After graduating out of UA Midoriyas life was a bit hectic. He knew being a pro hero was tiring and could be stressful, but he never expected to be this worn out. It seemed he never got a break and was constantly out helping people or getting forced to be involved at some event to inspire the younger generation to take on heroing, but then again that's what he'd been wanting from the start. It was the whole point of going to UA in the first place so maybe the busyness was a good thing. The better of a hero someone was the more involved they'd be, and he managed to work his way up to being pretty great for a newbie. He wasn't the best, at least not yet, but he'd gotten good enough to outperform many of the more experienced pros. So even if it meant more work and more eyes on him, this all was for the best. He should be happy, so why wasn't he?

The thought just made Midoriya sigh and flop down on his bed. He hadn't left his house all morning and he felt so under the weather that he couldn't really bring himself to do anything, but it was wrong knowing heroes never get a day off. He was supposed to be keeping the streets safe and making a public appearance. After all, he was the new symbol of peace. At least he was supposed to be after All Might retired. The man made that so hard to live up to though. It was like he had to work ten times harder than ever before to get to where the previous number one hero was then push even more to get above that . Thinking about it now it just felt too impossible. He couldn't do it. Even if he knew he shouldn't believe that, it just seemed like an unrealistic goal. His body wasn't built the same way as his and a strong willed mind could only take him so far. It didn't mean he wasn't "breaking his body" everyday to try to get there, but there was a certain limit he could never get past even after finally semi mastering one for all and keeping himself from getting horribly injured like he had in the past. But then again he was slacking off now, and knowing that looked bad on him and All Might he finally forced himself to get up and ready for the day. He shouldn't give up so easily, but it was safe to say he was too worn out. Work never ended and he even was scheduled to go talk to Best Jeanist's company later that day just to add onto his loaded schedule. He wasn't sure why, but his old teacher Aizawa contacted him and said it was necessary so he didn't really have a choice, but at least he had a few hours before having to go over there to meet him. That meant he could just do a simple patrol since things were pretty calm and make sure everyone was okay. Despite the peaceful appearance of some places there could always be illegal actions going on that could put someone's life in danger.

Once Midoriya finally brushed his teeth, took a shower, and dressed into his hero costume, he was finally able to get outside and walk around. Things were still silent and in the end he just began to zone off into his own thoughts again rather than focus on what he needed to be doing. It wasn't really the best thing to do when he was trying to catch any little sign of villainy, but he was still young and easily distracted. It wasn't completely his fault or that big of a deal considering other heroes often patrolled all the time as well, but thanks to his mind wandering into the clouds he lost track of time, and after checking his phone he realized in shock that he was going to be late for whatever Best Jeanist was planning. How embarrassing. It was the first time any hero company wanted to talk to him one on one after a long while and he was already screwing up.

It made him quickly ditch his previous plans and quickly race to the location he'd been told to meet him at in his headquarters in hopes that maybe a good explanation could get him out of trouble, though the second he got into the building and was close enough to be within earshot from from the room he winced at hearing, "He's Late!" And quickly came to a stop. Someone was mad at him and that wasn't all that surprising, but it didn't sound like the old pros voice and that's what suddenly bothered him considering he picked up the familiarity of the tone. It was someone he'd come to grow even more scared of when he was at the other end of his rage. Bakugou. he could recognize that angered yell from miles away. Why was he here and why was he expecting him as well? He didn't want to see that guy. He thought after graduating UA he'd never have to deal with him again, much less need to explain why he was late for something to him. Maybe it was best if he just went back home and lied about how he was feeling. Surely Best Jeanist wouldn't be upset if he told him he was throwing up everywhere. He'd probably be happy he didn't come if that was the case, but he didn't really get far with his plans yet again because after backing up just a few steps he felt his body bump into something hard and whipped around to see one of the mans sidekicks who seemed to know he was trying to bolt. It was pretty obvious what his intentions were with the expression on his face though. He looked too nervous to do anything other than run away, but of course the sidekick simply ushered him into the room despite the desperation on his face and shut the door behind him so he couldn't get out. It was all so sudden that all he could do was freeze in place as he felt himself mentally freak out, especially when both pairs of eyes landed on him, but he tried his best to keep his composure as he slowly turned and gave a nervous wave.

"I-I'm sorry I'm late. It's just...there was-"

"Deku!" Bakugou immediately cut Midoriya off and caused him to jump in shock even though he knew it was coming. "What took you so long to get here you damn nerd?! Its bad enough I have to work with you, but now you make me wait on your sorry ass?! Just who the hell do you think you are?!"

Midoriya stared at him wide eyed in shock as he tried to take everything in, but all that was going through his mind was the question of whether his childhood "friend" was about to beat him up or not and if Best Jeanist was just going to sit there and allow it. He could easily stop him if he wanted to so why wasn't he helping? Maybe it was because the blonde wasn't advancing on him yet or because he was upset he was late as well, though after a moment of cowering he finally calmed down enough to consider his words and mutter, "I-I'm sorry...I didn't mean-" Only to pause and suddenly look to him with a confused expression rather than a fearful one. " with you?"

Bakugou huffed at that and just crossed his arms making it obvious he didn't want to and wasn't going to answer. It wasn't really like Midoriya expected him to though. He'd been around the guy long enough to know good and well that he didn't like him. They'd have moments where it'd temporarily be calm, but other than that the guy was a ticking time bomb. He'd get mad at him over anything and everything and would never hesitate to come at him for it whether it was through his words or through his actions. Whatever hurt the most he guessed...

