Tremors still struck the safe zone as Khai was shaken in one of the two ambulances. He laid on the bed with the oxygen mask still clung onto his face. The paramedics decided to hide him away from the cameras as they thought the sights of flashing lights and deafening sounds of the intruding crowds, would send him into a fit. Khai thought, through the disturbance, on how stupid everybody was in staying near the 'SECTIONED OFF CITY'! It was like they lacked the most basic form of common sense. When danger is cornered, you run in the other direction. Then again, Superman had been noticed by pretty much everybody else, so it made sense. It was idiotic but made sense. Khai waited for somebody to come in and aid his dying body when the quakes suddenly stopped. He lifted his torso from the bed quickly. If the worst had just happened, Superman may have 'lost' and 'he' is coming straight to him.

He released the mask of his face and got out of his bed. He stood in the middle of the van like a fool who didn't know when to give up. He knew he couldn't fight right now, but the least he could do is to know if he was coming. Nothing escaped his nose. Khai shuddered. 'What if my Ghost Sense doesn't work right now? No…' His breathing became erratic again as he reached out for the oxygen mask and snapped it on his face. The bridge of his nose and chin stung for a second, but the feeling of his chest expanding soothed his nerves as he sat on the bed again. 'What am I worrying about? There's no way my Ghost Sense would go on the fritz. Not a chance.'

Zatanna rushed through the remains of the rundown Fenton facility, ignoring the leaking soot from the ceiling and doors. She used her magic to levitate herself through the destroyed stairway and carried on forward until she reached the bare passageway. She didn't hesitate at the cracked walls or the hefty-looking rodents which jumped across the floor. She pushed through the front entrance of the building and clapped her hands together immediately. There was no messing up now.

"E'kat em ot S'iahk noitacol ta ecno!" White light enveloped her as she vanished from the disused building, leaving a cloud of dirt in her place. Zatanna felt her body slightly twist and change but it wasn't uncomfortable to the point that she wanted to hurl. That had happened way too many times before. The sensation left her body as her feet planted onto a hard surface while the air around her felt damp on her skin. Her body slightly tingled at the rapid change of the environment, but that wasn't important at all. On the opposite side of the strange, enclosed area was a metal, medical bed which supported a familiar figure. Zatanna brought herself to his side quickly and looked onto the injured sleeping halfa. His face had a few bruises and cuts, his right-upper eyelid was swollen and a loose bandage on his head was bloodied and tattered. It was hard to digest the sight. He looked dead. Somebody who was tortured repeatedly. And she didn't even know what happened.

Zatanna locked her jaw as she swallowed while cupping one of Khai's cheek into her hands. His skin felt quite rough against her. She traced her thumb underneath his eye while gazing upon him with genuine affection. Seeing him again made her feel glad, delighted maybe, if he wasn't in such bad shape. She lowered her head and planted a kiss on his cheek before the room shook violently. Khai bended his body forward as his eyes was full of green energy. His skin turned pale-blue, but his hospital robes were still wrapped around him. He darted his head around until he saw a frightened Zatanna clutching the table behind her. His face relaxed as his eyes dimmed into his usual green iris'.

"Z-Zatanna?" His words were slightly slurred from the blatant lack of stamina in his face. Zatanna held him around the neck and placed her head under his chin. Her grip was hard, and the pressure did cause Khai the need to wince in pain. But he decided to return the affection and embraced her by holding her waist. The smell of her hair, her entire self, made him feel flushed and warm. He didn't want to release her at all. The second shake happened again only this time, it was more intense. The two backed away to the end of the ambulance slowly, holding each other's hand. They flicked their heads up and down to see if anything looked unusual and out of place. Khai's bare legs felt a sharply cold surface as the doors pressed against his back. He looked over to Zatanna who was still looking forward. Her breathing was quite loud, almost wheezing. Silence. Nothing moved. Heat. Khai grabbed Zatanna and phased through the wall, gaining considerable distance before stumbling and rolling on the floor. Streaks of yellow and black raced around him as the image of a destroyed vehicle stood before him. Zatanna looked on, still holding onto Khai's arm. The emotions were too wild. The pair stood on their feet and were masked from the crowds of screaming people by the explosion.

