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~ Caught up against the wall again

Tied to the chain and ball again

Is that a light at the end of the tunnel?

That I see, I see

Please let be but don't wake me till the morning after~

' I know Granger is going to regret this when she wakes up. I just know it. Once she wakes up she's going to freak out and run away into the arms of Potty and Weasel.'

Hermione woke up that Friday morning with a slight headache. The sunlight streamed into her eyes and her surroundings blurred a bit as her eyes adjusted to the light. Despite the storm that struck last night, the day was beautiful and the sky resumed its true blue color once again.

She lifted her head up a bit to find her right hand splayed on Draco's chest and a leg entwined with his own.

' Great, she's up.'

" Morning Granger," his drawling voice startling her. " I trust you slept well?"

She drew her right hand back off his chest as if she touched something scalding hot. He chuckled while taking her hand that still lingered in the air into his own.

" Morning," she muttered, drawing up the bed sheet to cover her chest self-consciously. She heard him chuckle once again and decided to shrug it off. The million-dollar question this morning was: What the hell now?

' Yep, she's having regrets.'

Hermione looked at Draco somewhat apprehensive. Words couldn't even describe what she shared with him last night and having regrets was the last thing she had on her mind. To his surprise, she moved closer to him and rested her head on his smooth chest drawing in the bright sunlight that crept in through the forest green drapes.

She held him sighing contently and relishing the fact that she was in Draco Malfoy's bed. If anyone told her last year that she would wind up in this position, she would have told them that they needed to commit themselves into St. Mungo's.

Hermione lifted her head up slightly to find him staring at her with a grin. She sighed and brought up the hand that was enlaced in his to her lips, placing a soft kiss on it. Draco watched the scene with a lifted brow. " I know what you're thinking, Draco."

" Really?" he asked mockingly. " Please, Granger, enlighten me."

Hermione grinned. " No, I don't regret what we did last night."

Draco smirked. " Was it that obvious? You and me are really two of a kind."

" How so?" she asked with an eyebrow raised and released her hand from his gentle grip. He smirked yet again.

" We have similar bedroom habits," he stated observantly, " and we're not likely to stay for the morning after."

Hermione pondered at his hypothetical statement. He was right. Every time she slept with Ron it was like a schedule to wake up earlier than him and leave before anything else was left to say. Now, she wasn't really sure of the consequences anymore.

" I know what you're thinking, Granger," he said in a singsong voice.

" What am I thinking about Draco?" she asked in mock curiosity.

" What is left to say and what the hell happens now?" he said craning his neck a bit to meet her gaze.

" Huh, you read my mind," she said with an amused grin.

A thoughtful silence overcame the two lovers still lying in bed, until Hermione broke the silence again.

" Are we…uh, together?" she asked with a motion of her finger back and forth between them.

" Only if you want us to be," he drawled almost unconcernedly.

Hermione felt a strange pang in her chest. " Well, what do want, Draco?"

" Look, Granger, if you want us to be together, that's fine, but you know nothing changes once we exit this dormitory," he said, turning his head to face the window.

Hermione frowned. This was Draco Malfoy, and what more could she expect? Draco was not the type of person to magically wake up one day and express his emotions independently. She vied whether or not to listen to what he was thinking at the very moment, but part of her didn't really want that. She wanted to hear whatever Draco had to say rather than listening to things inside his mind that he refused to allow escape his lips.

' Any girl in my position would love to hear the great Draco Malfoy's thoughts, but no! That's what I get for being a Gryfinndor,' she scolded herself internally.

" I'm going to get up," she said and rose to leave the bed when his arm snaked around her waist tightly. His smirk was boring a hole in the side of her face and she could feel it.

" It's Saturday and we have the day to stay in here," he mused waggling his eyebrows playfully. " It sure beats spending the day with Potty and Weasel."

" We're going to miss breakfast!" she whined, struggling against his grip.

" I can make breakfast come to us," he said with a grin.

" Fine, but I need to take a shower first!" she whined again.

" Again, love, that's something that we can do together." The playful grin turned into a seductive smirk. Hermione grinned.

" But…"

" Love, you're running out of excuses, so shut up and stay here!" he snapped playfully. Hermione pouted and gave up any hope that she was going to escape from this bed.

" By the way," he pondered, " you're not taking Zabini on his little date offer, right?"

Hermione frowned. " I don't know. So what if I do? You're not jealous, are you?"

Draco snorted. " Right, like I'm jealous of that rat faced fucker. I'm just asking for future reference."

" Future reference for what?" she asked looking at him sternly.

Draco shrugged. " I'll let you know before the damage is done."

" Quit acting like a jealous lover Malfoy! Blaise is a part of my past and he's a really good friend, so don't do anything stupid like picking a fight with him," she said with a tight frown.

Draco's face expressed a look of mocked hurt. " Now why would I go and do that? Man, Hermione you know me better than that!"

" Two of a kind sweetie," she said placing a light kiss on the end of his nose, " Two of a kind."

Draco smirked. " Hermione, I need help with a problem,"

" Really? What?" she asked.

" Well, your hand's right next to it."

Hermione slapped him on the arm as Draco chuckled with mirth.

" You never quit thinking with your crotch do you?" she asked, running her hand through her hair to straighten it out a bit.

" Only when you're around my pretty."

Hermione looked at him in awe and her eyes softened. " You really think I'm pretty?"

