…I realised too late that this was probably supposed to be an au day? but I was already basically done at that point and kinda liked this too much to scrap so whatevs, have some sand fam silliness to round off gaara… week and a few months…

Day 8 - A New World!

"Nonono, look if you just- wait stop, ya only need to click onc- just, gAH, give it here!"

Gaara blinked as his hand was swatted away from the… 'mouse' and replaced by Yodo's, she half sat on his lap as she made it tap and dance across the desk, pouting the whole time. He stared hard at the screen before him, fascinated at the flickering images and shapes, but not quite understanding what any of it meant.

"There," his daughter said, releasing the mouse and crossing her arms, "this is your inbox, where you find your emails."

He leaned forwards to study the collection of boxes and text intently. "I see…"

"You can click on a message with the mouse-" the tiny pointing arrow on the screen hovered over the name of the head of Suna's R&D team "-and you can read the email-" the grid changed to a wall of text, a long-winded welcome to the new 'electronic mail' system the young man had been very excited about at their last meeting "-all your mail's in one place and you can reply straight from here, or forward messages to other people, send mass emails… all sorts."

Sitting back in his chair, he nodded sagely and reached for a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

Shinki peered over his shoulder, hands pushing against the back of his desk-chair. "What are you doing?" he asked softly.

"I am constructing a response to Kato-san's message."

His daughter's head snapped around so fast he heard a distinct crack, but before he could ask if she was hurt she had already started groaning at him. "Noooooo, why're you writing it down first? Just write it straight on the computer!"

"…Very well," he said, pushing the paper and pen away and hovering his fingers over the 'keyboard' attached to his new computer.

He frowned at it for a second, then carefully pressed a single key.

"Wrong." Shinki's voice cut through his concentration immediately, he felt the sudden and almost unprecedented urge to curse – Kankuro's influence no doubt.

His other son reached across his sister and clicked the mouse, though as far as Gaara could see it made absolutely no difference to what was already displayed. "You need to click on the textbox first, else you'll just be typing nothing."

Well, that just seemed unnecessary, wasn't all this new technology supposed to make things easier?

Still, they were going to the effort of teaching him, so he would at least try and learn how to use it. After a quick glance to his children to confirm he wasn't making another mistake, he pressed the key once more, when he looked up at the screen, he noted with some pride the new symbol in the previously blank box. With renewed confidence, he pressed the next key, checked that it had registered, pressed the next, checked again, pressed the next, each key pushed down with slow, careful consideration-

Yodo screamed into her hands, jumped up and stormed out of the office, shouting something about leaving the hopeless case to her brothers as she stomped down the hall.

Said brothers both grimaced at each other, before Araya took her place and helpfully pointed out that he didn't need to type quite so slow and maybe he should try using both hands instead of just one and here just tell me what you want to send and I'll show you how to write faster and…

Gaara marvelled at this strange new world and hoped that his children would always be around to help him through it.

He still didn't see what was wrong with regular mail though.