The Hunter, part 1

She slipped silently along the corridor: The Targets room was just up ahead, and given the security on this Drift, it should be an easy job. She didn't know why the Drago's where willing to pay so much just to have one regular human killed, but then, she wasn't paid to think.

One thing was bugging her thou: her contact had given her the room number, and confirmed that the Target was the only person inside, but hadn't given her his name. She didn't like knowing her Targets name, but it sometimes helped.

She reached the room, and easily overrode the lock. The room was pitch- black, but that didn't stop her: she simply switched to infer-red. She slowly made her way across the room to the bed, and pointed her gun at the sleeping form. She was about to pull the trigger when the Target rolled over, and she saw his face.

No! Not him! Not after all this time!

She started to back away, and didn't see the low table behind her. It didn't make a lot of noise, just enough to wake the Target up. He flipped the light on, and gasped, "You? What the?" Before he could ask any more questions, the Hunter was out the door, running as fast as she could.

She reached the right docking port and clambered through. She closed the air locked behind her, "Dex, get us the hell out of here!" she yelled to the pilot. There was a thump as the docking hatched where released, then the small ship's powerful engines kicked in, hurtling them away from the drift. The pilot turned to her, "What happened Boss?" The Hunter shock her head, "I froze up Dex, I couldn't do it." Dex laughed, "You, freeze up on a hit? That'll be the day!" She looked at him sadly, "I've never been hired to kill someone I love before."

Dex was about to ask another question when alarms started going off. He looked at the sensor screen, "Boss, we got a really big ship closing from astern. I don't think we can out-run them to the slipstream portal!" The Hunter looked at the screen, "Well, well, well, my old friend, were where you hiding?" Dex looked at his employer, "You know the Andromeda Ascendant?" She laughed, "You could say that. Evasive manoeuvres, keep moving before she gets a lock with the grapples."

Dex dodged and weaved, but all to no avail: first one, then two grapple lines snagged the ship and started to pull them in.

There was a loud bang as the ship came to rest in the cavernous hanger. The Hunter sighed, "Home sweet home. You better stay here for now Dex: it's personal." The pilot was confused, but knew better than to argue with his boss. She walked back to the air-locked and opened it. Two armed figures stood outside, guns raised. She smiled, her arms raised, "Harper, Tyr, it's been a while."

The engineer smiled back, but kept his gun level, "Welcome home Rommie."