Chapter 118: Sick Day

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In the rooms of Ever After dorms, Apple was sitting down with Raven and Patamon nearby.

"Okay Apple try one more time." Raven said as Apple slowly gripped the pencil and moved her hand to hold it.

Moving it towards the paper, Apple started to slowly trace until she was trying to write her name but cringed slightly as she started to move until she got her name written.

"Yaay! You did it!" Patamon said.

"Finally, at least I can start using them again." Apple smiles softly looking at her bandaged hands.

"Just shows you're healing." Patamon said.

"Maybe I'll even be able to hold my staff soon." Apple said.

"Once you nail writing I'll help you get your magic back." Raven assured.

"Thanks Raven." Apple smiles.

"Anytime Apple." Raven said when Apple's mirrorpad started to ring showing it was a call from her mom.

"Mom?" Apple said surprised to get a call from her. She tried to accept it but winced when she tried to press the button.

"I got it." Patamon said walking over and pres1sing the button.

"Thanks Patamon." Apple smiles.

"Just looking out for you like Roxas does." Patamon smiles as Snow White appears on screen.

"Hello Apple." Snow White said.

"Once upon a hi, mom." Apple said trying to hide her hands from the camera. "What's up?"

"I just wanted to say I saw you in the Grand Magic Games and I think you performed fairest. I was very impressed." Snow White said surprising her.

"You were watching?" Apple asks.

"Of course, you've become quite the princess." Snow White smiles.

"Thanks mom that means a lot." Apple said rubbing the back of her head when Snow White noticed something.

"Apple, what's that on your hands?" She asks.

"Uh nothing." Apple said quickly putting it back down out of view.

"Uh oh." Raven cringed.

"Busted." Patamon cringed.

"I saw something on your hands. What is it?" Snow White asks.

"It's nothing mom, honest." Apple said.

"Apple I can tell you're lying." Snow White said.

"No I'm not I swear." Apple said but accidentally raised her hands to revealed her gauze-covered hands causing Snow White to gasp in horror.

"Apple Dumpling what happened to your hands?!" Snow White asks concerned.

"I uh burnt them on the last day of the Games." Apple admits.

"Who did this to you? Was it one of those horrible guilds? I'll have the legal dwarves hunt them down and take everything they have!" Snow White said.

"No mom don't do that! It wasn't a guild. I did this." Apple admits shocking her.

"What? How?" Snow White asks.

"I was in a battle with Roxas against Xemnas, the leader of the Organization. He was going to kill Roxas so I stopped him and snapped his weapon but it hurt my hands." Apple explains.

"The Nobody? Apple, you put your life in danger for that thing?" Snow White asks.

"He's not a thing mom, he's my boyfriend." Apple said.

"Apple, look at yourself. You're hurt and all to save his life. He's not even a Prince." Snow White said.

"I don't care mom. I love Roxas with all my heart and he loves me. Everyone here has accepted him, why can't you?" Apple asks.

"Apple, you're too good for him. You're a princess with a bright future and he's a—"

"Working to have a future as the next Headmaster of Ever After High." Apple interrupts surprising her. "Yeah Roxas isn't some delinquent with his life going nowhere. Roxas is working hard to have a good job after graduation."

"Apple, danger follows that Roxas wherever he goes. He's not worth you risking your life for." Snow White said.

"If any of us, even you were in danger Roxas wouldn't hesitate for even a second to come save you. He deserves someone who would do the same for him." Apple said.

"Assuming one of his many enemies doesn't kill him before that." Snow White said.

"Just stop it mom!" Apple yells surprising everyone. "I am tired of hearing you say Roxas isn't good enough or that he's a bad person. He's not. He's kind, he's brave, loyal, sweet, caring and whenever I need him, he's there for me because he cares about me and so many others. I don't care if he's not a Prince because to me he's perfect the way he is and if you can't see that mom then I pity you." Apple said striking Snow White to the core.

"A-Apple." Snow White said.

"Bye mom." Apple said hanging up on her.

"Apple." Raven said walking over and putting her hand on her shoulder.

