Ok look, I've fallen down the Batman Beyond hole, and found the appalling lack of Matt McGinnis fics. I read this one AMAZING fanfic on called Partners by Iitra that has Matt as a major character and you should read it too. Anyway, hope you enjoy this!


It had happened so fast, he didn't know what was going on. One minute he was with his older brother and the next he was swept away by a screaming crowd. He somehow managed to escape, but his big brother wasn't in sight. There was smoke, fire, loud booms, and he thinks he heard some guy yelling about "freedom" and "the man" or something along those lines.

And they finally were able to have some time to hang out at Cheesy Dan's.

He wouldn't admit he was scared, no, he had to keep on a brave face. Batman was brave, he wouldn't be scared. Neither would Terry.

So Matt ended up hiding in the bathrooms. Didn't know if it was the girl's or the boy's, but it didn't matter at the moment. He had to keep safe. Matt had thought he heard Terry say that when they got separated, although it could've been someone else's older brother who said that. He wasn't sure.

He couldn't help but feel that this was similar to that time where that strange hunter kidnap him and Batman came and rescued him. Honestly he probably shouldn't think about that, as it would probably jinxed him, but thankfully no kidnapping happened. Batman did rescue him, like last time though. Matt was probably the last person in the building when Batman came for him; he was being held in Batman's arms like last time too.

Unlike last time, however, Matt had found out the identity of Batman.

It was a mistake, honestly, he didn't mean to do it. He just sort of grabbed onto Batman's mask when an explosion ripped him from Batman's arms. With the mask.

When he saw Batman's face, he just couldn't believe it. It was Terry, his older brother. His older brother that works all the time. The older brother whom he hardly sees anymore.

Batman. Terry. One and the same.

So, like a total twip, the first thing that came out of his mouth was "I want to be Robin."

He watched as Terry's face morphed from shock into something else that he couldn't quite understand. It wasn't blank, but it wasn't quite like anger either. However that was the only thing that he could think of when he saw that face.

With the harsh, deep voice that was associated with Batman, Terry said one word. "No." He then yanked the mask out of Matt's hand, quickly put it on his face, gathered Matt into his arms, and left the building in what Matt thought had to be the fasted speed he ever went.

It almost felt like he wasn't even in his body as he was carried outside. It was strange. Feeling like he was outside of his body, but not seeing it.

However he could still see Batman go back to fight a large guy (the name Mad Stan floated through his mind) with a lot of explosives. He watched as they fought. As Batman got hurt, as Batman won, and as Batman disappeared.

For Terry to reappear with a face that any desperately worried older brother would wear.

"Matt!" He had yelled out while running towards him. "Oh thank god! There you are! Are you okay?" He had asked this a little too loudly as he knelt down to check to see if he had any injuries.

From what Matt could see, Terry got some scratches and what looked like what would be a bruise, but that could be from the stampede of people who ran away. From falling down onto some loose gravel; from the debris of the ruined building. Certainly Terry did not got any of it from fighting the villain of the day, no sir. After all, how could Terry fight someone like that?

"I-uh, yeah. I'm fine." Matt managed to stutter out.

Terry pulled Matt into a hug, and whispered into Matt's ear, "we'll talk about this later."

"I'm sorry." He couldn't help but say.

Terry pulled back in shock. His gaze softened and he said, "it's okay. You didn't mean to. Let's go home."

To anyone else who might've been listening in, it was a younger brother apologizing for being swept away. It was an older brother saying that it wasn't his fault, that things like that happened.

Those two were the only ones who knew each other's words truly meant.

With that Terry had took Matt's hand and together the two went home.

They didn't get to have that talk.

So here Matt was, in bed, thinking about everything that had happened. He couldn't talk to Terry because Terry said he had to go to Mr. Wayne's because Mr. Wayne wanted to make sure Terry wasn't hurt and needed to see Terry and not through a video phone. He also couldn't talk to their mom because not only would she not understand, but this was a secret. That and she was asleep.

All he could do was think.

'Batman's schway, and Terry is too sometimes whenever he's actually around,' Matt thought to himself, 'but them being the same person?'

It would kind of make sense since he's gone just about all of the time. But would that mean Mr. Wayne would know about it? Because Terry can't be Mr. Wayne's assistant and Batman. That would take too much time...

Unless being Mr. Wayne's assistant is a cover for being Batman.

But that's ridiculous. How would…

Maybe Bruce Wayne used to be Batman?

It seemed so far fetched to Matt. He felt like he was making conspiracy theories. Well, he thought that what conspiracy theories are.

He was tired. He couldn't sleep. His big brother is Batman. He remembered seeing the blood that was spat out from the hero's mouth. Of the scrapes and bruises from when they found each other. He thought of any other injuries that could have happened that he didn't see.

Matt was afraid. Afraid for his brother.

What if Terry died? Then he would leave Matt and their mom all alone. He would leave and never come back like their dad.

Matt didn't want that. He didn't want his brother to get hurt so bad that he'll die. To get murdered.

What could he do? Was there anything that he could do to help his brother? To keep him from harm?

Sleep claimed him before he could answer those questions.

He flew through the air with nothing but a grappling hook. A cape fluttered behind him, trailing and leaving a dark cloud of night.

It was like magic. He did flips, he ran across rooftops, and he laughed in pure joy. His gloves kept a well needed grip on anything he touched so he wouldn't slip or fall. His boots made sure he wouldn't slide on any gravel. His mask hid his eyes from all.

And as he heard a person scream, he dropped down into an alleyway and onto the muggers. With a few well placed punches and kicks, they were down.

Suddenly, a mirror appeared in front of him and the alleyway dissolved into darkness as a figure approached from behind. He did not move as Batman placed a hand on his shoulder.

Batman and Robin. The dynamic duo as they were called way back when.

The costumes faded away, like some sort of liquid like shadow, and in the place of the two heroes were Terry McGinnis and Matt McGinnis. Brothers.

When Matt woke up, he knew what he had to do.