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The room was dead silent. It had been 36 hours since they had woken up, according to what the head nurse had informed them earlier.

They had been released from the straps after they had promised to behave. The nurses had offered them drinks, board games to play, which took more than expected to learn to play methods, and delectable food. For the first three to four hours were just relays of questions, answers after answers. Then they all began to accept the current status and forced themselves to acknowledge the given information.

Aris, Harriet and Sonya had been placed next to them, bringing their own hospital beds to join them. Their beds were now shifted into a circular shape, ten beds encircling a large woollen carpet. Next to him were Brenda and Minho, and on his opposite side was Teresa. She never looked up from her book, which she had borrowed from one of the nurses. That really bothered Thomas.

Also, Thomas had just realized how colossal this room was. Their beds, labelled into an oval shape, was right in the middle of the room, stilling far apart from the walls.

"Sixty feet high, one-twenty in length. We used an old gymnasium to remodel it into this infirmary, that's why it's this huge." Rebbecca had told him.

For the next five to seven hours were a mix of playing board games, short chats, and boring brain games. The Gladers had no idea how to play the games and kept losing, Brenda chortling as they lost point continuously. Frypan was the first to learn how to play chess. He had defeated Gally, who threw his massive hands over his head, frustrated. Thomas had encountered Fry and was mercilessly beaten to point zero.

"What's the meaning of the 'checkmate', again? Oh, shuck, that's not fair!"

"You did it first, shank! Just deal with it!"

"It was my- Oh my god, you Group A's are real savages."

Thomas had never felt so happy and relieved like this. Nine of them joked, laughed, shared hilarious secrets they had in the Glade, and food-battled. The nurses cussed and complained while cleaning up the mass, but they didn't care, all they wanted to do was just having fun. Minho was quite a good joker, he had to admit. Every bit of his sentence made his friends double over in laughter.

After hours of laughing and fighting, they all had drained their energy and immediately fell asleep as Rebbecca flicked off the bulbs. Thomas tossed about in his soft, cosy blankets, wondering about their future. Everything's going to be alright. He assured himself. Then the most pleasant blackness.

The next day was pretty much the same routine. Fascinating breakfast, frustrating board games, more Truth or Dare, more insane activities, then dinner.

Teresa never joined them, obviously not willing to make the moods awkward. Everyone felt uncomfortable and betrayed around Teresa - even Thomas did. Well, she made her choice. He reminded himself. She was the one who captured and tortured Minho. She was the main instigator of Newt's infection. But somehow, he didn't hate Teresa. It just felt so wrong to blame her. Thomas decided to forget about her until they get a private time to have a serious conversation.

There was something more important that was getting on his nerves.

Still no sign of Newt.

Thomas convinced, threatened, and even begged Rebbecca to let him meet his friend, at least talk to him. But he was turned down every single time, and now he had given up. Rebbecca explained kindly that he was in recovery, just like what she had said last time.

"Newt is still in recovery, and we're tending his injuries. He seems… unsettled. We're trying out best to make him back to normal." That was the last thing he had heard from Rebbecca.

Now everyone busy munching away their provided dinner. The nurses sat next to them on steel stools, answering their repeated questions placidly. The head nurse had ordered them to settle in and have some dinner. She ignored other complaints while leaving the room, distracted by the control pads in her hands.

As others were devouring their food vigorously, Thomas didn't feel like eating at all, but his stomach forced him to.

The cooked beef was delightful, sauced with something like barbeque, and he even asked for a couple more. Baked beans, well, he could die for them. He hadn't eaten for over two days and the adrenaline made him forget the hunger, but the excitement had died and he just realized he had been starving.

Thomas was rebellious, he knew it. Everyone called him the insurgent, and himself kind of admitted that he was totally out of control. He transformed his thoughts into an action in seconds, not caring about the consequences. Newt had given him a good scolding for that, telling him to 'behave'.

Although absorbing food was pleasing enough to pull Thomas away from worries, he couldn't stop thinking about Newt. He once tried to talk to Minho about Newt, on what they were doing with him and when he was coming to join them, but Minho rejected with sarcasm.

"Shank, stop whinin' and feed yourself already. I'm worried about him too, but there's nothing we can do. Let's just stick to reality, for now, slint-head."

Hearing those words disappointed Thomas. Thomas was a type of a person that just couldn't hold back the concerns and jump into action. The least likely thing he would do was stay in one spot for minutes. He had to roam around the basement if he wasn't allowed to run around.

It was Newt. It was about his friend. Thomas was so sure his friend would need them, for mental support. He tasted death and loneliness hours ago and now they were keeping him isolated? Hell, no way. Newt needed them, and Thomas needed him. He wanted to make sure he was alright.

"Hey, Thomas."

A soft voice dragged his attention. He turned to see the owner of the voice, subtly smiling at the girl with cropped charcoal hair.

"Hi, Brenda."

She was finished with her food and was staring at Thomas with those clear, ebony eyes. Her eyelashes cascaded a long shadow over her eyes, which made it more gothic and charismatic.

"You don't seem to be enjoying yourself."

She points out, raising her eyebrows. Her dishes were nice and clean, drips of barbeque sauces plastered on the tray. Her navy shirt was already wrinkled due to rolling and shuffling, and Thomas couldn't help but laugh at that. She had taken down millions of cranks and know she was acting like a little girl.

"Why you laughing?" Her voice cracked as she snickered sheepishly, and Thomas felt a sudden urge to hug her tightly. For a thank-you.

"Thanks," He subconsciously blurted out, earning an amazed look from her. Two young nurses next to them, cleaning trays and gathering scattered napkins, smiled excitedly, already eavesdropping. "You saved Newt. If it wasn't the serum, he and I would be both dead by now."

A large beam flashed across her lips. "Your welcome. I'm so glad it actually worked."

"Yeah." Thomas didn't want to even imagine what would have happened if the serum hadn't worked. Newt would be fully gone, thrashing and growling at him. Thomas would be beaten to death, and when Newt would kill himself shortly after. That was so obvious but so frightening. Thomas suddenly wished he hadn't eaten - he felt like throwing up.

"And I should thank you, too," She adds, her tone quiet but passionate. "You - well, your blood - cured me. I would be cranking out by now if it weren't you."

"I just did the right thing to do," Thomas shrugged, grinning. Actually, he wasn't fully aware of the whole situation until he was forcibly dragged into a tent and got his blood pumped out.

An unintentional thing it was, but he would give away every last drop of his blood for his friends. He had no idea why he had refused to let Teresa take his blood, he could at least make her complete the cure. After all that they had suffered, the Maze, the Scorch - they were rewarded with nothing but another pain.

As they both went silent again, lost in their own thoughts, the young nurses chimed in, blabbering about how sweet they were together and how cringy the conversation was. Brenda laughed and joined in, seeming to enjoy having the most decent chat she had in years.

Just as Thomas was about to deny when the nurse confessed he looked cute with Brenda, a click of the metallic door startled them. Twenty of them, including the 'personal' nurses, swivelled their heads to the entrance, which was gradually opening with a creepy whirring noise.

Thomas had never gotten used to that sound, the screeches of metal sliding against each other sending chills running down his spine. His eyes focused on the lean figure stepping in, and his heart almost leapt out of his chest.

A calm, steady voice echoed in the now-muted room.

"Hi, Tommy."

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