Chapter Sixteen

"Who's that sitting on the staff table?"

Harry looked at Blaise's question. The four of them were in their seats at the Great Hall, waiting for the First Years to arrive with Hagrid. Harry turned his gaze to the staff table along with Tom to see, sitting next to Dumbledore, a woman dressed in pink. She looked like someone's maiden aunt: squat, with short, curly, mouse-brown hair in which she had placed a horrible pink Alice band that matched the fluffy pink cardigan she wore over her robes. Then she turned her face slightly to take a sip from her goblet and Harry saw a pallid, toadlike face and a pair of prominent, pouchy eyes.

"I don't know," Harry said. "I am guessing that it is the new Defense of the Dark Arts teacher."

"She looks absolutely horrid," Tom said.


"Umbridge," Draco's voice called out. Harry and Tom turned to their friend as he continued to stare at the woman. "Dolores Umbridge, she's the Minister of Magic's Senior Undersecretary."

"And a horrible woman, I also heard she smells of cats," a voice said. Harry looked down to see a strange boy smiling at him. He looked younger, perhaps a fourth year, yet Harry was sure he saw him in his first year. The boy had black hair that reached the bottom of his ears, and had a slightly naturally spiky look to them. His eyes were strangely almond shape and light blue, queerly enough for some incomprehensibly reason the outsides of his eyes were black, as if the boy wore eyeliner or any other type of make-up. His nose was skinny and led to pinkish lips that held a sly smile. "Hello Harry, nice for our famed Slytherin to notice me," the boy said with a girlish giggle.

"Uh… high… and you are?"

"He is Xavier Nathair," Tom said. "A year above us Harry. He tends to keep to himself, though he is known for his… feminine aspects."

Xavier smiled at Tom and nodded slightly, "So nice to have Tom Riddle recognize me."

"Don't feel so kind, I know everything about everyone in our House," Tom said rudely. "More importantly enough, you should know how rude it is to eavesdrop on others' conversations, Nathair."

"Please, you were speaking so loudly it was hardly listening," Nathair said.

"Another thing to note, Harry, is that the boy is extremely dislikable," Tom said. "Although I am surprised that you did not notice him until now, as he is a year above us."

"And I am completely insulted," Nathair said. "Please don't listen to your boyfriend Harry, you'll find that there are some wilds that I can teach you that he cannot." The boy winked at Harry before wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Harry leaned towards Tom and hissed, "You want to control Slytherin House, remember? As well as we want Ron on our side. This boy can be the beginning. He is feminine, looks pretty, and should be Ron's type physically. I believe I will befriend him. He will be the first to fall under our influence, and, with his help, Ron will fall to our side as well. He's a year above us right? He must know the older Slytherins, have some connections we can use. Let's use them, take control of Slytherin, use the entire House as our followers for when the old disappoint us."

"My, my, you impress me even more with each passing day, little snake," Tom hissed back. "Very well, befriend him, he will be the first of all to follow us."

The two shared a smile as the doors to the Great Hall opened and Professor McGonagall escorted the First Years down the Great Hall between the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students. Tom smirked staring at them and said to Draco and Blaise, "In there are the youngest of my followers."

The two just nodded as the four of them relaxed to watch the sorting. It happened the same as all other years, the first years were lined in front of the staff table, looking frightfully nervous as Professor McGonagall pulled out the Sorting Hat and its stool in front of them. The hat sang it's song, which Harry often blocks out because of its horrible singing voice, and after the entire school cheers the sorting began. Harry clapped along with his House whenever one of the first years were sorted into Slytherin. When the final first year to be sorted (A Rose Zeller into Hufflepuff) Professor McGonagall took the sorting hat and stool away and Dumbledore stood up.

"To our newcomers, " he said in a ringing voice, his arms stretched wide and a beaming smile on his lips, "welcome! To our old hands—welcome back! There is a time for speech making, but this is not it. Tuck in!"

There was an appreciative laugh and an outbreak of applause as Dumbledore sat down neatly and threw his long beard over his shoulder so as to keep it out of the way of his plate—for food had appeared out of nowhere, so that the five long tables were groaning under joints and pies and dishes of vegetables, bread, sauces, and flagons of pumpkin juice.

"Has them all under his thumb, don't they," Xavier Nathair said at Harry, smiling slyly again. "I bet they would clap even if he said nonsense."

