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" Fuck!" Hermione Granger muttered under her breath as she struggled to put on her socks, quietly not to disturb the sleeping red headed boy snoring beside her.

Not caring that her hair was mussed, her blouse was unbuttoned and her skirt was wrinkled, she slipped out of Ron's dorm and the Gryfinndor common room unnoticed. Hermione practically ran to her common room with her shoes in her hand and came a across a beautiful, large portrait of a mermaid with blue hair cascading over the shoulders and the rock she was mounted on in the middle of a blue vast sea. The mermaid turned and beamed a smile at the flustered seventeen-year-old girl.

" Hello Miss Granger." The mermaid replied in a sweet sultry voice.

" Hello Serena, Mer de Noms." Hermione said as the portrait door swung open revealing the entrance of the common room entryway.

As she stepped in, she was surprised yet relieved that Malfoy was awake and long gone.
She muttered a quick unlocking spell to her room and threw her shoes on the floor, not caring where they landed. Quickly, she grabbed her robes which were laid out neatly across her four poster queen sized bed and grabbed the nearest and cleanest skirt she had handy to her possession as well as a black spaghetti strapped tank top to go with it. She made her way towards her door again with a feeling that she had forgotten something. She was given the answer when she tripped over her own Mary Janes that were blocking her way to the door and fell face first onto the cold, wooden floor.

" Ow." Hermione muttered and groaned as she pushed herself up from the floor and grabbed any piece of scattered clothing articles on the floor and sprinted her way toward the portrait door.

The door swung closed as she found herself once again in the silent hallway. Again she sprinted her way towards the Head Girl/Head Boy bathroom. On her way there, she looked at her watch and she only had twenty minutes till breakfast started. Hermione muttered another curse under her breath as she finally approached the door to the bathroom. Reaching for the doorknob, she jumped back as the door suddenly jerked open and steam spilled out from the enclosed space that it was once trapped in. Then a figure stepped out from the heated fog and stood in the doorway. Hermione's eyes widened and distinctively blushed at what was gracefully standing and facing towards her. Draco Malfoy, prince of Slytherin, sex god extraordinaire, was in nothing but a deep forest green towel wrapped around his slim waist, golden white hair dripping wet and surrounding his face, was leaning against the doorway with one arm and giving her his trademark smirk. She couldn't help notice the defined muscles of his upper arms and chest to his broad shoulders and well-sculpted legs and thighs. There was only one conformation: Quidditch surely did him a body good.
Malfoy watched intently as Hermione raked her chocolate brown eyes over his well-defined body and grinned triumphantly.

" See anything you like mudblood?" he said sneering and not budging from his spot against the doorway.

Hermione's first instinct was to blush and as a matter of fact, she did. Her cheeks heated with embarrassment as Malfoy chuckled at her sudden reactment. He loved the fact that he could embarrass the little mudblood so easily nowadays. Sharing a dorm gave him the advantage to put his wits to the test, but of course he admired the fact that she could match wits on the same level as he could. Sometimes he just wanted to rip that heated little pink tongue out of mouth to shut her up once and for all, or plunge his own tongue in her mouth and watch her writhe in ecstasy beneath him as he thrusted furiously in and out her. Oh, but someday she would scream his name and his plan was all laid out in due time. She did something to him that no one could explain. Of course, he would never admit these personal thoughts to anybody, including his dimwitted friends Crabbe and Goyle, and sure as hell he wouldn't tell Pansy anything at all. He pushed these thoughts away as he focused his mind on the present, Granger, standing right in front of him, blushing and furiously clutching her garments with both arms.

" Malfoy, if you could please just move out of my way, I would like to take a bath." Hermione said impatiently and moved forward to enter, but Malfoy just kept his stance. He was a good 5 inches taller to her and he towered over her definently.

" Let me think about it…no." he says nonchalantly mocking tone.

Hermione frowns and scowls at his arrogance. " Malfoy, if you don't get out of my way right now I'll…"

" What? Stand in front of me to death?" he says plastering on his famous smirk.

Hermione rolled eyes and sighs angrily. " No Malfoy, more of the lines of you reliving your ferret days if you know what I mean."

Draco glances at her up and down nervously and sneers with a cocked eyebrow. " You're bluffing! You're not that even that advanced to tread the lines of Transfiguration."

" Oh, Malfoy, you do sometimes know how to flatter me into knowing what you don't know about me, but there is either the options of having yourself being beaten into a bloody pulp by my two best friends or I can personally take the matter into my own hands and come after certain parts of your anatomy or effecting them if you get my drift." replied Hermione triumphantly.