"Zee, we have to leave, now!" Khai attempted to hobble away with Zatanna on his arm when his luck spoiled.

"Where are you going to go?" Phantom walked through the flames unharmed as he grinned madly. He cracked his black gloves while his black-flamed hair twirled above him in odd shapes.

"Where's Superman?" Zatanna spoke in Khai's ear.

"Taking a… nap. Though the big blue boy-scout is a tough cookie, I'll give him that." Phantom replied as he heard her. A prominent cut on Phantom's cheek caught onto the teens' eyes. Guess he can bleed. "But enough about him, let's focus on what's important. You and I, Wraith." Khai grimaced. He was done for. They were done for. Superman was, god knows where and he was absolutely broken. Death was right around the corner and approaching crazy fast. Just then Zatanna stood in front of Khai with fearlessness plastered on her face. Khai wanted to reach for her but she was already far forward to hold.

"You touch him, and I swear to god, your face is going to be even more fucked up when I'm done with you!"

"Ahh, looks like you found your shit-talking soulmate, eh Khai? Her mouth is almost as loose as yours." Phantom narrowed his eyes to taunt the teens even further. His voice lowered as he said, "Probably in more ways than one." Zatanna gritted her teeth as she became absolutely livid. All fear had vanished. Only rage bubbled inside of her as her face became flustered with anger. Khai stepped backwards, fearful of what she was about to do. He hadn't known her for that long, but the wisest decision right now was to not try and comfort her. Well, at least not now. Her arms stretched outwards on her sides and she rose from the ground with her eyes shining with a white glow. Whatever power she was tapping into, was power that looked unfathomable to Khai. Phantom also looked quite baffled by what he was seeing. He had seen Doctor Fate's magic but that was a long time ago. Magic didn't really pique his interests, so he was not expecting the worst to come. Too bad.

Zatanna shrieked an incantation, incomprehensible to Khai or Phantom, "N'rub d'na h'sinab eht live g'nieb ot sti ecalp!" Phantom screeched as his body alit on orange flames. He writhed in the sudden combustion before the flames quickly devoured him, engulfing his body before it smouldered into nothing. Zatanna descended onto the ground gracefully before stumbling down onto her knees and palms. Khai goggled onto the young magician in pure awe before running to her side and helping her up from the ground.

"That was… It was… How? Just how?" Khai asked in astonishment.

"Guess he got… too cocky… huh." Zatanna held her stomach tightly to help with her breathing. Her hair was flowing wildly when she performed the spell and now it covered most of her face. Khai separated her hair and pushed it behind her ears to see her properly. Not a single scratch. Good.

"How did you do that?"

"That's not the important subject right now. What happened to your head? Why are you in hospital clothes and why was HE here?" Zatanna was gripping onto Khai quite tightly. She was distressed and worried over his unexplained absence.

"I'll tell you after. Right now, we need to see if Superman is okay or- "A sonic boom, followed by a red and blue streak, shook the ground as Superman, seemingly, disappeared in the clouds, straight into space. "Oh. I guess we could hold that one off, now. I have to go- "

"You, are not going anywhere besides Mount Justice" spoke Zatanna sternly. "You're a no-show for three days, you get attacked by the same guy from before, left in bandages and you want to leave? You make me laugh."

"What, I don't look that bad… do I?" Zatanna faced away from him as she muttered another spell. Her hold on Khai's hand was strong and didn't show any sign of weakness. He looked around at the wreckage, which was still set on fire. Sounds of sirens were heard in the distance, presumably firefighters, as Khai still looked onto the burning ambulance. The smoke divided in a split second and through the hole, his eyes met with another pair of amethyst orbs, looking straight back. And in instant they were gone.

Mount Justice…

Black Canary and Oliver Queen stood side by side in the Mission Room alongside with Batman, M'gann and Connor. Wally had arrived the second Zatanna left, so they were the only Team members present. The three teens looked slightly uncomfortable from the three adults looking down upon them. Something was obviously up.

"You said Zatanna left the headquarters and straight into the Zeta-Tube without saying anything?" Canary asked M'gann.

