Barbie Q, The Grill Who Fell In Love With Christian Gray

It was a dull day at Wallmart(A/N: I know the original has one L, just like the word lawsuit) and Barbie Q was suffering from crippling depression. The gas grill has been stuck in the box for weeks and felt like her life didn't go anywhere since she graduated from the factory in the distant Vietnam. All parts of her were present, but nobody so far bothered to put her together and give her meaning in life. It felt even more disheartening, when she could clearly hear humans walking by, stopping in front of her box for a few seconds and then once again going away.

"Why doesn't anybody want to buy me? Am I really this worthless?" sighed Barbie Q.

"It's always the same. Either they say nothing or they complain about the price or the pissy wife stops her drunken hubby who wants me. Those damn women must always be so jealous of my smooth design and shiny coils. Ugh, why couldn't they attach the propane tank to me while I'm in this state? Then I could blow myself and those mouth breathers out of existence!" sobbed Barbie.

Then she all of a sudden heard a strong confident manly walk approach her. "Surely someone like this will just walk away" she thought, but to her surprise that person stopped in front of her.

"Could it be? Were my prayers finally heard? Please don't let a dumb woman vagblock me again!" thought Barbie, while barely being able to breathe from anxiety.

"This one is just what I'm looking for. I'll buy it!"

"Such self-assurance! I haven't even seen his face and I'm already head over heat plates for him!" said Barbie Q, while her heat plates blushed. "There is no way I could become happier right now"

"I can't wait to put some juicy meat on this baby" said the male voice in lustful manner.

Barbie gasped. This was too much for her and she zoned out, not paying attention to her being carried away to a new destination