Clenching an ectoplasmic-ridden fist, Wraith tilted his head towards the sky, locking on to his opponent who he had been battling for quite some time now. Wraith stood in the centre of Chalasdalle Plaza as he started to feel the toll creeping on to his body as he began to draw in heavy, sharp breaths. Urgently fighting his body's pain, he then began to taunt what seemed to be his recurring 'rival', Skulker, only his appearance confused the teenage hero.

''Hey Skully, I've noticed the upgrades and stuff on your armour and I've gotta admit, it looks quite badass. But unfortunately for me, I'm running overtime on something important and unfortunately for you, I'm feeling nostalgic. So, if you don't mind, I'm gonna keep the ass-kicking to minimum. For your sake of course.''

A twisted laugh, followed by the sound of ripping metal, erupted from Skulker, eyes wide open like a madman. ''Child, after these two years the least you could learn would be humility? Or rather respect!'' The word 'respect' came out of his mouth as if he tasted the vilest thing on Earth.

Wraith crossed his arms and closed his eyes off guard, ''Ahh, don't you worry. I've got plenty of respect fo-… ''

Wraith's words were ignored as Skulker drove his fist across Wraith's face in a mere second. Wraith's body flipped like a doll being flung across the room after being ravished by a rabid dog. Too stunned to even comprehend what happened, he pelted through a line of stalls and painfully crashed into a female clothes store. Wraith was out of the count for 10 seconds before, groggily, lifting himself from the ground. He ran a white glove through the white embers that was hair, before contemplating this situation in the most reasonable form available.

''What…The Fuck… was that?''

Wraith trudged forward, towards the gaping hole in the store's glass front doors still bewildered that Skulker was able to fight with such speed. ''It's those new tech upgrades on his armour huh? There's no doubt about that.'' Wraith shook his head to get rid of the disorientation and gently rose from the ground, fists once again clad with burning ectoplasmic energy and eyes releasing neon-green mist as they burned with potency, his body blazing with the same coloured aura. ''Means I have to end this. Now.'' Wraith lunged towards his adversary as he held his right fist forward while keeping the other to his body. Using his great speed, Wraith unleashed a flurry of jabs towards Skulker, combining a mixture of aggressive attacks with precise movements. Skulker however, merely grinned as he began to evade his attacks, acting as if he knew where Wraith was going to strike. Hell, he even had the cheek to smile. The boy was playing a man's game and he was losing.

'You're tiring boy. Your punches… such wasted effort. You'll soon fall. And to think I had trouble smearing your pathetic existence,' Skulker proceeded to shift away from Wraith and relished a flaming red scythe, which he materialised in his right palm. 'It ends here. RIGHT NOW!'

Wraith smirked while in between sharp breaths.

'I'll show you wasted energy, asshole'

Scythe raised above his head ready for the clean kill, the Ghost Hunter swung the scythe towards Wraith's head with every ounce of power that could possibly channel.


Skulker shrieked as he felt searing pain across his back, his scythe vanishing as its creator experienced his first detrimental deal of damage in this new body. Blast after blast bombarded him as his mental tolerance for pain lowered more and more. What was revealed was that Wraith used a newfound power of his, where which he can control the direction of his ectoplasmic blasts after releasing them. And right now, this power gave Wraith's victory in the bag.

Wraith took this opening to deal with the winning blow. Pelting towards Skulker with such speed once more, Wraith opened his palms near Skulker's chest plate, determined to end this confrontation on his terms. He released a glowing green ball encompassed with white sparks of electricity, waiting for Skulker's eyes to see how once again, a child managed to evade the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter.


Skulker's body toppled in the air and crashed straight on central water fountain. Disoriented, Skulker rose from the broken rubble and bringing a soak hand to broken chest plate. Green mist emanated from where the damage was prominent. A severe looking crack exposed some of Skulker's true form.

'Able to withstand a direct blast which could wipe all humans huh?' Skulker began to contemplate to himself, pissed that he had again failed, 'Seems like the 'genius' Dr Technus has let his Vortex-sized ego cloud his abilities. Obsolete. We'll be having words soon'

Skulker raised his hand in front of him and opened his palm. He flexed all his fingers and immediately, the air ripped apart as a portal to the Ghost Zone was opened. Skulker staggered towards the portal right before turning and looking up to Wraith, who seemed to enjoy seeing Skulker hurt after the way began to strut earlier.

''You best watch your back hybrid. I swear on the Ghost King's soul, I will have your head above my pelts and trophies. And I will never stop. Ever.''

''You might wanna step to it Skully. Otherwise we can do a repeat right now. Trust me, the damage will be identical.''

''Foolish vermin''

Skulker backed into the portal as it began to mend itself together till it finally closed. He had a planned visit to Technus and it was going to be 'eventful'.

The worn-out hero flew in mid-air for a few seconds before he held his face, rubbing the left side from where he was hit while simultaneously groaning,' Seriously, what was that? First 'Box Ghost' moves cars then Spectra's assistant goes all Hulk on me!'

''I seriously need to retire. I'm gonna 'go ghost' for real if I keep this up,' he stated out loud. He then lazily turned around in the air and propelled himself towards the direction of his home, eager to just drop the second he enters.

8 minutes later…

Wraith phased through the roof of his bedroom and hovered above his bed.'' Wait, why didn't phase before? You'd think that would be help- you know what, I don't care.'' And with that, light blue rings formed around his body as he changed to his human form. Not even bothering to balance himself on the bed or arrange his sheets, Wraith belly flopped his bed which rattled under his weight. Finally sinking into his longing sleep, the hybrid was instantly out.


His heart clenched as the dreaded sound of his ringtone ruined his chance of recovery. On the verge screaming into his pillow, he clawed at his bedside table before grabbing his vibrating smartphone and brought it to his face. Not even bothering to see how was calling him, he tapped the green symbol and slapped the phone to his ear. He gave a grunt to send a message to the caller that he was listening but did not care. A familiar voice respond in a way in which loudspeaker was not needed at all.

''Tell me what new excuse you have now hmm? Tell me what bullshit excuse you're going to dish out right now!''

''Look I'm sorry Paul- ''

''What, your stomach ulcer which makes an appearance every 3 days suddenly got you down? Oh, wait no I got it, your neighbour got robbed so you to go back home to check your house again, or the fact that you fucked this job up for both us. Again! ''

''Paulina, honestly. I'm sorry, I just- ''


And with that, the one-sided conversation came to an end as his furious schoolmate and applying job partner hung up. Khai chucked his phone onto his bedside which slid across dropped behind the crevasse against the wall. He then simply turned over on his bed and went straight back into slumber, feeling unthreatened by his high school's Latina Beauty, Paulina Rubio. Laying without a care in the world, Wraith, also known as Khai Lawson, rested finally letting thoughts about upgraded villains and angry girls, sink to the back of his head.

Quite the average day.

So yeah, this was just a starter for the main story. Just wanted to get a feel of what style I'm going to adopt when writing. After years and years of reading On this website, I've gained knowledge and confidence and have finally crept out of the shadows. I'll see if I'll update this soon enough and my profile as well. Later.