The Hunter, part 32

New St. Petersburg, two years later:

Dylan walked through the door and say Rommie laid out on the sofa, sleeping. A quietly walked over to her and gently kissed her on the forehead. Her eyes opened sleepily, and she smiled, "When did you get back?" Dylan kissed her again, on the lips this time, "We docked about two hours ago: I left Beka to deal with everything and took the first shuttle down." Rommie smiled, "Let me guess: Dex brought you down in the Argo." Dylan was shocked, "How'd you know?" Rommie smiled, "You always look like that after he's put you through one of his 5-G landings." Dylan laughed, "True."

Rommie slowly sat up, one hand on her swollen belly, "If I'd known I'd end up looking like this, I might not have agreed to have your child." Dylan smiled as he sat down beside her, "Admit it: you love being pregnant!" Rommie smiled, "True. I went to see the doctor the other day." Dylan looked at her, his eyes wide, "And?" Rommie kissed him on the nose, "You will be happy to know you have a perfectly healthy daughter. One, I might add, who seems intent on kicking her way out of me when I try to sleep." Dylan hugged her tight, "At lest you won't end up bruised like Beka was."

There was a knock at the door, and Dylan got up to answer it: A young Ensign stood at attention, "Captain Hunt sir, the Admiral wishes to see you at your earliest convenience." Dylan sighed, "Tell him that I've just gotten back after 6-mouthns away, and I want to spend some time with my wife: I'll be in first thing tomorrow morning." The Ensign nodded apprehensively, "Very well sir." He saluted and left.

Rommie laughed as the door closed, "You know what the Admiral's going to do when he gets that message?" Dylan smiled, "Since when did lieutenants get the right to talk back to there commanding offices?" Rommie kissed him, "When they marry them and have their child." Dylan smiled, "True enough." He sat down, "Have you had any thoughts about names?" Rommie nodded, "I have: Trance." Dylan thought for a second, and then smiled, "Trance Hunt? I could live with that." Rommie giggled, "Who said it was your choice to make?" Dylan grinned, "Your lucky you're pregnant, or I'd tickle you again!" Rommie laughed, "You do and your sleeping on this sofa for the next week!"

Dylan took her hand in his, "No regrets?" Rommie kissed him, "No regrets."

The End