"Y-yeah. She took off without saying anything. To any of us. Of course, Wally didn't see her, but he said the Zeta-Tube felt… fizzy?" M'gann turned to the redhead, who nodded to conform her words. "Anyway, she said a name… Khai, from looking at the T.V. and before I knew it, she was gone."

"She went straight into the danger zone," said Oliver to Batman. "Who knows if they made it out. Zatara is not going to like this at all."

"Superman was on the scene, although I'm unaware as to who he was fighting." Batman replied.


"Unaware, but I have a good idea. You kids wait for the others to come. I'll brief you on what-" The sounds of feet pattering on the floor enticed everyone to turn around. Khai was leaning on Zatanna slightly as he swayed a little bit. Zatanna looked quite strained from supporting his weight, but was fine despite the tousled hair. M'gann flew towards the two and held them into a deep hug which she regretted afterwards. Khai let out a quick yelp of pain before rubbing his painful sides. Couldn't he just sleep somewhere and not be bothered?

"Zee! Khai! You're both okay! We thought you guys were hurt!" M'gann was overjoyed to see the pair unscathed. Well, one of them unscathed. Khai on the other hand…

"Oh my god, who is that kid? Is he okay, he looks like hell!" Khai was starting to feel woozy again. His head felt as if it was full of lead and that if he rocked to one side too much, he'd topple over. Too late. He fell to his knees as the ground blended and became unclear. His body was going to shut down, any second now. He felt Zatanna hold his face while speaking to him, trying to make him focus but to no avail. Khai didn't bother fighting. At least he knew that he was in a safe location, away from the ghost… from Phantom. He slumped backwards and fell into Wally arms who sped behind him.

"This isn't going to become a thing, is it?" Zatanna ignored Wally.

"M- "

"Don't worry," M'gann stated before picking Khai from the ground and into the medical bay once again. Zatanna looked on as the bandages on his body flailed softly. This was the second time that they had tried to help Khai. She was starting to feel like a burden on Khai as she was always there when he was hurt. No. Not this time. This was 'his' fault. All this, was 'his' fault. That ugly, scar-faced son of a bitch was the reason for Khai's torment, not her. She didn't know what he wanted with him, but there was no way in hell that she was letting him even touch Khai. She stopped at her thoughts.

'Why do I sound like a jealous girlfriend? Pull yourself together Zee, he's hurt like, everywhere! There's no time to think about how you want him so bad…"

Zatanna sighed at what she was thinking when Canary held her shoulder. Zatanna turned around to face the blonde heroine, who was smiling at her. Zatanna was confused as to why she looked so happy. "You're tense. I know that look." Zatanna's cheeks grew slightly rosy.

"What look? Do-do I have a look," she stuttered.

"You have THE look on your face, Zatanna. Oliver told me the same when he came home with cuts running all over. You're worried for Khai and I get that. If you have any doubts about if he'll pull through or the way you feel about him… ignore them, okay?"

Zatanna waved her hands while her cheeks flushed with blood. "I don't feel any type of way towards Khai! We're just… friends. Yeah. He and I? Pshh. No! It's not…" Canary raised an eyebrow. "…that obvious is it?"

"Obvious, subtle, absolutely unquestionable. It's up to you by what you call it, sweetie. Just know the quicker you accept it, the better it'll feel. Trust me." Zatanna diverted her eyes to avoid any eye contact. Her face was still red and hot. She brushed her hair back to try and make her appearance less 'wild' while she was still thinking.

"So… what do I do? What do I tell him?" Zatanna asked solemnly. Canary shrugged while she walked away.

"I honestly don't know, honey. You teens have funny ways expressing 'love'. Wasn't like this back in my day." Zatanna watched her trainer walk over to Oliver and Batman. This was new to her as she only saw Dinah as the no-nonsense instructor, not a relationship/love advisor. And to be fair, that advice was not half-bad. She twiddled with her fingers, as she was unsure on what her next move was going to be.

'Love, huh?'

Ghost Zone…

Skulker poured a pail of water above a man's head, which flattened his jet-black hair across his face. The man inhaled deeply as water dripped off his mouth and onto the floor where dirty water had formed puddles and streams. The Caucasian man's skin had blisters and scars, some recent and some old, and hardened muscles tensing at every movement. He wore ripped shorts, which could've been trousers before, that looked singed and crumpled. The man groaned in pain at the feeling of cold water running across his wounds. He wiped his face and opened his eyes to reveal them to be an icy-blue pigment.

