Story Ideas That Can Inspire.

Recently I decided to watch One Piece and I loved most of it. Of course, after I looked through the fanfiction tag for One Piece (specifically the cross over section). Sad to see not a whole lot of love there. After reading this one story in the One Piece X Justice League section I got to thinking about all kinds of scenarios involving elements from the One Piece being inserted into the Justice League world. So I present to you bombshell0's trove of ideas and scenario's

The tale of two similar kingdoms:

Okay one of them may not really be a kingdom, but it somewhat behaves like one. In the Justice League there are places separated from the rest of the world with their own culture and are homes to two of the members of the JL. Those two being Atlantis and Themyscira. One being an island comprised of mostly, if not entirely, of women, and the other is an undersea kingdom.

In One Piece there are two similar kingdoms, Amazon Lily and the Ryugu Kingdom. Amazon Lily being the known as the isle of women, and the Ryugu Kingdom being the undersea kingdom. What I propose is what would happen if Amazon Lily and/or the Ryugu Kingdom somehow end up in the DC universe.

This is but just one out many scenarios I thought about repeatedly. The few reasons I'm not writing a full blown story is because 1) I lack the time 2) I lack the ability to just hunker down and stay committed to continually write a story 3) Whenever I do decided to write something, for some reason all the good ideas I had just leave my head or I never really find a good way to convey said ideas to paper very well.

I mostly decided to post this in the likelihood that I may give someone else ideas for a story. If people want to see other ideas I have this tag I'd more than happy to post more scenarios.