What does Inuyasha dream about?

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Kagome opened her eyes to see it was still dark out. Sighing she rolled over in her sleeping bag. She noticed Inuyasha sleeping in a tree near her. Kagome realized that she had almost never seen Inuyasha asleep and took a moment to admire how peaceful he looked when he slept. She was about to roll over and go back to sleep when she saw Inuyasha stir a little. 'He looks like he's dreaming.' Kagome thought studying the hanyou. 'I wonder what he dreams about.' Kagome sighed. 'Probably Kikyo.' she thought sadly. Inuyasha made a little sound and shifted in the tree. "Kagome." he mumbled.

Kagome blushed a little. 'He's dreaming about me?' she thought feeling her heart skip a beat. She watched as Inuyasha's mouth formed a small smile. "Mmm. Give it to me." he mumbled. Kagome flushed crimson. 'He's thinking about... with me?' Kagome's heart was beating very fast at the notion. Part of her mind was screaming for her to turn over and cover her ears, but another part of her wanted to keep listening. She bit her lip and waited to hear what the hanyou would say next. "Kagome.. Give it to me." he mumbled again. "Ramen." If Kagome hadn't been laying down she would have face faulted. 'Should have quit while I was ahead.' Kagome thought as she started turn over, but froze when she heard another name. "Kikyo."

Kagome felt like a deer in front of headlights. She didn't want to hear Inuyasha dream about Kikyo, but she did anyway. "Kikyo." He mumbled. "Get away from Kagome wench." he said nearly growling. Kagome blushed again. 'Is he protecting me from Kikyo? Maybe he does like me.' That thought was blown out the window by Inuyasha's next statement. "Hasn't given me my Ramen yet. Get away from her." he muttered. Kagome sighed and turned over. "Sit." she said before feigning sleep.

When Inuyasha hit the ground he looked around wildly. 'What the hell? Did I just fall out of a tree?' he thought. Inuyasha checked everyone's faces to make sure no one had seen this little embarrassment before he hopped back into his tree. 'I can't believe I fell out of a tree!" he thought angrily. Then he smirked. "But it was a pretty interesting dream. Especially when Kagome sat on my lap and was feeding me Ramen.' Inuyasha settled back into his tree with a small smirk on his face. 'I was about to kiss her too.' Inuyasha sighed and let himself drift back to sleep. Maybe if he hurried he could get back to that part.

************************************************************************ The next morning Kagome sat by the fire cooking breakfast. She jumped a little when Inuyasha landed beside her. "Oi. Do you have any more of that Ramen stuff?" he asked. Kagome glared angrily at him. "SIT!" she shouted before storming of into the woods. Inuyasha pried his face off the ground and looked at Miroku. "What's her problem?" he asked. Miroku just shrugged.

The End

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