Chapter 1: A New Adventure

Hey everyone welcome to my first ever fanfic. I have been on the site for awhile and thanks to the support of my a few friends I've made here I finally got the courage to try and write my own story. I hope you all enjoy, but just to warn you grammar is not my specialty so go easy on me. If you like the story please like and a review. The beginning part of this chapter was inspired by DrWriter21.

Of all the beings in the world, none is sadder than that of a Nobody. Born from those who lost their hearts to the creatures of Darkness, known as the Heartless, the Nobodies don't truly exist.

They don't feel.

They don't know what it's like to have a heart.

Or maybe they do?

For one Nobody in particular he wondered if his emotions were real or that of his other half.


The Nobody I am describing is Roxas.

Roxas always wondered if anything about him was real, all he ever wanted was to exist, but as a Nobody that was never an option.

As Roxas merged with Sora he accepted his faith. To disappear and become nothing, but deep down inside he wished he could have a chance at existing.

Roxas was floating in an empty void. Ever since he absorbed with Sora, this was his life. The light reflecting from the void represented Sora's heart whatever happened to Sora Roxas could see it.

As Roxas was floating in the void a small smile appeared on his face. "You're lucky Sora, to be able to exist. It's something I can only dream of."

Not all dreams are impossible.

Roxas snaps out of his thoughts and looks around trying to find the mysterious voice. Suddenly a bright light appeared in front of him. From it a blue portal appeared in front
of him.

As Roxas looks at it he is drawn to the portal.

"You deserve to be your own person as much as I do." Roxas turns around in shock to see Sora behind him.

"Sora? But how?" Roxas said in shock.

"Roxas you're you, nobody else." Sora said before disappearing.

Roxas's face slowly turned into a smile. "I'm me." He said before running into the portal separating himself from Sora.

"Good luck Sora, hope to see you soon."

At Ever After High a girl by the name of Raven Queen daughter of the Evil Queen was making her way to the podium where lies the Storybook of Legends. Standing behind her is Apple White daughter of Snow White and Headmaster of Ever After High Miles Grimm.

"I am Raven Queen daughter of Evil Queen and I pledge.." Raven stutters as her key appears showing her her future if she follows the path of her mother leading in her being shunned by everyone and forced into living off the street.

"Come on do it." Apple whispers excitedly.

Raven looked at her future and hated everything about it. "I am Raven Queen and I'm going to write my own destiny! My happily ever after starts now!" Raven said as she slammed the book shut shattering all the mirrors around her.

As the Royals looked in shock the Rebels cheered at Raven's bravery. As Raven looked towards Headmaster Grimm she grinned with victory. "You see I didn't disappear."

"H-How could you be so selfish?!" Apple cried as all the Royals booed her.

"Everyone please just calm-" Suddenly a blue portal appears in front of them interrupting Raven. "What in the?" Raven asks as a figure in a long black coat exits the portal
with a hood covering his face. The figure was around the same height as Raven. It wore black shoes and black gloves, completely covering it.

"What is that thing?!"

"It's Raven's fault! She brought it here!"

"Everyone just stop!" Raven released a wave of magic freezing everyone in place. "Whoa I didn't know I could do that." She looked to Apple and undoes the spell on her. "I'm sorry Apple, but I don't want anyone to tell me who to be. I want to figure that out on my own and don't you understand? I'm not the only one who gets to choose my own destiny, we all do even you."

"But I don't want to choose my own destiny, I liked the one I had and because of you it might not come true and now we also have to deal with that thing." Apple said
pointing to the figure before running off.

Raven looks down at the crowd smiling at her best friend Madeline Hatter before she undid the spell on her.

"Wow look at you! You're still here! No poof." Maddie said excitedly.

"I know it feels so good." Raven smiled.

"So, what do we do about the Pitch Black over there." Maddie points to the mysterious figure.

Raven walks over to it closer examining the mysterious figure, she pauses before she undoes the spell on him. "Um hi there?" She said.

"Uh hi are you okay? You look like frightened." The figure spoke revealing him to be a male.

"Wait you're not here because I didn't sign the Story Book of Legends?" Raven asks.

"The what?" He said confused.

"The big golden story book over there where it is said that if you don't sign it something terrible will happen to you and you'll cease to exist." Maddie said quickly.

"Ok? But what does that have to do with me? He said confused.

Raven shakes here head quickly trying to snap out of it. "Uh lets start over I'm Raven and this is Maddie. And you are?"

"Uh Roxas." The figure said.

"Well Roxas do you have a face under there or are you just all coat?" Maddie chuckles.

Roxas takes off the hood revealing his spiky blonde hair and his blue eyes.

"Wow so he is human." Maddie said surprised examining him like he was a new creature which he kinda was.

"So Roxas why are you here?" Raven asks keeping her distance.

"I'm not really sure I'm just trying to find out who I am." Roxas said as Raven's face turned into a small smile.

"Well then Roxas let me and Maddie welcome you to Ever After High." Raven said.

"Yeah and thanks to Raven a place where anyone can choose their destiny." Maddie added.

"Anyone can choose their destiny." Roxas whispers as he wished to be able to exist. "Think I can come here?" He asks.

"Well because of your entrance everyone here probably has it in their heads I brought you here, so I think Maddie and I can pull together a story to get you in." Raven smiled.

Roxas looks at the two girls and a strange feeling occurs inside him, it felt warm and comforting.

"Come on Roxas let's get outta here I've got a cup of Earl Grey with your name on it." Maddie said pushing Roxas into the school with Raven right behind them.

Roxas had no idea what possible adventures he was getting himself into, but luckily he has a few people to help show him the ropes.