Malfoy laughed at Hermione's last remark and stopped abruptly at the anger expressed into her beautiful chocolate colored eyes, which were narrowing dangerously into slits.
He sighs exasperatedly and sets his silver-blue colored gaze into her own brown ones.
" Well, Granger, I'm quite bored with this little game between us so lets just jump to chase okay? I'll make a deal with you, I'll move if you admit that you are attracted to me. It's that simple." He says smirking at his proposition and Hermione's gaping and surprised expression.

" Never in a million years, Malfoy!" she screeched trying to push past him and failed as his strength surpassed her immensely.

" Fine, then where were you last night?" he asked grinning.

Hermione's expression paled and shook her head. " That's none of your goddamn business." She answered angrily.

" Oh, Granger, the language! Well, this certainly confirms that who ever you were with didn't give you the pleasure of satisfying you completely or are this big of a bitch every morning?" he drawled with a smirk.

" Fuck you!" she spat at him.

" Just tell me when and where." He said with his smirk growing wider.

" You're such a pig Malfoy!" she snapped back angrily.

" Look Granger, it's only a couple of simple words. I know that you want me. I see it every time that you look at me." He said moving towards her.

" It's called loathing and disgust." Hermione retorted moving backwards.

" Heat, passion, desire." He says still moving towards her.

Well it's now or never and quickly she moves to make her way towards the bathroom, but Malfoy ran back to block off and caught her in his arms. She moved to the left and so did he and so on until she gave up with an exasperated sigh.

' Fine, ferret boy wants to play, then let the games begin.' She thought and smirked. She moved forward and placed both of her hands upon Draco's chest. He flinched a bit at the sudden contact and smirked as he placed both his hands onto her hips.

" You know Draco, you're right. I'm tired of all the mind and verbal games that we burdened ourselves with. So lets cut to the chase okay. I want you." She said moving her hands up and down his smooth muscular chest. She was surprised that a person this cold could have such baby soft skin. It was like a silk sheet over steel as she felt the grooves and contour of his muscles in just one swift movement. She felt him sigh and shudder from her warm touch and felt the grip he had on her hips become firmer. She swiftly moved her head up and licked the sensitive skin under his ear. The heat of her breath was making Draco insane. She was like a needed drug that could only satisfy his cravings. To her surprise he lifted her up and pinned her against the wall near the door to the bathroom. This was it. This was the moment. Draco Malfoy, prince of Slytherin was about to fuck Hermione Granger senseless outside the Head Girl/Head Boy bathroom wall. He wasn't even supposed to be associating with her type of people. It was just the way he was raised to believe so. As to purebloods: good, mudbloods: bad. It was the temptation of forbidden desire that was exfoliating through his pores right now and though he wouldn't ever admit it, he had wanted this and her since fourth year. There was no way in hell he was going to bypass this opportunity of a lifetime. Instinctively, Hermione lifted up her legs and wrapped them around Draco's hips, pulling him closer and making him gasp. Lust and passion was all he saw in the depths of those chocolate colored orbs and he wanted more of this, her. Hermione gave a low moan as she felt Draco's lips worshipping her neck and tilted her head to the side to give him more of her exposed flesh. Hermione smirked as she felt what she wanted to feel since this little rendezvous started. She affected him, and her primal instinctive pride washed over her like a tidal wave. It was her turn to take over now.

She set her legs down again to the floor and pushed Draco away. By the look of his face, he was about to protest when she turned him around and shoved him back against the wall. His breathing was ragged and still he found room to smirk at her sudden dominance.

" Now be a good boy, Draco." Hermione said smirking as her left hand crept downward and traced lightly over the hem of his towel. He sucked in a sharp breath and nodded and she walked forward and placed her free hand onto his chest again, drawing lazy circles over his navel.

" You know Draco, I just want to let you know a little something before we started this little thing," she said as he looked at her with his eyebrows raised.

" What's that?" he said huskily and closed his eyes in desire as Hermione grabbed the front of his towel roughly.

" That the only chance you'll get with me is when I'm unconscious." She said with seething anger. Malfoy's eyes popped open and he gaped at her in surprise.

" Come again?" he said almost sneering trying to get all the desire that remained still left in his expression.

" I said I wanted you, but you didn't say that I had to mean it." She said beaming a mocking smile at him. Malfoy grimaced and stalked towards her in anger.

" You stupid mudblood bitch! You are going to regret for your little misdeed today!" he said threateningly.

" What Malfoy? You're going to walk behind me to death?" she mocked and laughed as his expression darkened with more anger. She quickly gathered up her garments and made her way towards the bathroom with a triumphant smile on her face.

" You'll be back Granger! You had a just a little but you'll begging me for more and maybe the tables might turn on you!" he said with a smirk and Hermione rolled her eyes and she prepared to shut the door.

