Since returning back home it'd been a few months since Midoriya really got into contact with Bakugou again. After getting him to the hospital he was forced to get treated himself rather than stay with him, and whenever he tried to visit him afterwards he was told he wanted him to stay out. Of course it sorta bothered him to know that, but he figured he just wanted time to himself with the way he was acting so he just respected that. He decided he'd wait for him to visit instead, though after the first month he caved and tried to go see him after he got released from the hospital at his place. Still, he refused to open the door to him. Maybe he really just didn't want anything to do with him anymore because the mission was over, but it wasn't right in his mind. If he apparently stayed in contact with other people when important things happened, then why wasn't he getting in touch with him?

Midoriya didn't really want to worry about minor things like the blonde, but honestly it was like he just disappeared off the face of the earth. Maybe that was a good thing though. It meant less stress on him because he wouldn't have to deal with pathetic things like his feelings. He could just focus on his life for once and his more current jobs, though he hadn't been given anything all that special lately. For now it was just minor things that a normal civilian could do, though he knew the only reason they were putting him to tasks like that was to make sure he was fully recovered before he could take on anymore assignments, but that was fine with him. He didn't really care anymore. His days were long enough as it was. To be sent off on another mission so soon was just asking too much of him and he was glad they were finally realizing that. He may have superhuman abilities, but he was still just a person. He could be worn down just as much as anyone. That was just another reason why he wanted to forget everything that happened before now. Even memories could take a toll on his body and all he really wanted on his mind was comfort. With his tasks being so slack he could finally laze around and do as he pleased like most people apparently did and he somewhat enjoyed it, though at times it got a little boring. It was hard to find things to entertain him in the same way doing his job did, and in the end he always ended up doing the same thing he usually did.

With a sigh Midoriya finally decided to settle down and just watch tv with an uninterested look on his face. There wasn't really anything on that he was fond of at the moment, but something was better than nothing. As long as it caught his attention long enough before he fell asleep he didn't really care. It was starting to get late anyways, and with the winter season approaching, he always felt the need to make himself as warm as possible and remain in one spot once he got into a comfortable position. It was too satisfying to cause any worries about small irrelevant things like the channel, plus slightly boring things helped put him to sleep which was something he wanted over staying awake and suffering through boredom. There was no point in changing if he was just going to get shut eye anyways, but like always there had to be something that ended up ruining his peace of mind.

Only a few minutes passed before there was a knock at the door that forced him to open his eyes with a frown. Why was someone bothering him? The last time this happened it was just Uraraka leading him into an uncomfortable situation. He didn't really want that to happen again, but he didn't want to stay put and let the knocking grow persistent. He just had to go tell her to get lost quickly, but when he finally stood and cracked the door in attempt to keep the nighttime cold out, his eyes widened slightly to see the face of someone he didn't expect.

"Kacchan? What are you...why-"

"Don't ask stupid questions." The blonde cut him off with a faint scoff, though it just made the freckled male look away. How was he supposed to react to that? He wasn't trying to sound dumb. He really didn't know why he was here, though it seemed Bakugou was always quick to jump to negative topics.

"Oh, uh, okay. Sorry then. I just don't get why you came here, especially when it's so cold outside. You're gonna get sick." Midoriya told him, and opened the door a bit more so he could come inside and finally shut out the freezing temperature, but unfortunately the action didn't rid of the tension. It'd been a while since he had to interact with him, yet now he wanted to just suddenly appear? It didn't make sense.

Bakugou wasn't super responsive to his words. He just looked to him with a blank expression before finally frowning a little when he realized he was questioning his presence. It probably seemed like he didn't want him to be over so if might've been offending to ask, but he just thought that he had wanted to keep at a distance for a while. It only made sense for him to be skeptical. People usually didn't do that, but then again he wasn't all that normal. It seemed something was always off with him since he first got his quirk.

"I just happened to be passing by and decided to come over. It wasn't supposed to be anything weird." The blonde muttered lowly under his breath, though he knew more than likely he wouldn't completely believe that. Midoriya had tried multiple times to get in touch, and with every attempt Bakugou would blow him off. It wouldn't be normal to just up and appear out of the blue, but the freckled male never really questioned him all that much after making a claim. He never wanted to risk making him upset.

"Oh, I guess that's fine then." Midoriya half whispered but once it fell silent he held his breath. Why was this making him so uncomfortable? What was he supposed to say next? He hated the feeling of struggling to come up with something to converse about, but he was completely blank. All he could really do to keep things from becoming unbearably tense was glance away from him to stare at the ground, though that's when he finally realized his leg seemed to he healed up. Obviously he should've known considering he had walked here, but he hadn't been paying that close of attention. Regardless it gave him an excuse to change the topic.

"Hey, you're not in a cast anymore. Do you feel better now?" He continued and forced himself to glance back to his face to meet his eye contact, though he sorta bit back his words when he remembered another issue. "And, what about-"

"I'm fine." Bakugou quickly cut him off already knowing what he was going to say, but his response made the younger males heart sink a little. "Don't worry about my quirk. I really am okay. I only lost it for the first month after getting out of the hospital then it came back. It wasn't as strong as it was before when I tried to use it, but I just have to work on it again so it's really not that big of a deal. It's just painful, but I do feel better. Thanks for asking though."