"Superman has gotten stronger, hasn't he?" Skulker walked over to a cupboard of some sorts and opened it to show rows of different weapons. Axes, swords, all of that shit.

"He's gotten mediocre, that's what he is. Parades himself like he's the Messiah. All of the heroes do. It's disgusting. However, I can't deny that he's the powerhouse of the Justice League. Makes me wonder why they even need the band of superheroes at all."

"And the hybrid?"

"The boy has no balls, Skulker. I didn't even need to beat him so hard to break his mind. Him and his foul-mouthed girlfriend. Always together. Huh, I'd expect that he'd pussy out behind while she defends his sorry ass. You should've seen her level of magic. It was pretty decent for her age. Though I should've came prepared. There's no doubt that she'll show up again!" The man dried himself with a towel nearby and oddly floated into the next room from the current grimy chambers.

"And the plan is still in motion? There were no hindrances? Wraith has the support of the League as well as this child magician that you speak of. There are easier ways to jump ahead, if we just take his mother or sis- "

"That won't be necessary," the man called out. "You of all people know what happens when a raging, angsty teen with paranormal powers picks you as your main target. We don't do this the easy way, we do it the smart way. Have patience." Danny Fenton walked back into the room with a black thermal on, new military bottoms and boots. A brown scar ran across his face as he grinned with devious written in his eyes.

"The little bastard will get what's coming to him. And nobody is going to try save him."

"How can you be so sure?" Danny walked to the other door in the room before turning back to Skulker. His smile grew even more evil.

"Trust me. No half-ghost is good in this world. Not even little ol' Khai." His eyes flashed red as the door shut, shaking the weapons in the cabinet. Skulker gripped on of the axes and smiled. The thought slicing the young hero across the axe felt enticing. Euphoric. The hunt would finally come to an end with victory in his hands and Wraith's head on his wall…

Back in Mount Justice…

Machines beeped and whirled. Those were the only noises within the medical bay as Zatanna sat next to Khai, who laid on the bed unconsciously. She drummed her fingers on her laps as she looked down on the ground. Batman said that it would take a few hours to get his blood sugar levels back to normal since he has a 'foreign' type of DNA. She watched his chest rise and fall slowly with no twitch appearing on his face or body, just his chest. It had only been a month. Four weeks since she met him. It felt like forever. She was eager to talk to him, only him when he'll wake up. To ask him what happened and to tell him how he made her feel about him. Their connection, their bond. It was clear to Zatanna and she hoped it was clear to Khai as well. She wanted him for herself, no hesitations, no interruptions. Just them together, with each other, for real.

She ran her hand down his arm until she reached his hand. She held his in hers and pressed it with her thumb gently. A quiver from Khai's hand caused her to squeeze his as she looked at the half-ghost who fluttered his eyes before keeping them open, albeit with some difficulty. He rolled his head slowly to his right and looked onto Zatanna with contentment.

"Hey, Zee," he spoke weakly.

"Hey," she replied sweetly. Khai loved the sound of her voice right next to him.

"We made it out alive right? We're not dead?"

"No. We're not dead. We're fine." Khai moved his head to give a nodding motion which looked very stiff.

"Good, good… That's twice now that you saved me. I should be upping my game and return the favour yet again, I'm useless."

"Don't you say that! You're not useless at all. I know you did your best to try stop him. I know that if you had the chance to make everything better, you'd take it in a heartbeat. You're so much stronger than you think, I'm sure of it. Don't doubt yourself, okay?"

"And you're of that?" She held his hand closer to her as she leaned in slightly closer.

"Of course! Before we went to the Ghost Zone, when we did the ritual. Our energy, our souls came together as one, remember? That link had been made and still stays till this day, don't you feel it?" Khai would be lying if he said that wasn't true. There was an attachment to Zatanna ever since that day and he couldn't get around to it. It was obvious. The relatively short time spent between each other felt more heartfelt. More real to them. And he couldn't lie about that.

