?"

"General, that man is Fulcrum!" Chuck said.


"I owe you my ass, Bartowski," Casey said. Chuck shrugged.

"Casey, you're my friend, I'm just glad I saw the files in time," Chuck replied. "Did we get them all?" Casey grinned evily.

"Every. Last. One," he said. Chuck shivered. "How many files did you go through?" Chuck gave him a look. "Every one?" Chuck nodded. "Explains why you look like hell." Chuck grunted, and Casey gave him a grin. "You're a good guy, Bartowski."

"You're okay yourself, Casey," Chuck replied. "I just hate the guys who could have helped Ellie with the wedding were Fulcrum." Casey picked up his glass of Johnny Walker and threw it back.

"Chuck, don't worry, Ellie is going to get her dream wedding," Casey replied. The monitor kicked on. "General," he said nodding toward the monitor. The team came in.

"Team, we've caught all of Fulcrum," Beckman said. "We have destroyed their Intersect, we have won, however, it seems that there might be more than we realized. Fulcrum might be a piece of the bigger picture." Chuck looked over at Sarah. "Chuck, your team has been a lifesaver, and while I am willing to let you walk away," she paused. "Who am I kidding, I couldn't stop any of you if I tried, and for the record, I wouldn't try."

"General, we talked about the Intersect not being on the front line, on Sarah and I being in the van so to speak, why can't that continue, and we go in the field when only absolutely necessary?" Chuck asked. Beckman looked surprised.

"General, Ellie and I have some idea for upgrading the Intersect even more, and let's be honest, it's never going to work on anyone else," Stephen added. Ellie looked at him. "Eleanor should remain in charge of the Intersect project, though. I see it as a computer program, she understands how it works in the brain, and that was my problem, and why I…well…short-circuited for a lack of a better word."

"Dad," Chuck said, worried. Stephen shook his head and held up his hand.

"Now, now, I'm fine, just some minor issues and Eleanor thinks maybe we can fix them, and even if we can't, I'm okay," Stephen insisted. Chuck looked at Ellie, who nodded. Chuck relaxed. "I came back because I was worried the two of you were being used, but it's clear to me that this is a joint partnership and you two seem to actually be in control."

"They are Stephen," Beckman said.

"Two conditions, General," Sarah said. "We fight this new group," she trailed off.

"The ring" Beckman said.

"So they like horror movies," Chuck said. Sarah snickered.

"We fight the Ring, with the same agreement, and you help Ellie," Sarah said.

"Agreed," Beckman said, grinning.

"AND," Sarah added. "Chuck and I get a three-week honeymoon."

"How do you feel about riding a train through Europe?" Beckman asked. Chuck and Sarah turned to each other, and grinned. "We need someone to ride the rail and let us know how it stacks up security-wise, service-wise, and the ability to meet our needs for remote meetings."

"General, that would take me two hours, tops," Sarah said. Beckman shrugged.

"Sarah, it will take you ten minutes, and I need someone to travel it the entire way," Beckman said, a grin on her face. "And, if after you've completed what I need done, if you two should stay in your room the rest of the trip, well, you've earned it."

"Please say yes," Chuck begged.

"Yes," Sarah said, grinning. "Now, about Ellie…"


"Do you feel like you didn't get a proper wedding?" Chuck asked, helping Sarah zip up the back of her dress. She turned toward him, gave him a smile, and a kiss on the cheek.

"You're sweet," she said, sincerely. "Chuck, before I met you, I never thought I could be married, I never thought anyone could forgive me for everything I've done to be married, I never thought anyone could love me. Because I never let anyone see me. Chuck, I've got what I need, if you need a fancy wedding, I would do it, but I got a proper wedding." She paused. "Is this about me, about you, or about Morgan?" Chuck looked away, amazed and a little scared she had figured this out.

"Morgan is a little miffed," Chuck admitted. Sarah rolled her eyes. "He had all these plans about a church and being the officiant and the limo driver."

"Your serious," Sarah said. Chuck shrugged.

"What can I say, he took being my heterosexual life partner very seriously," Chuck said. He grinned and looked away. Sarah raised her eyebrow. She walked over to him, smoothed his tux, not that it needed it, and straightened his tie.

"Spill it, Chuck," she said. "Now."

"Are you okay not being in the field? Are you ever going to want to leave the CIA?" he asked, scared of the answers. Sarah shrugged.

"I'll leave tomorrow if you want me to," Sarah said. "Do I enjoy it? Yes. With Beckman letting us do what we want, I see no real reason to quit, but if it's something that you really want me to, I would. Chuck, I'm happy, and I understand it's important to you that I'm happy, but you need to hear something. I fell in love with you, Chuck Bartowski, regular guy, and I can figure out how to do a regular job if I need to. Chuck, I love you, and whatever we do, as long as I'm with you, I'm happy."

"Even when I spout on at night when you really just want me to shut up?" Chuck asked. Sarah bit the inside of her cheek to try and hold back the grin.

"Chuck when a woman has multiple orgasms, you don't need to ask her if she liked what you did," she said, patting his cheek, and walking outside. Chuck turned red, his brain melted down, and by the time it restarted, he had to hurry to catch up with her.


"Do you want to dance?" Sarah asked.

"You know I do," Chuck answered. They danced, no Intersect, just two people, Chuck and Sarah, in love. Chuck looked around the courtyard. "You know things could have been a lot different if I had done what Bryce had wanted me to do not too long ago."

"I have a feeling we'd of gotten here eventually," Sarah said. She swallowed. "I know this is going to sound corny, but I think we have one of those loves that we'd of found each other, no matter what."

"Jesus Christ, you have ruined a perfectly good spy, Bartowski," Casey said, making Chuck jump.

"Thank you, Casey," Chuck said, spinning toward him, as Sarah chuckled. Casey grinned, put a cigar in his mouth, shook his head.

"I was talking to Sarah," he said, walking off. Sarah grinned. Chuck turned to her, shock on his face.

"Did he just say…did he…am I?" Chuck babbled.

"Yes, Chuck, he said you're a good spy, and he called me Sarah Bartowski," she explained.

"What's next Mrs. Bartowski?" Chuck asked.

"A honeymoon, Mr. Walker," Sarah said, giving him the Bartowski eyebrow dance. "And then the Ring."

"Seriously, the Ring?" Chuck said grinning. Beckman walked over to Stephen.

"Do they know about Mary?" Beckman asked. Stephen shook his head. She nodded. "Ellie has everything on the Intersect, Stephen. We are not making them anymore. You're right, only Chuck's brain can handle it."

"When do I tell them?" Stephen asked. "When do I tell them it's my fault their mother has been gone all these years?" Beckman took a sip of her drink.

"Let them enjoy the honeymoon, when they return, we'll get her back, Stephen," Beckman said. "I'm going to fix this Bartowski curse, as you keep putting it, if it's the last thing I do."


A few days later somewhere in Europe a train rolled along the tracks. The porter rolled his eyes. The couple in his car were ordering room service, again! Didn't these two know there was a fully functional dining car? He knocked on the door and a tall curly headed young man opened the door.

"Sir, you do know we have a dining car, right?" he asked.

"I do, we…we just enjoy our time in here," he said, a smile plastered on his face.

"At least let me cut the food for you," he said.

"I've got it," the blonde said that showed up beside him.

"Mrs. Bartowski here is quite good with knives, the best really," the curly headed man said.

"Why, thank you, Mr. Walker," Sarah said with a smile. The door shut. Hmph. Those two, they acted like they were honeymooning, but obviously they weren't married…or was it an affair? The porter shook his head and moved on. He had much to do, and from the sounds coming from that room, so did they.

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