Thanks? He was being appreciative towards him? It made Midoriyas face redden a little as he fought to contain his nervous laugh, though he couldn't keep himself from looking away again. It was just a habit he had like most people when feeling flustered considering staring at the person causing this feeling just made it ten times worse.

"U-Uh you're welcome I guess. A-Anyways...I-I wasn't really expecting anyone to come over so I don't really have anything to offer you right now unless you want a drink or something like that." The freckled male admitted and nervously scratched the back of his neck. "I just planned on getting my work done then come home, take a shower, and watch tv until I fell asleep, but then you knocked on the door and now we're here so I feel like I have to entertain you somehow. I don't even know what you like to do though. We stopped hanging out when we were little so I have no idea what you're into. Uh, maybe we can play a game or-"

"It's fine. If you're tired you can just go to sleep. I'll leave so I won't bother you." Bakugou mumbled seeing he appeared to be stressed out. He hadn't meant to work him up or make him stop what he was doing. He honestly just wanted to see him after so long. It was getting pretty late though and he knew Midoriya was assigned to do things in the morning. He shouldn't keep him up.

The freckled boy looked upset at what he said. Bakugou already wanted to go? No, he wanted him to stay. Sure it might've seemed like he was just complaining about him being here, so it was understandable why he wanted to head out, but Midoriya didn't want him to leave. He knew that if the blonde walked out that door with intentions to push him away, he'd never see him again. He couldn't take that feeling of loneliness from him anymore.

"No! Stay here!" Midoriya gasped out before he could walk away, though he felt a bit childish for stopping him. He really didn't have any good reasons to keep him at his place other than for his personal benefit. If he wanted to go he should've let him or at least tell him that his presence wasn't distracting. Then maybe he would've changed his mind on his own rather than feeling forced to.

"I-I want you to stay. At least just until I fall asleep. I don't want to be alone anymore."

Bakugou didn't respond to him. He just stared shocked for a moment, but after he noticed how desperate Midoriya seemed he gave in. He didn't know how to say no or be rude to him in this moment, even if that might've been what he expected him to do. He just wanted things to stay calm, because up until now he hadn't really realized how nice it was to get along with him. Besides, in a way he helped him out a lot. It sorta felt like he owed him at least a few minutes of ease.

"Mm, okay fine. Then do you want stay here or go to your room? If you're the one falling asleep then the choice is yours. Either way I'm just going to end up home in the end." The blonde muttered and started to walk closer towards him rather than away this time. It made Midoriya want to back up to gain more personal space, though he didn't move an inch. He didn't want to seem uncomfortable around him, even though it was hard sometimes. Despite the fact that they were closer now, Bakugou still had the ability to make him feel intimidated. He hated it, but he knew he wouldn't hurt him in the way he used to. He just impacted him negatively for so long that it was going to take time to get over, but he was glad they were working on that now rather than never.

"I sleep better on my bed so I'd prefer my room, but if that's weird then we can just stay out here." Midoriya mumbled as he gestured to the couch, but that just made the blonde look confused for some reason. Did he say something wrong?

"Weird? Why would it be weird?" Bakugou grumbled, and right away the younger males face flushed. Maybe he shouldn't have said that about his room, but he just found it awkward because usually when two people liked one another and referred to a bedroom things got tense regardless if the reason it was mentioned was for an innocent purpose. Apparently Bakugou wasn't affected the same way.

"Um, forget it. Let's just go then. I'd rather not fall asleep standing up trying to figure out which area is best." Midoriya mumbled and turned walk in the direction of his room before he could get another word in knowing Bakugou would follow, though the closer he got to the door the louder he heard his own heartbeat. Why was he so nervous? He needed to calm down. It wasn't like he was leading him in here to do anything weird. He just wanted to sleep. Still, when he finally opened the door and walked inside he felt queasy. This feeling was so overwhelming. He didn't understand it.

"Are you alright?" Bakugous voice suddenly mumbled from behind him and caused him to jump. He hadn't realized how long he'd been standing there gripping the doorknob in his thoughts. What had gotten into him just then?

"U-Uh, yeah. Sorry...I'm just..." Midoriya tried for words, but his throat felt dry. He hated that he was getting like this. Maybe he should just stop talking, but he knew that'd seem suspicious. He was already acting weird enough as it was.

"You're such a weirdo, just go lay down. I think your tiredness is getting the best of you now." Bakugou teased, but Midoriya was thankful that was his conclusion. He didn't want him to know that his feelings were getting involved again. He just had to pretend he was right and let out a fake laugh before walking over to crawl into his bed so he could put even more distance between him and the blonde, but of course, Bakugou closed it by following close behind him. He liked him being around, but his presence was making him sweat. He didn't know what he completely wanted anymore.

"You seem really nervous." Bakugou told him, though Midoriya fought back his reaction. Of course he was nervous. Who wouldn't be in this situation? Why didn't he get that?

