Heyy, I recently became obsessed with glee and then glee fanfics and I think that there aren't enough glee sickfics so here's one of my favorite character Finn (RIP Cory) and I hope you enjoy it, so happy to know there are so many glee fanfics :) Thanks for reading!

Finn's POV:

Beep. Beep. Beep. My alarm blared, oh my god was it extra loud today? I could tell immediately that I was getting one hell of a migraine but it didn't matter, sectionals was in three weeks and I needed to sound great so no way could I miss glee. Plus if I wasn't at practice I might be benched for the next football game. Slowly, I got up and ready for school. As soon as I walked downstairs I could tell my mom was suspicious so I could NOT lead her one. "Hey mom," I greeted, throwing waffles I didn't really want into the toaster.

"Finn, honey, are you okay? I don't have to go to Cincinnati..." My mom jumped straight to the point. Dang it, she knows me too well.

"Mom, I fine and your going and you're gonna have fun! I gotta get going, love you!" I stated grabbing the waffles and hurrying to the door as she nodded skeptically in response.

~~~~~~at school~~~~~~

"Finn Christopher Hudson are you listening to me?" Rachel scolded. I looked around to see the entire glee club staring at me. Crap, what were we talking about a minute ago? I wasn't listening...

"What? Sorry Rachel, I'm just really tired." I yawned, unintentionally validating mresponse.

"Dude, you don't look too good. You okay?" Puck question with about as much concern as he ever let himself show. No. I feel awful. I thought but I couldn't say that.

"Yeah, I'm fine bro." I replied, trying my best to seem convincing. I could tell Puck and Quinn didn't believe me and Rachel was still pissed I wasnt listening to her but everyone else let it go so Glee club continued normally when Mr. Shue got there.

Towards the end of rehearsal my throat was getting sore and I started coughing. Mr Shue watched me, worried so I tried to muffle it as much as possible. It was freezing in the choir room and I was exhausted so for once I was really happy when Glee club was over.

"Hey, Finn! Do you want a ride home?" Kurt called before I could leave. I took the bus this morning so my mom could have the car before she had to leave so I was grateful for the offer. It beat walking home.

"Sure, thanks." I responded, walking out in front of Kurt.

Kurt's POV:

As I left I nodded to the Glee club. We had been texting during rehearsal that we needed to get Finn to admit he was sick so we could get him better quick. I was gonna drive him home so I could make sure he rested and then Rachel would go over tomorrow to make sure he took it easy, but subtly. It wouldn't be too suspicious for us to come over since, although we weren't living in the same house yet, we were soon to be stepbrothers and he and Rachel so clearly loved each other. But right now, I had to get him to admit he was sick.

Quinn's POV (back in the choir room):

"Guys, he sounds and looks terrible but he's still stubborn Finn. What are we gonna do to make sure he gets better?" I demanded, Finn and I weren't together but I loved him as a friend.

"Okay guys I have a plan..." Puck started explaining a pretty good plan but the Kurt texted us, guess Finn already had to admit he was sick. Now to make sure he was better soon so we are prepared for this competition.

Kurt's POV:

I was driving Finn home when he started to seem rly uncomfortable and sickly.

"Kurt...can you pull over really quick?" He whispered weakly. Oh no, I know what's happening! I pulled over just in time for Finn to yank the door over and throw up in the shoulder of the road. I texted the group to tell them Finn had thrown up and couldn't deny sickness anymore.

"You ready to let me take care of you now?" I asked after he settled back into the car.

"Whatever it takes to be performance ready as soon as possible." Finn muttered, laying back on the seat. He was out like a light in seconds and I felt bad knowing I was gonna have to wake him up in a few minutes to get inside the house.

This was really spontaneous so I'm not sure when I can update but please let me know if you like it :)