A Different Fairy Tale Ending
By Lokaia
Disclaimer:: Still not mine. Not not not not not not not mine. ...NOT!...Still!
Summary:: Slashy writer's block.

iDedicated to Jehan's Muse/i

Once upon a time, the crew of the Christa found yet another white circle that led them back to the Starcademy and such was their joy that Harlan and Radu disappeared into the broom closet for a good hour or two. Then Harlan went off to Bova's room to "celebrate" with him, while Radu rejoiced with Goddard!


Lord knows where all the women went.


((A/N:: See? Slash! Sorry, no fem-slash. I wouldn't even know where to start without something getting very, very wrong. I loff chu, Jehan.))