So no vampires in this story. Jessica is a 29 year old professional who always wanted to live her life like a sitcom...literally. To do that, her warped mind tries to find potential 'family' members. She thinks she finds a connection in outsider and weirdo Bella and Alice. Tell me what you think when you have the chance!

"So this is Jessica Stanley. Today is March 8th, 2018. The hunt continues," the young business woman said to her camera mounted on the dash. The short, pretty brunette was pulling into a no name town in her black escalade. "Hello, Forks! Where's Spoons?" She laughed at her own dumb joke. The video cut to a view of the high school. Jessica focused on the teenage girls walking around campus. She turned the camera back to herself; she had a quick look at the view screen and wiped some drool away. "That's what I like about these high school girls, man. I get a little older, they stay the same age," she said in a McConaughey voice.

She circled around a couple times, not exactly subtle but in her mind she was on a mission. She parked a good distance from a group of kids eating lunch by some strange custom made art. This one girl really grabbed Jessica right away. She was geeky yet beautiful. Pixie like brown hair, a little spiky. She was doing some dance in short shorts. "Oh my God! She is amazing!" Jessica's jaw dropped. "Look at how flexible and talented she is! She's like the total package!" Unfortunately there was too many people around to stop and have a chat with her, she didn't want to draw too much attention. The group dispersed but that little hottie was still dancing; one of her little friends called to her, 'Come on, Alice!' The girl realized her friends were leaving and ran after them like a cartoon. "Hm, Alice...," Jessica said aloud, "I'll see you again Alice, you little hottie."

She parked in the far back of the school where the woods were. She thought she'd keep an eye out for anymore that came by. It was also the perfect time to eat her lunch. She spoke to the camera as she crammed a burger into her mouth and soda. "It's hard sometimes. I'll get caught by like a lame teacher or 'concerned parent'. They'll get in my face and be like, 'The fuck are you doing here? You don't have a kid that even goes to this school do you? I'm calling the police!', it's so ridiculous. For all of you that have been following me know that I would never hurt any of these girls. If only they'd watch my channel they'd know I just want to start my own family. I mean, how else am I supposed to do that? Huh? *Burp!*. Excuse me." She turned the camera to the woods where almost by accident she saw a girl all by herself sitting underneath a tree. She was dressed in dark colours, long brown hair. She had a notebook she was writing in and by the looks of it it didn't have anything to do with school. "She's all alone. Poor thing, " she turned the camera back to her, "These are what I call strays. She totally needs my help. She looks like she would be a great addition. I wonder what she's writing. Maybe poetry. She's so deep."

The teenage girl didn't hear the car creep up behind her. She did hear the driver's window roll down. She was startled like a deer. "Hi, there!" Jessica tried her best to hide the camera but the girl was staring directly at the lens. She didn't say a thing, she looked back at Jessica surprised, "What's that you're working on? Don't be shy. Are you hungry?" Still nothing. The girl then put her notebook in her backpack and slung the backpack over her shoulder. Jessica stuck her half eaten fast food bag out the window. She shook the bag. Girl stood as still as a statue. "Hm," Jessica took the bag back in the car and tried another idea. She spoke in a cheery voice and stuck her head out the window, "Want to go for a ride? A ride in the car? Come here, girl! Come here, girl!" She continued to call her over like she was a dog. The girl looked at her offended, turned and walked to the far side of the school. Jessica trained her camera on her, "Well, there goes another one...," she sighed. As she left the school, defeated she gave a final word to the camera before signing off. "I guess I should change my approach. I mean. I have tried just about everything. I've tried hunting at the malls too but it's all bitches and girls that won't even give you the time of day. They're way beyond my help. I thought today would be different. I really did..." she started tearing up a bit but she wasn't having it, she couldn't start crying on camera and show weakness. "No! You know what? I'm coming back tomorrow because I saw something really special in those two! I'm coming back for both of them. I'm going to give them a good loving home!"