"Raven I don't know what to do." Apple said.

"Look take it from me. It's not easy when you and your mom have different views. You can't force her to change her mind. She has to do that herself." Raven said.

"But Raven, I'm tired of getting my hopes up. Literally every chance I give her she says something horrible about Roxas and I end up hating her all over again." Apple said walking to her bed and lying down.

"Raven? What do we do?" Patamon asks.

Raven pauses trying to figure out a way to help before smiling. "We can't but I might know who can."

The next day, it was very cloudy as Apple was lying in bed with her eyes closed thinking about her argument with her mom.

'Now I know how Raven felt whenever she locked horns with her mom.' Apple thought when Patamon flew over to the door and unlocks it and the door opens.

"Raven is that you?" Apple asks not even opening her eyes when suddenly someone kisses her on the lips.

Opening her eyes, she sees Roxas was the one who kissed her awake.

"Look at that. That's the second time my kiss woke you up." Roxas smiles.

"Roxas what are you doing here?" Apple asks sitting up.

"We called him over." Raven said as she and Patamon walked over.

"We thought you could use some cheering up." Patamon smiles.

"I still owe you that date I promised you from Fiore. Interested?" Roxas asks causing her to smile.

"Absolutely." Apple said standing up.

"Don't bring her back too late Roxas." Raven said.

"And don't do anything crazy." Patamon calls out.

In Book End, Roxas had taken Apple out to dinner and the two of them were sitting down to eat.

As Apple tried to pick up her fork she flinched softly.

"Here let me help you." Roxas said offering to feed her.

"I'm trying to use my hands but it's proving difficult." Apple said before opening her mouth allowing Roxas to feed her.

"Don't worry, you'll figure it out. It's like what you told me about finding my heart. Be patient and it'll happen." Roxas assured.

As the waiter brought dessert Roxas fed Apple a piece of chocolate cake but some got on her lips causing him to chuckle.

"Do I have some on face?" Apple asks feeling around but when she did it smeared on the right side of her lip.

Using his finger Roxas wipes it off himself. "There you go."

Apple puts some chocolate on her finger and bobs Roxas on the nose making him chuckle. "Now who has something on their face."

"Cute, real cute." Roxas said wiping it off.

After dinner the two of them were sitting by a bench under a tree, dark clouds started to fill the sky.

Sighing Apple rests her head against Roxas' shoulder.

"So how did you like our romantic dinner?" Roxas asks.

"I loved it Roxas. Whenever I feel down you always seem to know how to cheer me up. Thank you." Apple smiles.

"It's a gift, but why were you so down?" Roxas asks.

"What did Raven and Patamon tell you exactly?" Apple asks.

"That you were feeling sad and that you might need some cheering up." Roxas said.

"It's my mom." Apple admits causing Roxas to narrow his eyes. "She called yesterday and when she saw my hands she said I made a mistake risking myself to save you."

"Do you think you made a mistake?" Roxas asks.

"No, not even for a second. Sure these are a pain but these will come off someday, but I just can't help but worry about our relationship." Apple frowns.

Roxas looks at Apple's sad face. "Today makes 83."

"Huh? What's that about?" Apple asks confused

"It's been that many days since we had our first kiss and I woke you from your enchanted sleep. Man time flies." Roxas said surprising her.

"Y-You've been counting?" Apple asks.

"Yeah, gotta hold onto something, right? I wouldn't be a very good boyfriend if I didn't remember our first kiss. Granted we then had to fight to save our school from the Organization and I got my heart afterward but I'll remember that the most." Roxas smiles.

"Awww." Brooke sighs.

"How can you hear that and call Roxas a bad boyfriend?" The male narrator asks.

"You can't." The female narrator said.

Sniffling Apple was beyond touched by that.

"Just when I think I can't love you anymore." Apple said giving him a big hug.

They were about to lean in and kiss when suddenly thunder echoed startling them as rain started to pour down.

As Apple and Roxas looked to each other Roxas put his coat on top of her to keep her dry.

"Let's get back to school shall we?" Roxas suggests.