"I-it's nothing. I'm just tired remember. That's all, so uh, goodnight." Midoriya quickly told him so he wouldn't have to talk, but after pulling the covers up and forcing shut his eyes, he felt the blondes gaze on him more than before. It made him even more uncomfortable, but he couldn't verbalize that. If he told him it'd lead to questions and uncomfortable conversations. It was best to just ignore it and fall asleep, even though he was nowhere close to passing out anymore at this point. Maybe Bakugou would just assume he was knocked out and go away soon. It was bad to hope, but he just couldn't control himself anymore. Deep down he knew why all of this was happening, but he really didn't want to believe he was wanting him this badly.

A few minutes passed since he shut his eyes, but he could still feel the blondes gaze on him. Wasn't he going? He really didn't want this to last longer than it needed to, but if he opened his eyes now he'd know he was faking it. He was getting extremely uneasy, but when he felt the weight on the bed shift slightly as Bakugou leaned over him the feeling got even worse. What on earth was he doing now? Maybe he should just let him know he was awake, though when a sudden warmth pressed against his neck his eyes went wide. Wait, was he kissing him? Why was he doing this? No, why was he letting him? He didn't understand why his heart was swelling and why he wanted this feeling so badly, yet it felt right. It was like this was supposed to be happening in his mind, or at least the reason why he was even here in the first place, though he knew better than to let him get away with this. It wasn't okay, at least not after everything that had happened in the past. As much as he didn't want to hold little things against him, he was still nervous and unwilling to be taken advantage of even if he had stupidly done this to him too. He didn't want him to see him as an object just to get off on, and right now it felt that way considering after all this time now was the moment he wanted to reappear and come onto him.

"Stop...I'm not sleeping." Midoriya whispered as he grabbed hold of his shoulders to try and push him back, but he didn't budge. His actions just stopped and he chose to stay there. It made him nervous, but he knew at his point he was listening because his rejection had caught his attention. As long as he had his ears it was enough to satisfy him. He didn't need to see his face, especially since he knew he wouldn't be able to get the words he wanted out if they were meeting eye contact.

"I-I don't want to do this. I don't like the way you're making me feel. You're just toying around and I don't want to play your games and end up just another person that you got your way with. I'm not as easy as you think."

Bakugou still chose to stay where he was at his neck for a minute, apparently taking in his words and the fact that he was awake the best he could, but when he finally pulled back to gaze at him he didn't seem angry. It was actually odd at how calm he was. Had he been expecting to hear that? Was this some kind of test to see if he still liked him? He did, but this obviously wouldn't prove that. A person didn't have to do intimate things to prove their feelings for someone. Hopefully this wasn't him having dumb logic.

"What? I'm not toying with you. I-I just..." Bakugou started before trailing off in attempt to find the right thing to say. He knew he couldn't just blab out simple nonsense and make everything okay in Midoriyas mind. He actually had to make him believe he meant what he claimed, otherwise he'd never trust him.

"I guess I still have feelings for you too

okay. I just don't know how to show it. I'm not used to this whole affection thing. It's weird, but I figured this was how you do it because I don't like talking and I'm not gonna if I don't have to."

Midoriya looked at him shocked for a moment, though he couldn't help but let out a small laugh at what he said. Sure Bakugou wasn't a romantic and he didn't really know if he had ever even gotten involved with girls in the way of having a girlfriend rather than having "fun" for a few nights, but he thought he'd at least know how to talk about his feelings for someone to them without getting so weirded out over it. It was honestly sorta cute to the freckled male.

"So there's no one else?" Midoriya pressed slightly, but it seemed to irritate the blonde a little. He understood why, but until he knew his question was answered truthfully, he couldn't get this nagging paranoia off his mind.

"What the hell Deku, why would there be anyone else?!" Bakugous voice rose, and despite the fact that he was mad, a smile immediately crossed over the younger males features. He didn't feel the need to bring Uraraka up or possibly any other girl he was with. It would just ruin the moment. He had to take him for his word and hope he wasn't lying, though with the look on his face and the tone of his voice he seemed sincere. Good liar or not, he believed him.

"Mm, okay, okay...but what happened to you calling me Izuku? I sorta liked it, or did you just do that to throw me off?" He muttered playfully before propping his body up with his arms where he sat to press his lips gently against the other males. They were just as warm and welcoming as in the past, and in this moment it felt they'd both waited far too long for this sensation to happen again. Still, Bakugou chose to pull away with a faint laugh that made his heart throb. Midoriya always liked it whenever his laugh was genuine and not to tease or be psychotic. Since high school he's come a long way whenever it came to dealing with him.

"Fine. Shit head Izuku it is then." He mumbled quietly, but when Midoriya rolled his eyes he stopped messing around. "Fine, fine, but Deku fits you better. I'm just too used to calling you that now that Izuku feels weird. I only said it to stop making you so damn stubborn."