" No," he drawled.

Hermione fought against the wave of sadness that threatened to cross her features.

" I think you're beautiful."


Morning seemed to pass by slowly and Hermione didn't want it any other way. The two spent a "romantic" morning together, clad in only bathrobes and they escaped to the sanctuary of the Head Boy/Girl bathroom. There passionate love making in shower only added more steam that was looming over them.

Once they snuck in back into the dorm, Draco summoned a house elf and ordered a huge breakfast of chocolate chip and strawberry with whipped waffles, along with goblet full of orange juice. Hermione listened intensively as Draco spoke about his opinions that were challenged by her statements. Draco's passionate words were ensnaring Hermione's thoughts and emotions in a web of desire. She could listen to him all day.

It was barely even noon when she and Draco finally decided to get dressed properly for the tenth time since they actually said it. Hermione left the comfort of his room and stepped in front of hers. It had been three weeks since she stepped foot into her room. After unlocking her door, it still wouldn't budge until she remembered that there was a chair placed under the knob still. She performed a charm that unglued the chair from its position and opened the door slowly.

The chair squeaked as the door pushed it and she took a deep breath. Unlike Draco's welcoming room, hers looked gloomy and disastrous in the aftermath of Draco's prank. She walked over to her vanity and placed a hand over the red ' Mudblood Whore' that was streaked across her once spotless and beautiful mirror.

Hermione drew her hand back in surprise when the words disappeared off of the mirror and her eyes flicked to the reflection it caught by her doorway. His face was expressionless as he performed an organization charm on her room and her things were placed back into their proper order.

She placed a repairing charm on the slashed maroon drapes and looked around her now cleaned room.

" Thank you," she said giving him a weak smile.

He nodded and exited out of the room. Her heavy sigh broke the silence in her room. Things do change in so little time.


Draco and Hermione spent the afternoon together on the common room couch just watching the glowing ember of the fire finally die out. Her head was placed in his lap while his fingers played with her honey colored ringlets. She didn't even bother to straighten her hair today. Draco even said that he liked it better that way.

Their "perfect" day came to an abrupt halt around two in the afternoon when they decided to take a walk to the lake and spend the rest of the day outside by the bank. Blaise found them on their way out.

" Hey Granger!" he motioned her to come over to where he was at by the door leading to the dungeons.

Draco growled something incoherently at him and nodded for her to go as he stepped outside. She jogged to him and as she approached, he frowned angrily.

" What the fuck were you doing with him?" he demanded throwing his hands up in the air.

It was her turn to frown. " Head Boy and Girl business, not that it's any of your concern," she lied angrily.

Although she hated lying to Blaise, he still was a stubborn Slytherin. He pursed his lips.

" You know that I'm concerned for your well being, Granger."

She sighed. " I know Blaise, but Draco and I aren't involved romantically, physically, or anything else. You know me better than that."

Blaise nodded. " Where were you last night? The cavalry was searching high and low for you," he said in an amused tone.

Hermione rolled her eyes. " Where else would I be? I was in my dorm."

" You went back?"

" I was running out of clothes," she said sheepishly.

Blaise laughed. " Not that anybody would notice under these bloody things," he muttered lifting up the tail of his robe.

" Yeah, well, I like my clothes worn only once a day!" she said looking at him in mock suspicion.

Blaise looked at her in horror. " Granger, please! I wear my clothes only two days in a row and that's when I'm having a good day!" he pouted.

Hermione smiled and Blaise returned it.

" Well, I better go because I kind of stole something from Adam Knight and I'm on the run," Blaise said looking down the corridor both ways. She looked at him amusedly.

" What did you take?" she couldn't resist asking.

He smirked. " His girlfriend's virginity."

Hermione punched him in the arm playfully as he laughed. " You Slytherins never cease to think with your crotches."

" That's how the bad boys play, Granger, take notes!" he said brushing past her seductively. She swallowed nervously.

" Oh, by the way, Hermione," he continued with a smirk on his face, " did you consider my offer for that picnic date?"

Hermione felt her mouth go dry. Damn.

All she could do was nod her head dumbly.

" Well?" he asked with a brow raised curiously.

" I'll keep it in mind," she answered dryly suddenly finding her voice.

She cringed internally as she saw the brief flicker of disappointment flash in his hazel colored eyes.

He nodded. " See you around, Granger."

And with that he was gone.


" What the hell did he want?" Draco asked irritably once Hermione sat next to him on the cool bank of the lake. The sun reflected a golden gleam across the sky blue clear water.

" He asked me out,"

Draco raised a brow anticipating her answer.

" And I said no."

" No, you didn't," he frowned.

Hermione shrugged as she picked up a nearby rock on the bank and threw it into the water, watching it sink.

" Don't lie to me," he snapped with his silver orbs flashing in irritation, " What did you really say?"

" I'll considerate it."

" Well, there you go, that wasn't so bad was it?" he asked with a smirk.

" Oh, shut up," she snapped.

" Whatever you say, Granger," he said pulling her into his arms.

She sat between his legs as his arms wrapped themselves gently around her neck. He placed his chin on her shoulder. Hermione sighed leaning back into his hold.

" We really are two of a kind," she muttered softly.

Draco chuckled. " Told you."

Hermione smiled.

" Now did the wanker say anything bad about me?"

She rolled her eyes.

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