"Yes, but first." Apple grabs Roxas pulls him into a big kiss on the lips.

Smiling Roxas kisses back as the rain poured down on them but neither one of them cared. Right now they were just enjoying the moment and each other.

Back at Ever After High, Apple and Roxas came back in to reveal Roxas was soaking wet while Apple was mostly dry thanks to Roxas giving her his jacket.

"Here you can have this back." Apple said giving Roxas back his jacket.

"Thank you." Roxas said before sneezing.

"Better be careful Roxas you don't wanna catch a cold." Apple warns.

"A cold?" Roxas said not sure what it was like to have one of those.

"I had a great time Roxas. You really are my Prince of Destiny." Apple said causing Roxas to blush.

"Apple." Roxas said embarssed.

"I mean it. I love you so much." Apple said.

"I love you too Apple and no matter what I'll always be there for you." Roxas said walking Apple back to her room.

Apple gives Roxas one last hug before walking inside.

"Hey how did it go?" Raven asks.

"Perfect." Apple smiles as she walks to the bathroom. Turning on the light, she slowly unwraps her bandages to see that the burn marks had greatly disappeared, in the center of her palms were small cuts across the center from the Etheral Blades.

Thinking back to when she stopped Xemnas and broke them with her bare hands Apple had never felt so strong and it was all because she had Roxas to make her this strong.

"Roxas you've protected me fighting from the front for so long but now I can finally fight side by side with you." Apple said before putting the bandages back on determined to get better.

In Roxas's room, he was walking out of the bathroom drying himself off with a towel when he sneezed again.

"You okay Roxas?" Chase asks looking up from his bed.

"Yeah just got a little caught in the rain and now I'm sneezing quite a bit." Roxas said.

"Uh oh. I better ask Baba Yaga to come over tomorrow. We don't want you passing out on us." Chase said.

"Chase I appreciate it but I don't think…that's ugh." Roxas pauses getting a brief headache. "Well maybe tomorrow morning."

As it turns out Chase made the right call, by morning Roxas was not looking so well.

Laying in his bed, Baba Yaga took his temperature.

"Mmm that's quite high." Baba Yaga said.

"Plus he was sneezing and coughing quite a bit last night." Chase adds.

"Roxas what were you doing before you experienced these symptoms?" Baba Yaga asks.

"Well during my date with Apple it started to rain so I gave her my jacket to keep her dry until we got back to school." Roxas admits.

"Well it appears you getting exposed to all that cold rain gave you a bit of a cold. I'd recommend getting some sleep and drinking lots of water." Baba Yaga said casting a spell and a pitcher of water appeared on his bedside table.

"Hey you gonna be okay on your own today? I gotta get to classes." Chase asks.

"I'll be fine." Roxas said.

"Chase would you give this to Roxas' teacher. Just so he doesn't get in trouble?" Baba Yaga asks writing Roxas a sick note.

"Sure thing Madam Yaga. See ya Roxas, try not to go mad." Chase said.

"Wonderland humor?" Roxas smirks.

"Yep." Chase chuckles grabbing his bag and his sword before walking out.

In Magicology, Amora was standing in front of her class.

"Now class, today I'm gonna show you one of the most popular and difficult spells you'll ever learn, Illusions." Amora said getting everyone's attention. "but to do this I'm going to need some help from someone who is a master of Illusions. Everone meet Ienzo."

"Thank you Amora." Ienzo said walking in. "Now Illusions are tricky but very effective. You can literally create anything you can think of but even though it looks real it's not. Making it very dangerous."

In her seats Briar raised her hands.

"Yes Briar?" Ienzo asks.

"If it's not real then why is it so difficult?" Briar asks.

"Good question. Because they come from our minds illusions can seem better or worse than reality and as a result, people find themselves preferring one over the other. It's a mental sort of magic." Ienzo said.

"Can we get an example?" Farrah asks.

Ienzo pauses before getting an idea. Taking out his book Ienzo's hand glowed and the entire classroom was surrounded by molten magma scaring the living daylights out of everyone before he waved them again making them appear in a beautiful forest.