The next day Jessica was good on her word. She drove again at lunch to Forks High School but didn't see Alice by the art like the day before. "Dang it!" She drove to the back but found faculty members, "Sorry. Little lost," she laughed out her window. She found a path to park at. She lied her head down on the steering wheel, just about ready to give up. But then she saw that girl at the tree with her notebook again. "Alright, she's back!" She got out of her car and stumbled clumsily on her heels. She adjusted her suit and hair as she approached. She didn't want to be a creep and jump out from behind her. She walked up slowly, smiling and waving even though the girl didn't notice her yet. When she did look up from her notebook she came very close to actually speaking. Her eyes were as wide as could be. "Hey, there. Remember me? I'm Jessica. I'm not here to hurt are you working on?" She got down on her knees but made sure not to get too close. The girl turned her book around. There were sketches and writing on pages. "Oh, like a book?" The girl nodded neutrally, "What's your name?" She hid shyly behind her long hair. She was so pale and she had dark rings around her eyes. "Wow, so mysterious," Jessica smiled. "I...I used to spend a lot of time alone when I was your age. I guess I just didn't fit in. Are you hungry?" The girl looked up at her unsure. Jessica rubbed her stomach, "I can take you anywhere you want to go and maybe we could talk." The corner of the girl's mouth curled.

Jessica helped her into the car, "Buckle up, honey." She did so and they were off. They stopped at a Burger King and got her a couple burgers which she proceeded to practically vacuum into her mouth. "Wow, you must be really hungry!" Jessica was fascinated just watching her. The girl stopped and looked up at her, "Sorry, I didn't mean to stare..." She looked away and after a few minuted of silence Jessica spoke up, "The reason I invited you out here...I wanted to propose a proposition to you. I'm 29 and a half, single and I want to start a family."

The girl just gave her a confused look, who could blame her really. "See, I never had a lot growing up. I just had television and the families always were so happy my short life I've gathered a lot of wealth and a lot of life experience but no one to share it with.

The girl looked off to another table where a family was sitting, "My family hates me."

"You can talk, well that's good," she smiled widely, displaying that cute overbite, "Your family hates you?"

"They think I have no future. They think what I do is stupid. My mother burned my old notebook."

"What? She burnt...that's not right!" she punched her fists down on the table, alerting the attention of the other family, "Sorry...But what you do isn't stupid, it's deep and important."

"You really think it is?" she looked up at her with those big brown, doe eyes that melted her heart.


"My name is Bella."

"Bella? Like Isabella?"

"I like Bella better. I don't like Isabella."

"That's great," she reached across the table and stoked Bella's hand, "Bella, I want to adopt you. I want to take you home with me. I promise that I will support you and will help you in anyway I can."


"But what?"

"I've always wanted to run away."

"Good! Do it!"

Bella smiled widely, "Are you for real?"

"Yes! I'm so for real!"

"Ok. Let's do it," she shook hands in agreement.

Jessica drove her back to school to pick up some things from her locker. Alice was nowhere in sight but Jessica knew she'd be back for her too. They left town and onto a winding road. A car popped out of nowhere, Jessica slammed on the brakes and instinctively put a hand over to the driver's seat. She honked at the offending driver and checked on Bella, "Are you ok, dear?" Bella looked disturbed but nodded. "Some people, ya know?" she laughed off. It just occurred to her that she acted like a protective mother, something she always wanted. She was so proud of herself. All Bella could think was, "Did she just squeeze my breast?"

Jessica's house was high class. Closed off. Big gate with a big 'J.S'. Bella's mouth was a gap as they drove into the garage. It was such a nice place with its hedges and statues.

Some time later that night, Jessica sat on her couch in her designer robe a 'J.S' on the left breast. She setup the camera.

"I just put Bella to bed," she whispered, "She is so sweet. I picked a good one. Before she turned in I asked her if she'd ever had a sister before. She said, 'No'. So I asked her if she would like one, she shrugged you know, like how teenagers do. Then I asked her if she'd love to have Alice from her school as her sister. She gave me this look, like she didn't blink or anything, she frowned a bit then she turned away from me. in progress. Still I think this is all meant to be. It's supposed to be me, Bella and Alice. Just one happy American family," she can hardly contain her joy, "I'm doing it. I really am. It just shows that if you work hard the universe will be on your side. Thanks for watching everyone and tune in next time for another exciting episode of 'That's My Girl!', peace!" She blew a kiss to the camera and turned it off.

So it's a little different. I'll understand if some don't want to stick around but for those who do I'll do my best to get the next one out as I finish up some other stories.