Evangelion: The Hangover pt 8



The next morning after homecoming was a slow and lazy one, at least partly due to jet lag still insisting it was the middle of the night. But the larger reason was a mix of joy at waking up with the four of them comfortably wrapped around each other entirely openly, and of all of them sharing a residual fear that this was all a grand dream and not wanting to break the spell by getting up. Asuka certainly didn't want to move, at least. However, Kaworu's stomach loudly declaring it was empty and Shinji's bladder alerting him it was full required the happy, if somewhat cramped, pile in the bed to yield to the requirements of nature and start to stir.

Kaworu already had the beginnings of breakfast underway by the time Shiniji exited the bathroom. While no one questioned or contested Shinji's title as King of the kitchen in their household (which it had functionally been for months, despite Rei and Kaworu still technically having their own apartments next door), Kaworu had developed a not-inconsiderable talent of his own for cooking, fueled in part by his sheer delight that it was a relatively simple way for him to elide the still lingering creative blindness that many other Lilim fields harbored for him.

That their new marital status meant Kaworu had also decided to treat his wives and husband to a traditional 'naked apron' morning was a treat, though.

Shinji stopped dead in his tracks on entering the kitchen at the sight, and flushed as he contemplated that he was now staring at his husband's bare ass as said cook worked on breakfast while humming contentedly. It took a moment for Shinji to kick himself back into gear and move in to cuddle up against Kaworu's delightfully warm back. "Good morning," he murmured into his ear. "Breakfast in bed for our wives?"

Kaworu purred happily at Shinji's hands sliding under the apron to meet on his stomach. "If they haven't moved when we're done cooking, certainly. Or if nothing distracts us out here~..." he trailed off suggestively, giving his hips a little wiggle against Shinji.

Shinji shivered himself and failed to stop an outburst of compassion. "Ah... I say no only because I'm sure our ladies would be sad they missed the show. But I like your thinking."

"Well then, let's hurry and get some food to them so we can resume," Kaworu said with a wink over his shoulder.

"And here I thought Rei was the most naughty one," Shinji said with a smile. He forced himself to let go of the toned Nephilim and start finding the breakfast plates. "I think she's been a bad... good influence on you."

Thus motivated, assembly of breakfast moved quickly. Toast, butter, jam, tea, and some rice for everyone was sufficient to get them started for the day, which happily was still part of vacation. They didn't have to worry about returning to their various jobs for a few more days. Shinji already had plans for them, most of which did not include spending much time away from either his new spouses or their bed. He imagined the others had similar thoughts.

Well, he imagined Asuka and Kaworu did. With Rei, he was certain.

Very deliberately, he let Kaworu precede him back into the bedroom, enjoying the view the whole way. 'Gods, it feels so... liberating, not to have to hold back at all anymore that I love Kaworu too. I don't know if I ever could have admitted that out loud without Asuka, too. I... I just... I need both of them. And Rei.' Rei's words from that hungover morning came back to him. ''I am currently experiencing the most fascinating combination of arousal and romantic joy. I would prefer that this state last as long as possible.' Yeah, me too, Rei. Me too.' He'd spent half his life so lonely it hurt to even remember, and now here he was, the first morning in his own home, bringing breakfast to his wives, plural, in the company of his husband.

Red and blue hair were mixed together on the bed, the only parts of their wives visible above the covers they'd pulled back over themselves once he and Kaworu rose. Kaworu placed tray he was carrying on the bedside table and snaked a hand underneath the blankets to gently rouse Rei. "Breakfast in bed, my loves. Time to wake a little."

"Grmphlbix," Asuka replied.

"But it's warm and cuddly under here, and Asuka is being cute and sleepy," Rei said drowsily.

"Naked apron beefcake," Kaworu said with a small smile.

Rei sprang upright into a sitting position, eyes open. "I'm up!" She ran her eyes up and down Kaworu. "Ohhhh, I like being married. Can I untie the apron?"