"Yes. Well, I'm sure you've noticed things have been pretty quiet around here lately and that's because I've used my company to up security on the streets." Best Jeanist finally began once things got silent and waited for the two boys to fully pay attention to him before he continued. "With that being said though, it means I'm at a shortage of heroes to help out with other tasks and I've just been assigned a another case that would require me to go out of my way. Remembering Bakugou was my intern I decided to get in contact with him, plus I believe he'll be well for this mission but he needed a partner and I wasn't sure who I could spare so I contacted Aizawa and he recommended you. He said you have the experience and dedication for the job and I've seen you preform myself so I know your capabilities. Together you two should be able to complete this and in return payment will be rewarded."

Midoriya looked at him silently and right away knew this was a bad idea. He couldn't go a few minutes of training with Bakugou and keep from having some disaster break out, how did he expect him to complete an important task with him, especially considering Aizawa recommended this. Did he know it'd be Bakugou who he was being partnered with? If so, was he blind? He knew they weren't compatible based off the way they were in high school. Why would he do this to him?

"O-Okay...what's the task then. What-"

"Illegal transportation of goods." Bakugou cut him off and gave him a small frown as he spoke. "This guy has been credited for transporting drugs, weapons, and even people like slaves."

"Slaves? Like..." Midoriya started nervously, but eventually Best Jeanist just jumped back in the conversation and muttered, "Were not completely sure. We only know a few of the products but the reason this case has come to me is because of the location including the mans quirk abilities and how much security he's risky."

Midoriya gazed blankly at the older man before looking to the floor. He never turned up someone in need of help, but this was all different. He'd be forced to be around Bakugou doing something dangerous and knowing how that goes, he didn't want to get himself into that situation. He was sure he'd cause them to both get killed due to the state of stupidity he put himself in whenever he felt the need to be bold or pissed off about something and Midoriya didn't want the last person he sees to be the guy that has always wanted him dead. In the end it'd just feel like he won whatever was going on between them for all these years, yet he couldn't say no just yet. His guilt would take a toll on him. He just needed more information to finally come to a decision. It was a smart choice to get more detail on what they were trying to make them do together anyways.

"So, If we agreed how do you plan for us to go through with this? I know we're pros at what we do and should be able to choose our own way of taking this on, but you just said it was risky. If that's the case then shouldn't we come up with something together to make winning easier? If they're already as powerful as you claim them to be then with just the two of us it could get difficult to accomplish...I've been on missions with multiple pros before when I was a student and even with their experience and the numbers being fair on both sides it wasn't an easy win. The numbers won't be fair for me and Kacchan and it will only be us instead of more experienced pros to help out. We need a good plan and you have to have one considering how long you've been in this business. You've probably dealt with similar missions before so why don't you help us out if you want us to agree?" Midoriya mumbled softly and was shocked to see neither one of them had even attempted to cut him off this time. They let him speak, and that probably meant they were both in agreement to his words, but after a while of silence passing over in response to his words he felt that maybe that wasn't the case and if one of them shut him up before he finished then it wouldn't feel as uncomfortable. Was that question just dumb to them and he didn't realize since from the start he'd been doing things his own way rather than being directed most of the time so he'd assumed he wouldn't be told what to do when Best Jeanist was just getting to that? He was just trying to get more intel not come off as stupid...

"Well...I figured that question would come up some time in this conversation. I'm actually glad you asked it since it tells me you're willing to go along with it even though you don't even know what the plan is yet." Best Jeanist finally told him, causing a small sigh of relief to leave the freckled boy's lips at the fact someone broke the awkward silence. He didn't really think he could take much more of it, but unfortunately it soon just grew rather than completely subside when the man continued. "Bakugou...the plan for you was to pose as someone who works in the Black Market yourself. You have to pretend to be just as bad as this guy you're going to be up against otherwise they'll catch onto the situation and you two will end up in a ton of trouble, though I'm sure with your attitude it won't be that hard to seem like a low life thug..."


" was a compliment..." midoriya immediately cut in seeing his words irritated the blonde, but hearing what Best Jeanist wanted Bakugou to do just made him curious to how he'd even fit in. Was he going to act the same way and be his partner or something? He didn't feel he'd be that good at seeming like a badass thug, but when it came to life or death then he'd try his best. "What about me?"

The pro was silent for a moment at his question, but eventually a small amused laugh left the man before he mumbled, "You? You're obviously going to be posing as a slave. I thought you'd catch on so I wouldn't need to tell you. It's just, you fit more to the role of slave over master because you're too nice compared to Bakugou. It's nothing personal but I feel they'd easily spot the lie we're trying to make you seem in control. This is for you twos safety."

Midoriya felt his heart sink at his words. That was embarrassing to hear and even worse to think about. Best Jeanist felt he was inferior to Bakugou? Nonsense! He could pull off being a master easily. All he'd have to do is just get Bakugou to listen to him, well...if that was even possible.

"If we have no other choice then I guess I'm in." Bakugou eventually growled out after seeming silent for so long, but that made Midoriya panic inside a little. Since they were young he always wanted to surpass the boy so that meant taking as much hero work as possible and training ten times harder if he could. If he turned this down it'd make Bakugou look like the better hero and more mature in the situation, plus if Aizawa or All Might found out then they'd probably be upset with him considering they both chose him to do something important and had faith that he'd carry out his tasks successfully...

"Mm...fine...I'm in too." he whispered quietly and looked to his feet. "When is this all supposed to happen though. I don't wanna just up and leave everyone out of nowhere."

The room went quiet again, but soon enough he was told, "in a week" which made him feel nauseous. That was so soon. Of course he was always ready to up and go into any situation being in the work field he chose to take up, but he had to take some time to prepare himself for dealing with Bakugou and the unknown location they were being sent to. Still, he agreed. Despite how little time he had left to be comfortable alone in his own home he already accepted this mission. He was doing this in a week and there was no backing out of it.