Midoriya bit his lip lightly and felt slightly embarrassed remembering the way he acted, but he had a point for doing what he did. He didn't want to leave his partner behind and he would've done the same for anyone else. Bakugou probably didn't understand that, yet it was the same urge the blonde had that caused him to jump in the way of bad situations for others that made him hesitate the way he had.

"Oh, well Im sorry about that..." Midoriya whispered faintly and pushed the blankets off of him a little so his attention could be drawn away from the other male slightly. Hopefully he wasn't really mad about the whole situation, but when he finally looked back to his face he still seemed calm. It made him feel strange. How could someone so hostile suddenly be tame? He liked it, but he had gotten so used to him losing it for no reason. It left him with nothing to really say considering the only time they ever really had much of a conversation was when they were always disagreeing and arguing with one another up until the mission. Now all that was surrounding them was silence. Should he just bring up a random topic?

"Deku." Bakugou mumbled softly, making the freckled male raise his eyebrows a little in hopes that he'd start something, but when the blonde began to lean over him and caused him to fall onto his back again he started to understand that he didn't want to communicate through words and panic set in. Even though Midoriya didn't want to stop his advances like before, it was hard to not question if he was good enough for him or if Uraraka was better. It made him doubtful that this moment was going to work out. Still, he didn't want to make him upset either. He just had to ignore all his worries so he could finally enjoy this too. If he never got in the mood Bakugou would clearly notice and whatever he wanted to happen would just end quickly. He didn't want to upset him.

"Hey, relax."

Midoriya frowned slightly at his command, but once he realized how tense he was he tried to listen. It was like the way he acted when they first kissed. He was getting overly nervous, though it was a lot easier to calm down this time. He'd been in awkward situations before with him, and considering he wasn't doing this just to get caught in order to fake their way out of getting into trouble, he felt somewhat more comfortable and confident with him. He only tensed up because this was so sudden.

"Wait. If you're planning on...I-I mean before you do anything else to me, it's your turn to get undressed first..." Midoriya whispered before he could stop himself. He honestly didn't know how he managed to muster up the courage to say that, but it felt right. He didn't want to silently submit to everything the older male was saying and end up having nothing going his way. Besides, he was done with being the one put into vulnerable positions all the time. It was only fair that someone else had to do it for once now.

Bakugou stared at him blankly for a minute, but after he realized Midoriya was being serious he sighed and gave him an annoyed glare. He wasn't the type to take orders all that well, though he seemed to be lenient about this. If they were planning on taking this wherever the younger male assumed the situation was heading then he'd have to do it eventually anyways. It only made sense for him to not cause a huge scene about it, though he still seemed like he didn't want to listen to him of all people. Regardless, if he didn't do it then he wasn't going to get what he wanted, and he obviously knew that due to the way he tensed slightly as if he was taking his words as a threat.

When the blonde finally scoffed and grabbed the end of his shirt so he could lift it over his head, Midoriya felt his face burn a little. He never would've imagined this would be happening to him. Bakugou falling for him of all people was the last thing anyone expected and it was so strange, yet satisfying at the same time. Still, he didn't care. It didn't matter what was right and what was wrong to other people. In this moment he just wanted all of him, and he knew the feeling was mutual. That made it even more special to him, and his body slowly began to tremble in anticipation. He wanted to tell him to hurry up, though at the same time the more he waited he knew the better his touch would feel. He wasn't completely sure what to do.


"You're turn." Bakugou cut him off and made the freckled male stare to him in slight confusion. His turn? What did he mean? Did he really want them to take turns removing their clothes? No, he just wanted things to go his way. He liked having control over the situation, and by making irrelevant demands he was making a way for him to believe everything was working out how he wanted it to.

Midoriya sighed in slight irritation, but his heart was racing too fast to want to stop this by not listening. He decided just going along with it was the best option if he wanted what was technically being offered up and slowly pulled off his own shirt to throw on the floor before looking back to him. He had to make the next move if he wanted him to remove any more. It only made sense. He wasn't going to keep undressing if the blonde was going to be hesitant about it.

When the two boys met eyes once more, Bakugou let out a slight sigh and consented to moving this further since Midoriya wasn't going to budge until he made the first move. It was somewhat irritating, but maybe this was because he didn't fully trust him still. As annoying as the thought was, it was only an assumption, and he just had to ignore it and force things to go faster by speeding up his own actions. After that maybe the freckled male would do the same.

Bakugou looked down to began undoing his belt once a few seconds passed of nothing happening, though even after his pants were undone he didn't take them off. He paused again, and Midoriya couldn't help but bite down hard on his lip. He wanted him to remove them. He wanted to see Bakugou, but he didn't want to let his perverted wants take over. Even if in this moment they were supposed to, he needed to have enough self restraint to keep a level head and hold off a while longer.

"Deku. Don't freak out." Bakugous voice made the younger male jump, and he felt his face redden in embarrassment once he realized he'd been staring at the blondes crotch for longer than he really needed to be. He didn't seem to be upset about it though, but then why did he say that?