Kaworu smiled wider. "Of course. Unless Asuka wants to thumb-wrestle you for the chance."

Asuka likewise sat up, yawning. "I'm up, but I'm only not trying to kill you because I love you and you're really hot," she complained. "Rei can have this one. I will de-pants Shinji and have him feed me breakfast."

Shinji moved to her side of the bed, only too happy to put himself in reach of her hands. But before he could get to the fun part, his phone began to ring on the table behind him.

Asuka glared death at the smartphone. "Shinji, I do want you to answer that, if only so we can tell them to die in a fire for interrupting the breakfast-foreplay for what was supposed to be our first proper morning four-way in our own home."

Shinji handed the tray to Asuka, and retrieved his phone, glancing at the caller ID. The display on his cutting-edge smartphone said 'CPT Aida, K.' "It's Kensuke," he reported to the others. "It... could be NERV related?"

"At this hour? On a Saturday?" Asuka scoffed. "Oh, fine, answer him. If nothing else, we can tell him to leave us alone for," she glanced around, "eh, at least three or four days. We're going to be busy."

Shinji snorted. Asuka's tone said volumes about exactly how she expected them to all be 'busy'. He clicked 'Accept' on his phone. "Hello, Kensuke."

"Shinji! Man! I have the best news you're never going to believe!"

"A kaiju has appeared offshore, and you've been selected to pilot Jet Alone 2 against it while your girlfriends watch?" Shinji asked dryly.

"No, though that would be almost as awesome. I want to show you! Can you put on video mode?" Kensuke asked excitedly.

Shinji looked at his spouses. Rei had successfully dispensed with Kaworu's apron, and the chiseled and toned Nephilim was now sprawled across her lap, with Rei teasingly feeding him bits of toast and jam... ...while also exploring his compassion. Asuka watched with interest, and when she noticed Shinji looking, smirked at him and put her hands behind her head to arc her back into a stretch. "Er... I'm not really dressed..." he said into the phone.

"Please? I promise, it's worth it! It'll only take a minute! I've got something I really want to show you and Asuka! I know she's there. You two are 'on again' this month."

Shinji sighed, and covered the phone's mic with his thumb. "Ah... Rei, cover yourself and Kaworu with a blanket enough for Kensuke. I'll try and keep you two out of shot, but I don't want to accidentally give him a show if I mistake the view angle."

"He has inconvenient timing," Rei pouted slightly, but flipped the blankets up enough that Kaworu was no longer displaying his strong compassion to the world.

Shinji sat down on the bed and placed himself in front of Asuka enough that her own state of undress wasn't immediately visible. Getting a nod from her, he clicked the call over to video. "Alright, Kensuke, we're here. What is it?"

A view of three hands greeted him, one male and two female, all wearing a ring on their ring finger. "We got married!" Kensuke, Sayaka, and Kyoko chorused.

Rei slapped both her hands over her mouth and did her best to stifle an explosion of giggling. Kaworu rolled over and smashed his face into a pillow in a similar effort.

Asuka didn't even try. "Ha! About time, you three! Congratulations. Now... unless you stowed away in our luggage and snuck over to Las Vegas without telling us, how the Hell did you get the Japanese Government to agree to that? You three may have been a 'thing' since high school, but I thought you'd all decided to just live together since you couldn't do a three-way marriage."

"Turns out, it's legal in the United States!" Sayaka crowed from Kensuke's left. "Kyo-chan read about it when she was tormenting herself reading some bridal and wedding magazines. Once she told us, Ken-chan had us on a plane to Reno, Nevada in less than 24 hours! The sweetie!"

"Less than twelve hours after we landed, we were the Aidas, all three of us!" Kyoko said from the other side. "It's legal in America, and we figure with a good lawyer and playing the NERV card, we can probably make the Japanese Government take it. NERV for sure, anyhow, and if we have to live in the Geofront to make it work, then we'll do it."