"Okay these illusions are pretty amazing." Raven said.

"He almost fooled Riku with these illusions." Namine said.

"Thank you, but when you do Illusions the trick is to not let yourself be pulled into them as well. They can be tempting but you must fight your temptations." Ienzo said.

"So how does one go about making illusions?" Farrah asks.

"First you picture what it is you want to create and by mixing it with your magic you can give your thoughts a form." Ienzo explains.

"Uh excuse me." Amora looks up to see Chase walk in. "Baba Yaga told me to give this to you."

"Oh thank you." Amora said before he walked out.

"Anything important?" Ienzo asks as Amora opens it and smirks.

"No nothing that concerns you. Alright class listen to Ienzo and try to create your illusions." Amora said.

When the bell rang, Namine looks to Briar, and Farrah.

"Hey has anyone see Roxas? It's not like him to miss class?" Namine asks.

"Maybe he just got held up somewhere. You know how busy his lessons with Headmaster Grimm are." Briar said.

"We could ask Chase." Farrah suggests.

As Amora peeked down the hall she waved her hand when the three girls turn a corner they gasp seeing Roxas in a white tux with a horse drawn carriage next to him.

"Ladies, your carriage awaits." Roxas said causing the three of them to freeze up.

"R-Roxas?" Farrah froze up. Riding a carriage to a ball is what she always wanted.

"Well are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna get over here?" Roxas smiles.

Namine was the first to run over but when she went to give him a hug she went right through him surprising them.

"Roxas?!" Namine gasps.

Looking up the three of them saw Roxas and carriage were merely an illusion.

"An illusions?" Briar gasps when they hear giggling and see Amora behind them.

"Amora!" The three of them glare.

"Didn't you three listen to the lecture? You can't give into temptation." Amora teases as the illusion Roxas walks up to her.

"That was low and you know it." Namine said.

"It's called being a good teacher. In can't have you three fall for traps, especially good looking traps." Amora grins looking at Roxas.

All three girls grumble before turning away.

"And by the way, Roxas looks better in a black tux." Farrah said before they stormed off.

"Hmm they're not wrong." Amora waves her hand and the illusion disappears. "Illusions are fun but I much prefer the real thing."

Later that day, Roxas was laying in bed panting heavily when the door opens and something cool was placed on his head causing him to sigh in relief.

"Huh?" Roxas opens his eyes to see an ice pack was on his head. "Where did this come from?"

"Sorry didn't mean to wake you." Roxas looks to see Amora walk over with a wet towel.

"Amora? What are you doing here?" Roxas asks.

"Chase gave me your sick note and I wanted to come see you." Amora said.

"Amora I have a cold I don't think you should really be flirting with me right now." Roxas said.

"Not this time." Amora said wringing out the towel. "Right now I just want to make sure you're taken care of so you can get better."

As she patted the sweat off him Amora adjusted his pillow surprising him.

"I've never seen this side of you before, Amora." Roxas said.

"Well maybe because you were never in a situation where I needed to show this side." Amora said.

"Well looks like Amora is more than just a flirt after all." Brooke said.

"Thank you." Roxas said when Amora took out a tubberware of soup.

"Just doing what any girlfriend would do for her the one she loves." Amora said handing it to him.

"I kinda like this side of you Amora." Roxas smiles.

"Well don't tell the others. If the rest of the team learns I'm a softie they might think they can take the easy way through my class." Amora said causing Roxas to chuckle.

"Alright fine I'll keep my mouth my shut, but maybe you can show this side around me from time to time." Roxas said.

Smiling Amora presses a chocolate kiss to his lips confusing him.

"Until you feel better that's the only kind of kiss you'll be getting from me." Amora said.

"You really are a sneaky enchantress." Roxas said.

"Yes I am." Amora said sitting next to him in bed.

Waving her hands, Amora made an illusion of the two of them watching the sunset.

"But I'm your enchantress." Amora finished.

Alright folks here's a hint for the next world: Which is stronger: the Melody of Sorrow or the Melody of Happiness?