By: Neko-chan

A/N: Ummm... I was watching the Battle City/Ship episodes late at night. Started pondering Yami no Malik. Fell 'sleep. Nightmares ensued... O_O;;

WARNING: This is Yami no Malik POV. Need anymore be said? -.-;;

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My name is God.

I was born to hurt and twist and corrupt and hurt and hurt and hurt. I was created to bring this world into darkness. I like darkness, don't you? I like the shadows, the thought that maybe--just maybe--something evil and disturbing and viscous is lurking just around the corner. But you can't see it. You can see me, though.

Hikari doesn't like darkness. It scares him. I scare him.

I like scaring him.

Ore-sama. Ore-sama ore-sama ore-sama...

My, my, my! Over and over and over again in my mind, chanting and rolling over and over again in my mind, twisting and falling, merging with me. Ore-sama. I AM GOD.

I want to bring darkness to this world. I love darkness. I love hatred and viscousness, and blood. Yes, blood. Running over skin--it doesn't matter if that skin is tanned or paler than pale. It doesn't matter whose eyes are staring up at me. Blood is blood--and it tastes the same. Yes. Blood. I like blood. Just like I like my hikari and Yuugi and the Pharaoh. Oh. And Kaiba and Jyounouchi and Bakura and Yami no Bakura.

I don't like Shizuka-CHAN and Anzu-CHAN. They don't scream right when I cut them. But their blood still tastes the same. They scream and cry and wail and beg and plead and I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and then they pray to God, wanting me to stop. But I'm God!!! I'm God! I am, I am, I am! Ore-sama! BUT I STILL DON'T LIKE THEM!

~Oh, Mai-saaaan...~

Drowning in sand and sadness and loneliness and fear and tears, watching her friends fade away, one by one until there's no one left. All gone. Good bye. I like watching her cry and scream for her friends to come back. But they won't. Why? Because the world will be covered in darkness and I will be God. I _am_ God.

I'll watch the blood run and run and run, coming up upon the shore, soaking me with crimson fluid. Fun, fun, fun! So fun~! When the world is covered in darkness, I'll dip my hands into the ocean and grin and grin and grin when they come away soaked in blood. _I_ will be soaked in blood. Coppery and sweet, and tangy and sour and making me gag and gag and gag... But I still come back and drink because that's what I do and I like what I do and I want to do what I do some more.

I shall bathe in darkness and in blood.

Anyone who stands in my way will die; but that doesn't really matter, does it? They're all dead, anyway. Yuugi, Pharaoh, hikari, Yami no Bakura, Bakura--they're all dead and I'll laugh and laugh and laugh as I bathe in their blood. I can see it now--blood dripping down and down and down and down, metal cutting skin and razors littering the floor.

We'll fight and hit and scream and yell--and there'll be blood and darkness and I will rejoice because that's what I do. That's what God does. And I am God.

I'll smile and grin and laugh and rejoice and cry and scream and then laugh some more as I caress bruised, beaten, pale, tanned, shivering, and dead skin. It's what I do. And I am God. I will kiss and caress and want and lust and MAKE MINE and then kill and kill and kill and kill and kill. Because that's what I do; that's what God does. And I am God.

I'll dance as the Earth becomes covered in darkness and I'll crow to the moon-that-isn't-there and laugh and then cry and then laugh some more. Then I'll kill you. I'll laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. But then I won't laugh anymore because I don't care about you and you're already dead, so you don't matter anymore, and then I'll move onto the next person. And I'll kill and kill and kill and kill and bathe in everyone's blood.


~I haaate you.~

You kept me contained and hated and alone for so many years. I'll smile and smile and smile and smile when you die and scream and cry. Oh, yes. I love you; and then I hate you; and then I love you again! But I still hate you. Your blood tastes sweet, though. You'll still die and scream and cry and beg--just like all the others.

I love darkness and blood and crying and screaming and begging and pleading and praying and screaming and screaming and screaming over and over and over and over again. And I like laughing and laughing and laughing until I can't laugh anymore.

I love blood.

I love darkness.

I love destroying things and corrupting things and hating things and loving things and bleeding things and screaming things. Because that's what God does.

I am God.