Midoriya opened his mouth a little to ask him what he meant, but when the blonde moved over him again, he immediately forgot everything he was going to say. He was so close that it made it hard to breathe. This feeling of excitement that he had was indescribable, and it made his wants grow more and more. He felt he needed some sort of release, but it wasn't achievable without the other male taking some sort of action.

"Are you sure you want to do this? I won't stop once we start so you better not complain and try to push me away if you get uncomfortable." Bakugou muttered, but Midoriya sort of expected that from him. He wasn't always reasonable, but the freckled male still nodded his head and agreed to his conditions. He didn't really want to stop anyways, even if something he was doing was bothering him. He just wasn't used to this so obviously he wouldn't be all that comfortable with anything he planned to do to him. He just had to go with it and hope he didn't upset him in any way.

Bakugou frowned a little and seemed somewhat hesitant, but he ended up giving in to make the younger male do the same. He seemed to not really like his impatience, but he didn't stop him. It was just nerves, so halting this was a stupid idea if he wanted to do this just as bad as he did. Besides they'd gotten too far to just drop it now. He might as well just allow him to remove some of his clothes, but feeling this bare humiliated him in this situation. He wanted to hide himself, but it was pointless. He just had to hang in there and get the most embarrassing part over with.

"Why are you suddenly getting so awkward?" The blonde faintly chuckled and pushed his legs apart so he could have better access to his body, but it seemed to surprise the younger male. Bakugou forgotten they'd never done anything with each other before and that he might not have expected him to try to move through this so quickly, but when Midoriya immediately tried to shut them out of instinct to avoid a vulnerable position he figured he might need to slow down. Still, he didn't really want to, and he had just agreed to not pushing him away. He didn't have to stop, so he simply used more strength to make him do as he wanted once again.

"K-Kacchan, I don't like this..." Midoriya muttered lowly, but the blonde only looked to him with a somewhat annoyed glare. He obviously knew it was awkward, but it was the only way they'd get to step two.

"Just calm down. I'm not trying to embarrass you, but I can't really do anything if you refuse to do this for me. Don't you want to do it too?" Bakugou mumbled, though all the younger male could do was look away. He didn't want to admit that. He just needed to stop interfering if he wanted to experience his love.

Thankfully for him, Bakugou seemed to already know his answer and didn't force him to stay stuck in the moment seeing it bothered him. He just smiled and leaned forward to softly peck his forehead before pushing him completely down again.

"Fine, I'll take it from here okay." Bakugou whispered as he moved to pull off the younger males boxers, but that action kept his partner far from relaxed. Midoriya felt even more humiliated at this point, but he just looked away from him and tried to control the redness of the blush crossing over his face even though it was impossible to hide. Sure, they'd seen each other naked before, but in this moment the mood was different. Before it wasn't sexual, but now that it was he didn't know how to react.

Bakugou refrained from laughing at his actions and eyed his body. He knew he didn't like him staring, but he couldn't really help himself. There was so much he wanted to do to him, but he had to have self restraint. Maybe some other time he could get into foreplay, but for now he probably shouldn't mess with him more than he had to. He seemed too shy.

"I think I like you better with your clothes off." He teased, causing Midoriya to let out a discomforted breath as he fixed his eyes to one point on the wall, but Bakugou wasn't letting him ignore him so easily. He knew what would get his attention and just playfully ran a hand along his smaller frame to trail over his skin until it got lower and lower to where he wanted to be. It made the freckled male tense and caused his eyes to widen, but Bakugou still didn't stop. He decided to toy with him a little longer by just missing the most sensitive part of him to caress the inside of his thigh. He wanted him to be responsive and not so quiet, but it seemed he was unwilling to be anything but bashful.

"Do you want me to touch you?" The blonde asked with a small smile, though that finally made Midoriya look up to him nervously. It was obvious that the answer was yes based on the look on his face, but he wanted to hear him say that. It wasn't as fun to be doing this if he was unresponsive the whole time.

"W-What?" Midoriya stuttered out nervously before trying to sit up again, but Bakugou just used a hand to keep him down. He didn't ask him to get up, nor was there a need for him to do so. He just wanted him to answer the question and not have an opportunity to do anything else.

"Why are you-"

"Yes or no?" Bakugou pressed, but now Midoriya was mute. How could he ask this without even stuttering or getting nervous? It didn't matter if he was a virgin or not, he'd always assumed it would be hard to have any sort of intimate talk.

"D-Don't ask me things like that!" Midoriya gasped and tried to sit up once more, but Bakugou just pushed him down again knowing he was probably going to try to stop him despite what he truly wanted.

"Why not? It's your body. I don't wanna do anything you might not like so I'm asking you." Bakugou claimed, but really he didn't care. He was just trying to get him to loosen up a little. He didn't want him to be so uneasy this whole time.

Midoriya was silent after he listened to him, but he still didn't want to admit to this. He'd rather not get the feeling at all than to be embarrassed later on remembering this moment. Still, he couldn't bring himself to say no either and he hated sitting here in silence. Even if only a few seconds passed, it felt like minutes, and he knew it'd draw out if he was mute for any longer. He just had to give him some sort of answer even if it wasn't direct.

