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Note: Third-person POV!

Before you kill me...sorry, sorry, sorry! I haven't posted anything in like forever. Midterms just take all the energy you have. Then I went on an awesome vacation and now I'm all sad that it's over! Plus writer's block randomly kicked in...but I decided to write a Karamel oneshot because they are like my OTP! Buuuuttttt...Imra is there soooooo…*sobs* I hate watching Mon-El and Imra together! But I think Imra's pretty nice, so I don't hate her.

Now that I have poured my feelings out, story time!

BTW, this is in season 2 when Mon-El was NOT married to Imra.

"Is she gonna be okay?"

"You do realize this is like the hundredth time you're asking me this question, Mon-El?"

"Jeez, Alex. She's my mate and I'm concerned." Mon-El states.

"Mate? You mean girlfriend?" Alex asks.

"Girlfriend? Huh, girlfriend, sounds weird," Mon-El keeps saying it.

"Shut up, Mon-El! Kara will be fine. Just go do your little bartending thing."

Mon-El looks offended. "Bartending thing? Fine! Call me when she's awake."

"And one water for you. Anything else, ma'am?" Mon-El kindly asks.

"Nope," replies the alien.

Mon-El's phone starts buzzing and he practically leaps over to it.

"Hello? Alex?" Mon-El greets.

"Hey, Mon-El. Kara's awake. But...just get here fast."

"But what?"

"Just get to the DEO, okay? See you."

The phone is disconnected as Mon-El grabs his jacket and heads out the door. 20 minutes later he arrives at DEO headquarters where he sees Alex.

"So? How is she?" Mon-El asks.

"She...she has amnesia. She didn't remember or J'onn or Winn. Not even me." Alex casts a sad look at him.

Mon-El's heart is slowly deflating.

"We were hoping she would recognize you. You know...because," she didn't finish but Mon-El knew what she meant. He took a deep breath and walked toward Kara's room.

"Hey," he started.

"Hello," she answered. "What's your name?"

"M-mon-El," he replied his voice quivering.

"Nice to meet you, Mon-El. I'm Kara."

Mon-El's heart was, well, crushed. Kara kept on looking at him until finally she started laughing.

"Got you! Got you all!" she yelled between laughter.

"Wait, you remember me?" A shocked Mon-El asked.

"Of course, you doofus!" she said. Then in whisper she added. "How could I forget you, my mate?"

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