"You… you felt that?" Zatanna nodded her head while she still kept his hand in hers. "Who would've thought that you and I could've met all? I-I don't know how this even works but… maybe I don't want to know." He used his other arm to raise his upper body so that he could position himself to sit on the bed. His body felt heavy, but he didn't care. Zatanna tried to make him stay down but he refused.

"Khai, you need to be lying down, Batman will get pissed if he sees you like this!" He brought his hand to her soft face and shifted her hair behind her ear. Her bright cyan eyes were like pools of pure bliss in the form of water. He could easily read her from her eyes alone. Her alluring eyelashes only made her eyes even more enchanting. Zatanna was truly in Khai's eyes and nobody else. Nobody else came even close.

"Who cares?" His hand made its way to her chin as he lifted her head slightly while he lowered his face in front of hers. Their noses brushed off each other as their lips pressed against one another, fuelling the intense flames inside of the two. Zatanna's full lips felt dazzling against his own as he tried to savour every second. The plumpness, the ravishing feeling of sucking on her lip made him burn with a sense of euphoria and ecstasy. His body was captivated by her lips alone, there was no telling what she was capable of later on. Her lips tasted of sweet apples, enhancing the feeling of attraction towards the magician. His hands were on the edge of the bed, gripping hard while Zatanna had one hand on his shoulder and one hand on his chest. They wanted to get closer, but they knew not to take it 'too far'. The kiss last for another minute before they slowly broke apart from each other, both quite breathless. Their faces still stayed close as brown eyes met blue. Zatanna bit her bottom lip, wanting more. She wanted a lot more, but she didn't know if he did. He was already weak. She didn't want to tire him out at all as he needed the rest desperately. She was about to pull away until Khai softly kissed her again, sending electricity crackling through her utmost being.

"That… was amazing." Khai whispered as he shut his eyes, still holding Zatanna in his hands.

"Mmm. You sure were energetic for a kid with a lot of bruises." Khai chuckled a bit. She still had jokes.

"You know what, I'm actually feeling better thanks to you. A kiss from a magician must work wonders for other people, huh?"

"Maybe, but…" She leaned close to Khai's face, biting her lip again. She was just so fine! "…do you know what would be even better?" He looked at her lips again, catching on to what she was implying. He could do it all day if he had to.

"Another kiss," he asked in an almost cocky manner. Her lips were a centimetre apart from Khai's as he waited for the pleasure to wash over his body. But all he felt was a hand tap his cheek a few times before his face grew cold from Zatanna pulling away. He snapped his eyes a few times to see her stand near the edge of the bed, showing a cheeky smile to Khai. He was confused but then realised a split second later.

"Some good shuteye to help the healing. That pretty face of yours needs some rest, you know." She turned to the exit while she was fixing her hair. Khai was duped and she was walking away as if nothing happened. He felt a bit blue-balled in his comfortable bed, regretting his current ailments and injuries. She couldn't leave him like this. There was no… closure. He called out to her to gain her attention.

"But wait… what about my mom? She would be like worried and stuff. Could you come here and let me call her please?" 'Well I'm fucking desperate. Chill the hell out, Khai!" Zatanna didn't decelerate as she waved flirtatiously at Khai.

"Sleep tight, ghost-kid." He was left in the room alone with the sounds of the machines beeping rhythmically. He looked over at the monitor to see a display of a human figure with a few red markings. It was most likely him, he thought. There was a bright red spot on the head area which validated his thoughts. He sat in silence, touching his lips to try and feel Zatanna's again. There was without a doubt, that his libido was running a bit wild during the makeout, but that didn't bother him. What bothered was not if Phantom knew where he was, if Superman was okay or if Zatanna wasn't next to him. It was the fact that he needed to find a way to explain to his mom where the hell he was and why he was gone. He held the bridge of his nose, downright clueless on how he would face the most fearsome person in his life with nothing to show for it.


Here it is guys. The first, I hope of not many, hiatus. I'm going to be very busy during the next few weeks so I'm not going to have time to update. But at least I know it will give you plenty and plenty and plenty of time to think of how the story will unfold. Hope you liked the last scene because I'm not used to writing kiss/sentimental/lemon(oooh) scenes. But feel free to tell me on how to improve that. Hope to see you at the next chapter. Later.