"I-I don't care what you do to me okay. I mean, there's some things I might not like, but I won't mind this alright. If you want to then you can." Midoriya mumbled awkwardly as his hands gripped tightly onto the sheets of his bed, but it seemed his response was satisfying enough to hear. The blonde stopped pressing him for an answer and gradually just moved his hand closer to the area he'd kept hidden from him for so long as he tried to return to his previous action of kissing him again, though the younger males shock cut it short. At the feeling of his fingers brushing over his erection, Midoriya suddenly bit down on the blondes lip. It wasn't super hard, but it was enough to make him confused on how such a small touch could make him react this way. It was like he suddenly couldn't control himself and caused him to feel the need to apologize, but it seemed Bakugou really didn't care. His attempts to make him feel good didn't stop, and he continued to slowly take his member into his hand even though Midoriya might've hurt him. Maybe he knew he'd react this way though, because the feeling of being touched by someone else caused uncomfortable reactions at times. If he had sex before and let someone else touch him, then he had a warning from experience.

Midoriya quickly released his bottom lip with a quiet moan once he felt him began to move his hand up and down his length, though it wasn't fast. Bakugou was going slow to see his reaction and it made him bite his own lip this time. He couldn't multitask with kissing him and this sensation he was forcing him to get. He wasn't able to focus through the pleasure, though that was probably what he wanted. The blonde was still messing with him and trying to get him out of his comfort zone. He hated it, but at the same time he liked it so much considering how good it felt.

"You can go f-faster." Midoriya told him nervously, though he still avoided eye contact. He couldn't bring himself to face him even though he was right there in front of his body. He had no idea how people could do this and feel nothing. Even Bakugou was acting as if this wasn't a huge deal. Was it just because it was something he had to get used to?

Bakugou let out a small laugh when he spoke. He wished he'd gather up more courage to tell him what to do so he could mess around with him more rather than give him a statement with options, but he knew until he did this again he probably wasn't going to open up like that yet. He wasn't a very commanding person to begin with, but then again if he was they probably wouldn't have ever gotten along. It was probably best that he spoke to him like this instead, especially since he seemed to be the type of guy to want his first time to be easy.

"Okay, but if you feel close then tell me. I don't want you to finish yet." Bakugou muttered to him once his grip slightly tightened and the motion of his hand pumping up and down against his shaft got a little rougher. It finally got Midoriya to whimper, but it still wasn't enough to the older male. He wanted to hear him more. If he wasn't crying out in pleasure then he felt he wasn't doing all he could to make him happy. Maybe there was something else he'd like that'd be more affective. He just felt somewhat weird deciding to ask it.

"Hey. Can I actually put it in you?"

Midoriya tensed when he said that and felt his whole face burn at the thought. He figured they'd eventually get to that point at some time, but why did he always feel the need to ask those sorts of questions, especially while he was touching him? He wanted to respond, but he couldn't bring himself to with the excitement washing over him stronger than before. It made him force the blonde to quickly stop what he was doing so he could catch his breath and calm down enough to say something back. If he let him continue any longer, he knew what would've happened next would've upset his partner.

"I-I guess I-If you want me that badly." Midoriya mumbled out shakily, though he had no idea what was even going through his head. Whenever he got nervous he felt it was easier for him to wind up saying stupid things and acting dumb. He wasn't totally thinking this through, but if it made Bakugou happy he felt it was worth it.

The blonde just stared at him for a minute as if he were trying to read what was going on in his head. He probably felt he wasn't truly sure since he was so easy to say yes, but was he supposed to contemplate on it? Even if he did his answer would still be yes. Any "no" would ruin the moment and he wanted to keep going with him. If Bakugou was willing to give him all of this pleasure then he needed to be able to do the same. If he wasn't the one touching him then he'd allow him to use his body to make himself happy.

"Uh...yeah, I do." Bakugou admitted and hesitantly thumbed at the waistline of his own boxers knowing he'd have to pull himself out if they were going to go anywhere with this. "I didn't really do anything down there so it might hurt a little, but I'll go slow okay."

Midoriya swallowed hard when he said that, but he just nodded. He didn't want to let his unease get in the way of his pleasure. He could just take whatever hurt he was talking about if it put them on good terms. Besides, he hadn't been rough with him so far. He probably would be fine and if he wasn't all he had to do was just tell him to slow down. It wasn't going against their agreement, so he didn't have any reason not to listen. In the end he'd still have his pleasure and they'd be closer than before. He didn't want to turn him down on this otherwise he knew he'd constantly regret it.

"Okay, then are you ready?" The blonde pressed since he hadn't responded and chose to go ahead and place himself at his entrance after finally pushing down his boxers enough to have access to his own length, though now Midoriya hesitated. This felt like a stupid decision, but he still wanted to be able to tell himself he got this far with the boy. His wants were driving him into this, so he couldn't stop himself even if he wanted to. He just gave him another nod and closed his eyes in attempt to calm his nerves before he did anything knowing internally panicking wouldn't really do him any good.