Malfoy looked down at the ground for his clothing and smirk at his sudden discovery.

" Oh, Granger, wait." He said with his hand blocking her from closing the door.

" What is it now Malfoy." She said exasperatedly.

" You're going to want to have these back." He said twirling in around his finger a pair of black lacy panties. Blushing, Hermione angrily snatched them from Malfoy hand and pushed him out from the doorway. She slammed the door his face and decided to carry on her obligation before she was rudely interrupted by the flying ferret.
" Hey Mione! You look nice today." Ron said blushing furiously as she took her usual spot in between him and Harry.

Hermione smiled warmly at him and clutched his hand, which was on his lap.

" Hey Ron, and thank you." She said still smiling.

" When doesn't she look nice?" Harry said grinning.

" That is so true!" Hermione said grabbing a helping of chocolate chip pancakes and a glass of orange juice. Immediately she noticed that they were facing the Slytherin table, but Malfoy wasn't in his usual place. She grinned and continued to pile up her plate with bacon, eggs and a buttered croissant. She couldn't help but let her mind wonder about her so-called encounter with Malfoy. The expression on his face was priceless and the bloody git deserved it. She knew he wouldn't give up and he does always get what he wants. Actually, she looked forward to Malfoy's little manipulations to try and get her into bed, but what he didn't know that she would give him a run for his money.

Speaking of the devil, his royal highness entered the Great Hall in a sophisticated manner with his robes billowing behind him in a clean swept breeze. Oh, two could play at this game and she would win. Yes, Hermione Granger was no stranger when it came to sex and she knew a million different ways to make a guy turned on without any physical contact. Sure Malfoy's don't do anything degrading them to a lower level, but this Malfoy would. Things were surely different about Draco since last year his father died to unknown circumstances, but she knew it had to do something with the Dark Lord. Even Harry had a feeling about it too, but Malfoy walks around acting like his usual arrogant self like nothing happened. But that really was Malfoy's business and she really didn't care what he felt right? You can't love without a soul and Draco was the last person to ever express that kind of emotion even if it slapped him in the face. He was a monster, a cold self-centered monster without a care in the world. Sometimes she even wondered if he even loved his own mother, much less his own father.

Draco sat down at his usual spot and looked up to find Hermione staring at him. His cold gaze somewhat softened as he smirked and licked his lips sensually with a cocked eyebrow. Hermione's face contorted into a look of disgust and looked away. Angrily, she picked at her food with her fork in a stabbing manner and looked up to find Harry's and Ron's faces leaning in from both directions. Harry's expression was one of worry while Ron just shook his head with both of his eyebrows raised.

" What?" she whispered harshly while throwing down her fork.

" What got your knickers twisted?" Ron asked reaching his fork over to Hermione's plate and seizing a piece of bacon.

" Fucking Malfoy." Hermione sneered and glanced briefly at his table and spotted him with an arm around pug faced Pansy Parkinson, the slut of Slytherin.

Harry chocked on his orange juice and sputtered what he could manage to gulp down, while Ron threw down his fork.

" What the hell did he do to you this time?" Harry asked worriedly but anger was deeply creased into his brow. Ron turned redder than a strawberry and his anger was made clearly to their whole table.

" Just the usual shit that he tries to pull to me 24 hours a day." Hermione replied tiredly and sunk her down upon the hard wooden table.

" Hey, Mione, he's looking at you or somebody from where he's at." Harry replied, the anger evident in his voice.

" So, just flip him off or something." She said still not lifting her head.

" Oh, my mistake, he's checking out Ron." Harry said with a hint of laughter.

Hermione's head shot up and looked towards Ron and laughed while his face turned a new deeper shade of red.

" Like bloody hell he is! He's probably checking you out Harry!" Ron seethed through his gritted teeth. The expression plastered all across Ron's face only made Harry and Hermione laugh harder.

" Sorry, Ron, just trying to lighten the mood." Harry said trying to breath normally again.
Ron grinned. " I knew that." He said in an assuring tone.

" Right." Harry and Hermione said at the same time.

" I bloody well knew it too! Just so you know Malfoy is a cock tease!" Ron said teasingly. Harry's eyes widened and Hermione stifled a giggle.

" Okay, Ron, I just kind of wanted to enlighten the mood not scar me for life." Harry said getting up laughing.

" Hey, you wanted the truth! Malfoy loves the cock!" Ron said following Harry. Hermione followed as well only to be stopped by Lavender standing in the trio's way.

" I couldn't help overhear your conversation about Malfoy and his performance."

The three tried to stifle their laughs.

" Yeah, so?" Ron retorted.

" Well, just for your information, Malfoy is not gay and he does know how to satisfy a girl in every demeaning way possible." Lavender stated proudly.