"I take it you don't like Dumbledore, Xavier?" Harry asked. He moved a bit closer to the feminine boy to talk with him.

"Like him? No," Xavier hummed. "Me parents hated the man, personally."

"Oh? They did?" Harry asked, interested.

"Yes," Xavier nodded. "They were Slytherins too. Though they are both wizarding genealogists, they study family histories and traces family lines through generation and generation. It's how we purebloods stay pure."


"Yeah, but I guess that's why they weren't recruited by the Dark Lord, such a shame really," Xavier sighed, looking terribly lost. He shrugged at Harry, "Sorry for that."

"Err…" Harry could see why nobody would like the boy, but it was his job to get him on their side.

"Anyway, that's what I'm also interested in, genealogy," Xavier continued in-between mouthfuls of food. "I've traced my family back to before Hogwarts even existed, if you would believe that."

"That's interesting," Harry smiled. "Is it easy?"

"Well, it is with highly profile family," Xavier nodded, "but not impossible with lesser known."

"Really?" Harry asked, starting to get a little interested. "How do you find out?"

"Well, it would help to have names," Xavier said. "Like your father's name, their father's names, so on and so on. After that, I start searching for records, since we're at Hogwarts I search for if they went here, what house they were in and go on from there."

"How long does this usually take?" Harry asked.

"Depends," Xavier hummed. "If I'm highly motivated, I can do it very quickly Harry." He turned and smiled flirtatiously at Harry. "Why? Is there someone you want to look up?" He asked, his baby-blue eyes looking cold as he stared at the raven-haired. "Someone… special? Someone who has seen your… intimate acts?" Xavier moved closer so that their knees were touching. He lowered his head and whispered, "There has been rumors about you Harry, rumors about what you've done in first year. Are you still that flexible?"

"The only one who will know that is Daddy," Harry whispered back. "And you will never be like him."

Xavier sniggered and moved back. His smile brightened and the coldness from his eyes disappeared. "Then I'll move extra fast on this request."

What is even this boy, Harry wondered to himself. He kept his frown inside and distracted himself from eating from a plate that Tom filled for him. He made sure to take several bites, delaying the conversation as best as he could until Xavier looked at him expectantly. "Well Harry?"

Harry thought for a moment before saying, "Thomas Marvolo Riddle. Marvolo is Tom's grandfather's name on his mother's side. Marvolo and Tom's mother were wizards while his father was a muggle. I want to know everything about Tom's mother's side. Everything."

Xavier smirked, his eyes glittering strangely. "Now that is more like it!" he said in a feminine tone. "It's a deal Harry, give a few months—"

"You have a month," Harry said, slowly gaining confidence. "One month. Tell me everything about Tom's family in one month's time."

"Harry, a month? Are you insane—"

"If you really wanted your family to serve the Dark Lord, you would learn not to question those who speak Parseltongue," Harry said aloofly. He turned so he was fully facing Xavier, his face emotionless except for his bored looking eyes. "Give me the information in a month's time," he hissed.

He smirked when he saw a glimpse of fear on Nathair's face and moved to return to Tom's side, his focus back on his food.

"And what, little snake, was that about?" Tom asked. Harry saw that the teen was highly amused and smiled. "Just want to see how good he is," the boy said innocently. "he said that he is a very good genealogist."


"Yes," Harry nodded. "I've figured that I'll test his skills. I hope you don't mind Daddy, but I've asked him to look into your past." Harry changed effortlessly from English to Parseltongue that it did not phase Tom. Instead the teen chuckled and relaxed an arm around Harry's waist, pulling him even closer.

"Such a good boy," he murmured.

When all the students had finished eating and the noise level in the hall was starting to creep upward again, Dumbledore got to his feet once more. Talking ceased immediately as all turned to face the headmaster. Harry was feeling pleasantly drowsy in his Daddy's arms now. He barely noticed and huge eyeroll Xavier Nathair gave. Harry settled down on Tom to listen to Dumbledore's welcome speech of normal rule warnings and welcomes to the new staff when suddenly he was interrupted.

"Hem. Hem."

Harry and Tom exchanged looks of confusion. Nobody interrupts Dumbledore's speeches. Dumbledore whirled around to see Professor Umbridge standing and intending to make a speech. Dumbledore only looked taken aback for a moment, then he sat back down smartly and looked alertly at Professor Umbridge as though he desired nothing better than to listen to her talk. Other members of the staff were not as adept at hiding their surprise. Professor Sprout's eyebrows had disappeared into her flyaway hair, and Professor McGonagall's mouth was as thin as Harry had ever seen it.