He really didn't want to be put in pain, but once he started to feel him move his hips forward he sort of regretted allowing him to do this. Maybe he shouldn't have been so awkward earlier and let him stretch him out with his fingers, but it was a little too late for that. All he could do was let out a discomforted whimper as he tried to nonchalantly move his body away, but Bakugou kept him in place every time he tried. He probably already guessed he would've attempted something to get himself out of this when he realized it wasn't as comfortable as he planned it to be, but how was he supposed to know? All his life he liked girls up until he fell for Bakugou. He didn't understand how love like this worked, and he definitely didn't feel comfortable with the idea of playing with himself to figure it out. He just figured in the moment he'd see what he was getting himself into, and now that he was experiencing it, he realized just how wrong he'd been to assume this would be nothing. It wasn't unbearable, but it was enough to wake him up a bit more from his fatigued state.

"Are you okay?" The blonde asked him knowing he didn't like what was happening so far, but Midoriya managed to bite his tongue to keep from admitting the truth. He remembered he couldn't complain because either way Bakugou wasn't going to stop. He didn't really want him to anyways though. He wanted to give him his love, even if it meant he'd have to suffer through this feeling a bit longer. It just felt so strange and unnatural, though at the same time it was making him happy. He was pleasing his friend.

"Okay fine. Then just breathe." Bakugou mumbled to him, making Midoriyas grip on the blanket lighten. He hadn't realized he'd been holding his breath, but it was because it sorta helped distract him from the weird sensation for a minute. If he was too focused on the unpleasant part of his first time then he wouldn't enjoy this as much, but the blonde probably already knew that.

"S-Sorry...I just didn't expect you to feel like that." The freckled male whispered back shakily and opened his eyes to look at him once more. This felt so weird and embarrassing. Bakugou was actually in him. They were doing it. Well, somewhat as of now. It felt like a dream verging on a nightmare, though it was too real to be either of those things.

"I won't stop, but if you need a break then-"

"No. I'm alright. Just keep going." Midoriya quickly cut him off before he could finish and forced reassuring smile on his face. He knew he would probably think he couldn't handle this, but he'd felt worse pain in his life. Besides, after being beaten up by this guy so much, he realized that physically his fists hurt a lot more than any other part of his body. He could take this so he didn't need him to worry about how he was feeling.

Bakugou let out a light scoff at his words, though he chose to believe him. He was far too impatient to press the matter of whether he was lying or not. He just wanted to focus on his body and how good he felt. He couldn't worry about his partner unless he was legitimately struggling through this just to make him happy considering he knew Midoriya would attempt to lie sometimes, but he always knew when he wasn't telling the truth. He seemed well enough to continue right now, so he shouldn't try to stop. He didn't know why he was caring so much for his wellbeing anyways when usually he just did this to get his satisfaction regardless of how others usually felt. Maybe he actually did care for this guy far too much, but he never would've thought Midoriya out of all the people surrounding them would be the one to break him down. It just made him feel like he'd somewhat lost a long lasting battle with him, but oddly he didn't even care anymore.

"Geez you're so irritating you know." Bakugou whispered as he leaned down to peck his lips in attempt to catch his attention once he pushed his hips forward even more, though Midoriya still noticed and sucked in a sharp breath. This time he luckily didn't tense, but having a reaction like that made him want to tell him to calm down again despite knowing he more than likely didn't want to hear that.

"You'll get used to the feeling, just don't focus on it. Focus on me okay..."

Focus on him? That made no sense in the younger males mind. He was focused on him, that was why he was feeling this way. Bakugou was just stating irrelevant things that didn't really help, though once he got into the feeling a little more he started to realize what he meant. He wanted him to focus on the pleasurable part of what they were doing, not what was making him feel bad. It would distract him until he finally relaxed enough for this to get good for him, but it really wasn't all that bad though. From the start Midoriyas heart was pounding wildly in his chest from the need to get rid of all this excitement, and even now it still was, so he didn't want this to end so soon. Even though he felt slightly discomforted, he still wanted to please Bakugou. The blondes pleasure was enough to satisfy him, so when he finally got comfortable enough, Midoriya simply pulled him closer and clung onto him so he knew he was ready for him to move. He wanted to hear him moan from the way his body was making him feel and crave more of what he could give him. Even if he didn't necessarily know much of what he was doing, he still was someone who could respond and do what he wanted.

Bakugou eventually took his hold as a sign to finally thrust into him. He didn't want to move things too fast, but as long as he wasn't whining anymore he didn't feel bad about speeding up. Besides, feeling him in a whole new way made it hard to keep still. He hadn't done anything like this in a while nor had he ever done this with another male. Midoriya felt different and it was a whole new enjoyable experience for him, so as basic as this moment was as far as messing around with each other, he still liked it. It gave him a chance to take this slow and get more comfortable with him and maybe it'd even lead the younger male to opening up to doing more things if they ever did this again in the future.