" And you know this how?" Harry asked grinning watching Lavender's face flush with embarrassment.

" Well, he…and me… well we you know." She said motioning with her hands.

" Well, this justifies everything!" Ron said rolling his eyes leaving behind an embarrassed Lavender and a laughing Ron and Hermione.

Potions was the class that Hermione was dreading for the day as she took her seat next to Malfoy. She refused to make eye contact with him, though she could feel his gaze boring into the side of her face. The class made up of Gryffindors and Slytherins quieted down as Professor Snape strode into class with his usual non-expressional pale face. Anymore paler, he could send a ghost running for his money.

" Quiet!" Professor Snape bellowed and Hermione stifled a giggle, as the class was already quiet before he even ordered it. His head snapped in attention towards the sudden rudeness.

" Miss Granger, did you find me quite amusing?" Snape asked with eyes flashing a threatening glare. Hermione shook her head and straightened her posture.

" Ten points off from Gryfinndor for the interruption and another five points for lying." Snape said with an approving smirk. Half the class groaned as the Slytherin side took turns sniggering.
" Enough! Now onto the lesson without any rude commentaries. Today you and your partner will be making a tranquility potion, which entices a calming relaxation to the person who takes it. The list of ingredients is written on the board and I trust that you all will follow the instructions carefully and precisely. Especially Mr. Longbottom." Snape said focusing his gaze on a squirming Neville.

" Also a word of precaution, make sure to use only a pinch of jasmine first before the sage. The other way around and the side effects will result into a love potion. Now we don't want that now do we?" Snape said with another smirk. The class shook their heads nervously, but obediently and went straight to work.

Without wasting anytime, Hermione copied down the instructions with precaution and ripped the parchment in half. She tossed one half to Malfoy and got off with making any eye contact and a word. She heard Malfoy sigh and heard him get up from his seat. With her ingredients in her hands, she made way back to her seat when she felt someone bump into her. Neville yelped as he dropped a potion and it landed on Hermione. Hermione shrieked as she felt a burning sensation seep into her hand and she dropped the rest of ingredients onto the floor. Professor Snape glared at Neville to move away quickly and tended to Hermione's hand.

" Miss Granger, hold out your hand and remove your robes! Mr. Potter, bring me that towel, quickly!" Snape said trying to tend to a terrified Hermione.

Snape wrapped the towel around her hand tightly and escorted out of the mess.

" Mr. Longbottom, due to your sudden stupidity, clean up this mess and meet me tonight and we'll discuss your detention!" Snape bellowed escorting Hermione out of the classroom.

After two grueling hours in Madam Pomfrey's infirmary of mending and burning of skin and more mending, Hermione's hand looked as good as new.

" Well, Hermione, thank goodness that there were no side effects, but just to make sure, I want you to come back next week and run some tests to see if there are any toxins that need to be flushed out." Madam Pomfrey said a smile and escorted the Gryffindor out of the infirmary.

Hermione made her way towards the Great Hall for lunch and as she pushed open the two big doors, all eyes were on her. Without caring about the focused stares on her, she made her way to her usual spot and was greeted by a beaming Harry and Ron.

" Mione! We were worried about you! How's your hand?" Harry asked taking a hold of her injured hand.

Hermione smiled gratefully at Harry. " It's fine. It hurt like hell to fix, but it feels like it's good as new." She said flexing her hand in Harry's grip. Hermione looked over towards Neville's direction and she spotted him looking at her. Nervously he glanced away and blushed a dark red. Hermione giggled a slight bit and glanced back at her hand, which was still in Harry's gentle grasp. Suddenly, her eyes widened as she felt her hand slightly vibrate and glow a bright but pale green. Okay, was just that her imagination? Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard Harry inhale sharply and glanced towards the huge double doors. Cho, Harry's ex girlfriend waltzed in with Seamus, her new fuck of the week. Of course, she would never tell Harry these feelings towards the girl, but she was a slut. Poor Harry had been heartbroken since he found out that she left him for Oliver Wood. He wanted her back, but the boy needed to move on. The situation was absolutely pathetic.

' I wonder if she's slept with him yet.'

" Yeah, I know what you mean." Hermione said giving Harry as self-assuring pat on the back and received a sympathetic look from Ron.

" Huh? What are you talking about Hermione?" Harry asked giving her a puzzled look.

" About Cho and Seamus, if they did it yet." Hermione said trying to make her expression show that she felt sorry for him.

Harry sighed shakily and inhaled deeply. " Yeah, you can say that again. You read my mind."

Hermione's eyes widened in surprise, and she tensed. Harry didn't say anything. He didn't say anything at all.

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