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"James, if you do not settle on a costume this instant I will decapitate you and hang your head on our front porch." Lily said, walking up to James and kicking him in the shin. Harry laughed with glee.

"Lily Flower, you know you love me because of my charming good looks in any form of clothing" James said, pouting. Lily kicked him again.

Harry giggled and clapped happily.

"Hey! What wa -" James was interrupted by someone knocking on their door. Lily and James carefully drew their wands and headed slowly to the door. Looking at each other they silently agreed to split up. Lily started to pick up Harry when...

"James! Its me Peter!" Peters familiar voice called out from door. Lily relaxed her tensed muscles and walked to open the door. She was about to turn the doorknob when the door flew off its hinges and hit Lily in the chest. It had broken all her ribs and she was knocked unconscious

Standing in their doorway was none other than the Moldywa- He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. In all his pale snakish glory. Behind him stood Peter staring up at Moldy with fear. His eyes darted between the horrified James and Lily. Thousands of emotions played across James face, horror, betrayal, pain, sorrow, and then finally anger. James overcame his shock and betrayal quickly scooping up the now crying Harry and turned just in time to see Voldeshorts fire a Killing Curse into Lily. James turned and ran deeper into the house.

Voldemort looked down at Lily in disgust. "Come loyal servant, the Blood Traitor is trapped, it is only a matter of time" Voldemort calmly walked in the direction in which James ran off. Peter looked down at the now deceased Lily half covered by the shattered door frame. Peter pulled a flower out of pocket and layed it in Lily's hand. She looked so peaceful as she lay under the door. Peter turned to follow his master but was knocked off his feet as an explosion rocked the house.

Sirius stood before the wreckage that was the Potter family home. All that was left was ashes and burnt timbers. The entire front of the house was destroyed. Something settled at Sirius' feet. He picked it up and looked into the smiling eyes of James as he pushed Harry around on a toy broom while Lily laughed in the background. Sirius gently tucked the charred photo into his pocket. Hagrid appeared behind him on his motorcycle. He was consumed by rage. He would find Peter and end his life. The little rat would perish in his jaws.

Hagrid landed next to him on his flying motorcycle. "Not Lily" Hagrid cried behind him. Sirius searched through the wreckage. Looking for any more pictures or belongings. Hagrid joined him and sifted through the charred wood softly crying the whole time. Then Sirius heard something. A soft cry. It was coming from the back of the house. Both of them stood still listening to the soft crying of a baby. Sirius moved forward and quickly scooped up young Harry. A lightning shaped scar resting on his forehead. He brought him to Hagrid. "Take him to Dumbledore. There is something that I must do." Sirius said. And with a swish of his cloak that could rival even Snape, he was gone.

Sirius was watching Peters house from the bushes. In his animigus form he snuck up on the house and entered through the cellar. He climbed the ladder into the a very dinky and small kitchen. It had one sink, and a couple cupboards all growing mold. The floor was grimy and covered in crumbs. Making sure he was not be spotted. He swiveled his head to look around the room before climbing out carefully and began creeping to where he heard Peter stuffing belongings into a suitcase. He peeked around the corner and snuck up on the traitor. He stuck his wand put the tip of his wand on the back of his neck. Peter froze and dropped the picture of the four Mauraders on their last day of school. He snatched up the picture and put it in his own pocket."Merc-" Peter started but he was cut off by a low growl. "You do not deserve mercy"

"Petrificus Totalus!" Sirius said locking Peter in place. He stared at his old friend, hatred in his eyes. "TRAITOR" Sirius screamed in Peters face. His eyes widened in fear. And he would have been having a mini-seizure if he wasn't body binded

Being the smart person that Sirius was he released the Body Bind curse and pointed his wand at Peter's neck. "Why?" Sirius asked voice dripping with venom.

"Welllll… aha… you see…. so…...Aah! DUMBLEDORE!" Peter screamed. Sirius turned around expecting to see the old Headmaster but instead saw a rotting purple couch. He turned back to hex Peter for his little trick but all he saw was a rat scurrying away from him. He fired off curse after curse but the rat was to small and quick. Peter dodged the final spell and dropped into a hole. Sirius howled in rage. And fired another curse into the hole.

Later the police would be called about a particularly girly scream coming from a house in which only one male lived.

Sirius realized the Peter had told him about his escape route into the sewers. He's in the sewers. And ran outside and jumped into the nearest manhole. Sirius lit a lumos with his wand sloshed through the greenish water screaming "PETER!"

Distant squeaks of fear could be heard as Sirius ran after the Peter with murderous gleam in his eyes.

If you saw the dark glint in his eyes and the ragged clothes he wore from searching all night, you would have probably thought he was a serial killer who betrayed his best friends most secret secret to their worst enemy. But of course the wizarding world is too smart to let appearances make them prejudice and avoid giving a man a trial before sentencing him to life in jail! Right?

Sirius had finally cornered Peter in an alleyway with no escape. He looked at the the concrete walls surrounding him frantically searching for an escape.

"It's over Peter, if you come with me peacefully I might not kill you" Sirius said

Peter didn't respond. Peter looked past Sirius at something that was so interesting it had to take his attention away from a man who was trying to kill him. Curious about what Peter was looking at, Sirius turned and saw the muggles watching the confrontation. A good dozen of men who were just returning from work. Carrying suitcases and wearing bowler hats and tuxedos. Curious about what Peter was looking at, Sirius turned and saw the muggles watching the confrontation. And as the the old saying goes, Curiosity landed the dog in jail.

(What do you mean that's wrong? It is obviously correct)

Dumbledore stood outside the Dursley house hold ready to use his Deluminator when something felt wrong. There were no blood wards here. It must have been James who sacrificed himself to save Harry. "Well I am in the wrong place then" Dumbledore chuckled to himself.

"Right you are Professor" A voice said from behind him. 'If you are looking for James' closest blood relative it, then Harry will be safest with me."

"And I can trust that you will not use him to gain fame and money" Dumbledore questioned the man after he had turned to face him. The man was dressed in a Armani tuxedo and carried a briefcase. He smiled at Dumbledore and leaned against a lamp post.

He started picking at his nails. "My family already has enough fame to last centuries and the money to go along with it" The man stated. "We have no need for more."

Dumbledore looked at the man before his eyes started twinkling. "Raise him well." Dumbledore said as he gave the man the basket containing the sleeping Harry.

"Of course, when I am done he will be more than ready to face his worst enemy." He smiled at Dumbledore and left. His vampire smile seemed to linger in the air longer than it should have. Dumbledore visibly shuddered.

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