The thought was making his heart race even faster and his breath was hitching in attempt to calm his nerves. He didn't need to get so worked up unless he wanted to end soon. He had to control himself and the perverted thoughts that ran through his head, but every time he looked to Midoriya and saw his features finally relax from pain to pleasure, it made him slowly lose himself a little more. He wanted this any time he could have him. It didn't matter if it was on a mission, during his downtime, or even if he ran into him on the street. There was something about him that made him not want to give him up. He wanted him to stay his and only his. It didn't matter if it sounded selfish.

Eventually the pain died down like Bakugou claimed it would and Midoriya started to feel better, but at the same time he felt funny inside. It was like the longer the blonde went the stronger the feeling got, but it wasn't painful. It actually felt good to him. Every moan he heard and touch he liked made it come in waves, and though he didn't want to admit it, he already sorta guessed what was happening. He was far too easy considering it was his first time, though as long as Bakugou was still holding up he didn't want to stop him.

"K-Kacchan..." The freckled male whispered nervously, but he didn't get a response. Bakugou probably didn't care to hear his warning anyways. He just wanted to keep going for as long as possible and luckily for him the younger male was willing. He could try to suppress the urge he was feeling a bit longer, but it wasn't easy. The blonde had already messed around with him from the start, and the idea of all this was still turning him on. Regardless, he didn't want to make him upset. He knew he'd probably be mad if he gave in so easily, and knowing that made Midoriya try to calm himself a bit more, but in the end he couldn't really hold up. The pleasure overflowed inside of him, and before he could do anything more than just burry his face into the crook of the blondes neck, he felt his face redden in embarrassment at the feeling of his release. He only lasted a few minutes. He'd been hoping he could go even longer, though he wasn't prepared for any of this.

Bakugou didn't seem to pay much mind to what just happened and continued to try and draw out his own climax but Midoriya couldn't really take much more. He wasn't used to this feeling and it was honestly tiring him out more than he expected it to once he finished. He still tried to hold up the best he could for the blonde, but eventually his body felt heavier and his eyes slipped shut again. It caused Bakugous pace to slow in the realization that he was falling asleep, but he was close anyways. He didn't really mind all that much. Sometimes this happened to people, and with it being his first time and the fact that he had been tired from the start, he sorta expected this of the freckled male.

"That was fast." Bakugou teased him and leaned down to press his lips against the other males cheek. It made Midoriya frown a little, bit his eyes just opened once more to gaze up to him. He somewhat felt like a failure, but the blonde still appeared to be happy at the fact that they'd even gotten this far. It was strange, but he wasn't going to question his emotions. If he was satisfied then he shouldn't make him upset.

"Y-You should get going if you still want to leave you know." Midoriya whispered faintly and shifted uncomfortably beneath him. He still really didn't want him to go, especially after this, but if he had to then he couldn't stop him. He didn't even really let him finish. If he kept him from doing two things he wanted he might get impatient. Besides, now he needed to shower again before he fell asleep. He couldn't entertain him much longer. "Just promise me you'll be careful getting-"

"I'll stay if you promise to stay with me okay." Bakugou cut him off as if he hadn't been talking at all and let the weight of his body finally fall against Midoriyas smaller frame so he could hold him closer. He was burning up, but at the same time he didn't really mind. The warmth leaving him felt good because it was his and he didn't want it to go away, though he was confused as to what he was talking about.

"I-I want to team up with you. As pros were eventually supposed to start a business if we want to get more money and help more people. We could do that together..."

Midoriyas eyes widened at his words. He wanted to stay partners? What about their train wreck of a mission? He couldn't say he really enjoyed that, but then again maybe if they would've worked together a little better then things would've went smoother. Even if what happened a few months ago didn't totally go as planned, they still had enough talent to be successful on their own. Together they'd be even better if they learned each other's strengths and weaknesses and found a way to work with it.

"Kacchan. I-I don't know..." Midoriya started, but when he looked to the blonde he couldn't help but feel the same as him. He had a desire to stay with this boy for as long as he possibly could. He didn't know if it was just the heat of the moment or if he really loved him, but remembering all his feelings from before made him believe that it was what he truly wanted. He wanted to stay a team. All the issues of the past didn't really seem as relevant when infatuation was involved, but even though he couldn't completely ignore them he was still certain of one thing. If Bakugou chose him out of other options then maybe it was a sign that it wasn't impossible for the unexpected to happen. Maybe they really could work out in the way he'd always hoped if they managed to get through all the ups and downs in their lives.

"Well, there's a lot we still need to work on between each other, and I don't ever want you to hide anything else from me ever again, but...I-I'd like that. I wanna stay partners with you too. Just promise me you'll never do anything behind my back again okay...If you get involved with someone or even have something bad happen to you and I find out rather than you telling me I'll never forgive you."

Bakugou let out a light laugh at his words. He really didn't know if he expected yes or no, but hearing what he said was somewhat reassuring. He didn't want Midoriya to end up going off on his own and finding someone else in place of him. As partners they'd always be connected somehow and have an excuse to see each other. He didn't care what it took. He didn't plan on ever giving him up or leaving.

"Okay..." the blonde finally whispered and felt his cheeks warm as he continued to speak. "I guess that means you'll just have to put up with me for a few more years then, Deku..."