"Thank you, Headmaster," Professor Umbridge simpered, "for those kind words of welcome. Well, it is lovely to be back at Hogwarts, I must say! And to see such happy little faces looking back at me!"

She was talking to them as though they were five years old. Harry looked around and saw that no one was smiling.

"I am very much looking forward to getting to know you all, and I'm sure we'll be very good friends.

"The Ministry of Magic had always considered the education of young witches and wizard to be vital importance. The rare gifts with which you were born may come to nothing if not nurtured and honed by careful instruction. The ancient skills unique to the Wizarding community must be passed down through the generations lest we lose them forever. The treasure trove of magical knowledge amassed by out ancestors must be guarded, replenished, and polished by those who have been called to the noble professions of teaching.

"Every headmaster and headmistress of Hogwarts had brought something new to the weighty task of growing this historic school, and that is as it should be, for without progress there will be stagnation and decay. There again, progress for progress's sake must be discouraged, for our tired and tested traditions often require no tinkering. A balance, then, between old and new, between permanence and change, between tradition and innovation must be made because some changes will be for the better, while others will come, in the fullness of time, to be recognized as errors of judgement. Meanwhile, some old habits will retained, and rightly so, whereas others, outmoded or outworn, must be abandoned. Let us move forward, then, into a new era of openness, effectiveness, and accountability, intent on preserving what ought to be preserved, perfecting what needs to be perfecting, and pruning wherever we find practices that ought to be prohibited."

She sat down. Dumbledore clapped. The staff followed his lead, though Harry noticed that several of them brought their hands together only once or twice before stopping. Harry looked up to see Tom frowning. "Will she be a problem Tom?" he whispered.

"I don't know baby snake, I don't know," Tom frowned. "However, I hope you understand what she was talking about."

"I do Tom," Harry nodded. "The Ministry is interfering with Hogwarts, right?"

"That's correct little snake," Tom nodded. "But we'll talk amore about this in private." He pointed towards Xavier Nathair who did not even pretend not to be listening to them. He just smiled slyly at them and cocked his head to the side.

"Don't worry boys," he said, "I'll be nice and get my job done in a month."

"Hmm," was all Tom had to say about the matter. As soon as they were dismissed, both he and Harry stood up and made the quick way down into the dungeons and, not even waiting to socialize, up into the fifth years' dormitory.

Alone on Tom's bed, Harry quickly closed the curtains and both boys took off their clothes, leaving them in only their underwear. Getting under the covers, the two curled against each other. They were silent and waited until the others came in and went to bed. They did not move, except for Tom's hand which stroked Harry's hair.

Once their dormmates were all asleep, Tom spoke, his voice rumbling inside his chest, against Harry's ear where he laid. "Another year, my love, but this year will be different. I feel as though we have already made our first steps in multiple goals."

Harry nodded and smiled, "With just one boy too. I feel like ordering him to look into your history was a good thing. It's an excuse for me to be with him, get close to him, and point him in Ron's direction when the time is right."

"Do you think he's even gay?"

"Of course, he is," Harry nodded. "I am sure that he and Ron will click. Also, we will also have your family past, and an older year we can jump off of to get the others to follow you, Daddy."

"And we have you to thank for that, my little snake," Tom said. He bent to kiss the top of Harry's head, which caused the smaller boy to purr.

"So, I'll focus on Xavier while you get the others?" Harry asked.

"Yes, and after we have the older years, the younger will fall naturally," Tom said.

"You're so smart Daddy," Harry giggled. "I love you."

"I love you too little snake," Tom smirked. "Now, I think I would like some service before we go to bed tonight."

Harry smiled knowingly and rolled so he was on top of Tom. The couple smirked at each other and Tom placed his hand on Harry's head, pushing and guiding him to go lower and lower where a hard, erect cock was waiting for him.

"Thank you for the gift Daddy," Harry smiled, before he pulled Tom's underwear down, releasing his thick cock, and began giving his Daddy the worship only he can give. When they were done, Tom gave Harry a deep kiss, Harry's mouth still tasting of Tom's seed, before both Daddy and boy drifted off to sleep.

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