Asuka's grin would have done credit to a shark. "As usual, Geek-Stooge, anything you can do, I can do better!" Without taking her eyes off the phone, she reached blindly to her right and found Rei's left hand, dragging her closer.

The image on the phone pulled back enough to show all three Aidas looking at them in confusion. They were apparently still walking out of the airport, a luggage cart in front of Kensuke. "What?" he blinked at her.

"Oh, Shinji and I got married two days ago, so we did it first. And we did it better because we did it bigger."

"How can you and Shinji possibly be 'bigger' than the three of us, Red Demon?"

Asuka's smirk ran from ear to ear. She pulled Rei close enough to be seen behind her, and draped Rei's arm over her shoulder, be-ringed hand prominently on display. "Because Shinji and I and Rei got married... and Kaworu for good measure! Ha! Beat a four-way marriage, Stooge!"

She paused for a second. "Oh, yeah, Jock-Stooge and Hikari finally got hitched too. Seems to have been a thing this week."

Kesuke just stared at her. Then at Shinji, who raised his left hand to show his own ring and shyly nod confirmation. "Wut."

Kaworu stuck his head in to the edge of the field of the phone's camera. "Hi, Kensuke, ladies! Good morning!" He was grinning like an idiot too.

Kensuke stared at Kaworu's sideways tilted head like he'd grown antlers. "You guys are... you're fucking with us, right?"

Kaworu stuck his hand into view, ring glittering. "Nope! Asuka decided I was as lovable as Shinji and Rei, somehow, and decided to keep me. The Asuka has spoken, I must obey."

"Damn skippy," Asuka nodded. Her imperious tone was somewhat spoiled by a rising blush. "Mister Aida, Mrs Aida, Mrs Aida, say hello to the Soryu-Ayanamis!"

"How... how... how... what? I mean... all of you?" Kensuke babbled. Beside him Sayaka just smiled and shook her head at him. Kyoko started laughing. "You owe me 500 yen, Sayaka! You bet Rei and Kaworu would get married first!"

"Sayaka, Kyoko... you have been my friends for many years, and you know your husband was one of my first friends, yes?" Rei said suddenly from behind Asuka.



"So do take it in the full spirit of our friendship when I say 'Congratulations on your marriage, now stop interrupting me when I'm feeding a naked and aroused husband in my lap and don't call us for at least 24 hours'."

Kensuke's face reddened. "Rei, are you sure you should be quite phrasing it that way?"

"I dunno, I could stand to hear a little more," Sayaka said. "It sounds like a good plan. Love ya, Rei! We'll see you all tomorrow night for dinner or something!" She reached out over Kensuke's arm and pressed the 'End Call' button on his phone.

Rei nodded with satisfaction. She reached up to grab Kaworu by the upper arm and pulled him back to fall into her lap again. "Now, where were we? Ah, yes: Nutrition. Breakfast."

Shinji dropped his phone onto the bedside table and sat down facing Asuka. "Rei, why am I suspicious that you're planning something lewd with that train of thought?"

"Because we know this insatiably horny little minx we married, Shinji?" Asuka supplied. "Also, the way she's got her hand wrapped around Kaworu's 'Lance of Longinus' is a hint."

"I was just thinking of our dietary needs, Asuka," Rei said piously, hand moving slowly. "I'm going to watch Kaworu eat some toast, then he's going to eat me, while I eat you, while you eat Shinji. A good breakfast is important, and the best way to start the day."

"And what am I supposed to eat?" Shinji inquired, raising an eyebrow. "Or who, maybe?"

Rei smiled... angelically. "I'm warming you up some sausage right now."

"Rei, that was terrible. I'm giving you 70 or 80 years to stop that," Asuka said, leaning over to kiss her shoulder.

"If I said you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" Rei said without the slightest change to her expression.

"I love breakfast," Kaworu mumbled around a mouthful of toast.