I looked on in horror as my whole team got wiped out by one good ult from a Mccree. It was a devastating hail of bullets that obliterated any hope in winning. Soon, we were looking at the defeat screen. I decided to shut down my computer after this, but as I closed the Overwatch application, I got the shock of my life. Behind it was Monika in the Act Three room. After that shock, I recompose myself. Remembering that it was I that opened DDLC. I stared into her emerald green eyes. I could feel her orbs penetrate my very soul. I vividly remember aying this game for at 35 different times. I wanted to save all of them, even Monika, from such a horrible state. I was heartbroken when I kept failing everyone. I failed to save Sayori 35 times, I saw Yuri die 35 times and I saw Natsuki get deleted 35 times. Yet I lost Monika, the girl I symphatize with the most, get deleted 35 times. I sighed as I closed DDLC, thinking how could I have reached such a state. But as I closed it, a note appeared on my desktop. I read it, thinking it must be a system report.

" Hi! You don't know Me or rather, believe in Me, but I want to talk with you." I raised a pretty skeptical eyebrow at this. Yet I saw another one pop up.

" I know you have been going trough a tough time lately, so I want to help." I was shocked. I haven't told anyone about my depression, have I? I looked on as one last note appeared.

" Do you want my help?" I hesitated at first, but I jokingly said 'yes'. All of a sudden, my lights were flickering on and off and my room started to shake violently. I closed my eyes, waiting for it to stop. After a few seconds, I opened them to see if I'm alright.

To my surprise, I was standing in a vast room of emptiness. It was just white, to all directions. I looked around and I saw a humanoid figure in the distance. He waved and suddenly, I was in front of him. He stood at probably 6 foot tall and he wore this white T-shirt and blue jeans. He had short brown hair and deep blue eyes. His smile beamed with energy and happiness. He placed a hand on my shoulder and spoke with a deep, resonating voice.

" Have a fun journey, young man!" He pushed me and I felt as if I was falling into an endless abyss. But as I fell, I asked him a final question.

" Who are you?" He looked down, and as the walls around me turn into lines of code, he shouted.

" Call me... God!" He lauged as I started falling more and more deeply. His damned laugh still resonating in my head.

But as I fell deeper into this abyss of numerical values and code, I saw before me a room. I braced for the incoming impact, but rather than falling flat on my face, I jumped up. I woke up in cold sweat, I looked around and I was glad it was just a dream. But as I look closer at the little details, I noticed something was off. My alarm went off, I knew I needed to get dressed for school. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, but as I looked at the mirror my eyes widened in shock. This isn't my body! Sure my eyes and face is still there, but it has some details of it changed. Then it became clear to me, I'm not in my world anymore. I got dressed in my uniform after I brushed my teeth. I grabbed a bag and headed out. I looked outside and noticed that this place seemed familiar. I was walking quickly towards the direction of the school. Suddenly, an annoying girl ran up to me. Her peach colored hair with a red bow caught my attention. She was shouting my nane, not payi... wait... HOLY SHIT IS THAT SAYORI?!

" Heeeeeeyyy! Wait up Yoku!" Yoku?! The hell?! That's my username in all my games! I watched as Sayori caught up to me. She panted and tried to catch her breath. I smiled at her, but then I remember, I need to act normal.

" Oh, hi Sayori! Geez, you woke up late again." She put on that awkward smile and laughed while rubbing her head.

" Sorry, sorry! I can't really get out of bed this morning." I sighed as she finally composed herself.

" Let's get going then, shall we?" I then continued to walk while Sayori followed beside me. I could feel her blue eyes glance in my direction from time to time.

" About yesterday, have you thought about it?" She gave me an expectant look as she waits for my answer.

" What about yesterday?" She pouted at me.

" The clubs! Geez, are you sure you are ok Yoku?" A worried look flushed over her face.

" Yup! I'm fine! Ehehehe." I murmered as we walked on. I can't afford to make Sayori worry about me. I need to help her first. We continued to walj in silence after that. I decided to break the tension in the air by speaking to her.

" Anyways, about the clubs... I heard you're vice president of the Literature Club. Is it fun there?" I ask like I didn't know anything about the club.

" Huh? Yes... it's fun, even if there is just 4 of us there." She laughed at their current situation.

" Hmm, do you think you guys have room for one more?" I grinned at her while her blue eyes lit up at what I just said.

" E-Eh?! Really?! You want to join the Literature Club?!" She squealed in delight.

" Well you look so happy there! I want to see what makes you hapoy there." She smiled at me before we continued to walk again in utter silence. I decided to ask her how she is doing in order to know how she is doing.

" Hey, how have you been? We haven't walked like this in a while." She smiled and shook her head.

" I'm fine. It's just that I've been feeling tired lately." She continued to look forward. It wrings my heart to see her keep hiding this. I can't really blame her for hiding this feelings. I too, know all about it's effects and hardships.

" Yoku? Hello? You still there?" I returned to my senses as Sayori snapped some fingers in front of my face.

" Y-yeah.. " I replied, yet I felt still feel uneasy.

" Hey Sayori, do you know how hard it is to constantly deal with life everyday?" She shot me this surprised look, I continued to talk.

" Sometimes, I just feel like the world is against me. I just find myself on some days lying on my bed and thinking about all the problems I bring..." As I said these words, she started to worry.

" Yoku... are you sure you're fine?" She held my hand, causing me to be surprised.

" If you're having a hard time, please tell me. I care about you... so I wanna help you." I chuckle to myself. Sayori... It should be me that is saying that to you. But I did feel bad, I was about to know how Sayori is doing with her depression not the other way around!

" That is exactly what I love about you. Your caring personality and how you are able to make everyone around you smile." I could her her 'Eep' in the backround. I turned my head to see that she kept her head bowed down. I could clearly see that she is blushing brightly. As I was about to ask if she was ok, we heard the loud ringing of the school bell.

" Oh shoot! We need to hurry! It's just down the street, let's go!" I grabbed Sayori and we bolted towards the school.

We barely made it in time. We were placed in different classrooms so I had to say goodbye to her but I promised to meet her after classes. I sat down near the window at the... back... of the classroom... WHAT IS THIS? A SCHOOL ANIME? As I settled down, classes began to start. The lessons are easy yet the day was boring. As the last period wrapped up, I looked out the window to thi... TOO CLICHE! I shook my head and placed all my things in my bag. As the classroom emptied, Sayori walked in to pick me up.

" Hey Yoku! Ready to go?" I stood up and smiled at her.

" Yeah! Let's go." I followed her lead to the club room. It's just like how the game describes the place. Rarely used rooms meant for the third years and their activities. As Sayori opened the door, I walked in to meet the Literature Club in person.