When Barbie came back to her senses she found herself in an unfamiliar place, but it felt like heaven on Earth. She was on a beautiful patio of a tall penthouse. The sun was shining on her petite sides, the birds were twitching due to exhaust gasses and you could constantly look down at the seemingly ant sized peasants bellow. This is the life!

Barbie noticed that somebody put her together, since all parts of her were connected for the first time. "I'm finally alive!" she exclaimed in delight, but she was sad that her lust overwhelmed her so much, that she didn't even see how her owner touched every single place of hers, when he put her together. Just the thought of that made her hotter-n-a-Texas-sidewalk-in-July. She was thinking about him opening her lid, touching her parts that can be only seen on special occasions, wrapping his arms around her… She wanted to feel him, please him and spend every second with him. Barbie's metal legs started shaking, since he got her burning' up, she was so excited, she couldn't hide it. »I like it, but I can't lose control in front of… Wait a second! I don't even know his name." Barbie immediately snapped out of it. "I don't know the name of my master! How could this happen?" she thought while having a minor nervous breakdown.

Then the door of the penthouse opened. Onto the patio walked a tall, lean yet muscular, and broad-shouldered man. His hair brunette, the eyes grey. "Could that really be him?" asked Barbie.

He walked to Barbie and opened her lid. "He's so straight forward" she thought. "Please let him be my owner"

The man noticed that the grill was seemingly vibrating. "What's this?" he asked himself.

Barbie recognized the voice. "It is him! She couldn't hide her blush.

Her owner noticed more unusual things. "Why is the grill plate so warm?" he asked. "I haven't turned it on yet".

"Oh crap! I need to calm down" Barbie thought.

"Anastasia, come outside" shouted the man.

"ANASTASIA!?" gasped Barbie. "No way. It must be his mother or his sister or his cousin. Please, for the love of God, let it be just an annoying relative!" prayed Barbie to herself.

Then a young woman walked in. "What is Christian?" she asked.

"There's something odd about this grill I bought. Can you take a look at it?" asked Christian.

"Don't tell me that a strong man like you is not handy with such equipment. I think you have the right touch for things like that, considering how easily you removed my tampon with your teeth last night" said Anastasia with a grin.

Barbie was fuming, but she did her best to hide this. She didn't want to leave a bad impression.

"You always boost how you're good with tools and you have proved to me that you're great with knobs, so can you please take a look at this?" asked Christian.

"Fine" said Anastasia.

Anastasia approached Barbie. "Nothing looks out of the ordinary" stated Anastasia. She then touched the plate with her finger.

"OUCH!" she screamed. The plate was burning hot on the spot she touched it.

"What's wrong?" asked Christian.

"Your stupid grill is hot. I burnt my finger" yelled Anastasia.

"This can't be, it's not even turned on" claimed Christian. He put his entire palm on the plate. "It's warm, but definitely not hot. I think that it's like this because of the sun shining on it for a few hours."

"He's defending me" thought an overwhelmingly happy Barbie.

"Are you kidding me? My finger is burnt! If this is some kind of prank or kink, then you have gone too far!" yelled Anastasia, before she stormed back into the penthouse.

"What was this all albout? I think I'm not going to grill anything today. She really brought the mood down by behaving like a diva!" said Christian.

Barbie Q started to fume again "How dare that tramp drive a wedge between me and my beloved Christian?! She's going to pay for this!".

Christian also went into the house, leaving Barbie Q alone. She used this time by herself to think of a plan.