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It had been about a month since he had woken up in a hospital bed with no recollection of how he had gotten there.

The last thing he could remember before that was losing to Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes just about to deliver the finishing blow…

Something rather outrageous must have happened in-between those two moments, considering that his battle with Gilgamesh took place in Fuyuki's Ryuudou temple, while the hospital he woke up in lay in Kuoh, a place he had never even heard about.

That was the first hint.

The next one was surprisingly simple.

The very world around him was different. The difference in concentration of mana was sufficient for even someone like Emiya Shirou to notice it. At first he thought he must be in some location with high mana, but why would a public hospital be built in such a place?

And indeed, this was a public hospital. Ordinary hospital equipment, ordinary nurses… Everything was ordinary.

The third hint shook him to his very core, the other reason the world was different.

The world wasn't there.

Okay, that sounded weird, he should probably rephrase that.

Obviously the world was there, at least as far as he could tell, but the World, the main reason why it was dangerous to be a Magus, wasn't there.

Or at the very least, it couldn't give less of a damn.

He wasn't entirely certain which it was.

Of course, the thing that really hammered it home was far more simple.

Emiya Shirou was not a person, there had never been a major disaster like the great fire in Fuyuki, the Matou family didn't exist (he couldn't check about the Makiri though), the Tohsaka family did but they didn't have anyone named Rin…

Okay, so it was a number of things, but it was those that confirmed the outrageous thing that seemed to have happened.

Well, there was also the fact that the dates didn't line up, at all.

He could only assume that he had somehow been sent to a different reality with so many differences that he was hesitant to call it a parallel one.

He sighed a bit as he paused to look up at the sky before resigning himself to his current reality and opening the door of what had become his home.

"I'm home!" He said, noting the extra pair of shoes apart from those of his caretaker.

They looked like they belonged to a woman, and this caused Shirou to frown slightly.

Azazel, while most certainly a bit of a womanizer, didn't bring any of them home ever since he took in Shirou.

Probably to avoid awkward moments.

As he went further in he heard their voices. Based on their tone it was a rather normal conversation, although it also seemed like the woman was slightly annoyed with Azazel.

Problem was, they were also speaking in a language he couldn't understand.

They probably heard him approach as their conversation came to an end.

"Shirou! Back already?" Azazel said, leaning back into his chair with a flippant gesture of greeting, switching to Japanese.

"You do know that I'm actually a bit late, right?" Shirou retorted.

Azazel was a tall man whose hair was somehow black with golden bangs and a black goatee, and whose personality could only be called, 'unfathomable'.

That man now gave a small laugh. "I guess that might be true!" The he straightened back up and indicated the woman sitting in the couch. "This is an associate of mine who came over to discuss some matters. Her name is Penemue."

The woman in question, who had long purple hair and an otherworldly beauty and bosom turned to face Shirou, revealing a strong gaze that spoke volumes of her age.

It was a little bit like meeting a servant, something that was strengthened since she, as well as Azazel, gave off a peculiar smell that was most certainly supernatural, as they weren't close enough for him to sense a natural one.

And of course she had to have a name straight from the book of Enoch.

"Hello Shirou. As Azazel said, I am one of his associates come to discuss a few matters with him. I hope he hasn't caused you any great grief." She said.

Shirou figured it was better not to question what matters those were, especially since he suspected these two were Fallen Angels, although he had no idea how powerful that made them.

The reason for this was that Azazel's name struck him as unusual, maybe even mythical, and he had decided to look into it.

His search had lead him to the book of Enoch, and the revelation that Azazel was the name of an Angel. Not just that, it was the name of a Fallen Angel, one that had become tempted by a human woman and fallen from grace in lust.

Of course, Shirou did his absolute best not to let his thoughts show and simply smiled.

"Nice to meet you Penemue-San, and no, he hasn't caused me any grief yet. Will you be staying for dinner? I am about to start preparing it." He replied.

"That is a kind offer, but I do not know if I have the time-"

"You should stay Penemue, he's good, and you should be able to afford the time." Azazel cut in with a wide grin.

She seemed a bit uncertain, but ultimately she sighed and shrugged. "I suppose that is true. I'll have to see how good you are Emiya Shirou."

"I won't give any guarantees, but I have been told my food is good."

With all that said and done, Shirou headed to the kitchen. While the number of people he would be cooking for had increased, it wasn't all that much, from two up to three, which for Shirou who had gotten used to cooking for three or more regularly was hardly an issue.

Shirou had earned the right to the kitchen after demonstrating both the desire and ability to cook, neither of which were overflowing in Azazel.

Vaguely he could hear the conversation resume in the living room, but he tuned it out certain that he wouldn't be able to understand anything.

Since they had a guest, he figured he might as well bring out the good ingredients and prepare something a little bit nicer than usual.

For Shirou this was a moment of peace as his mind became focused on the task at hand, leaving behind the uncertainties of his current situation as he deftly went through the steps of cooking.

Giving a satisfied nod as he tested the taste he called out: "Dinner's ready!"

Azazel and Penemue made their way to the dining-table even as Shirou laid out the meal, a traditional Japanese-style one.

"My, it both smells and looks quite tantalizing." Penemue said as she eyed the food.

"Heh, Shirou here's a skilled cook." Azazel interjected. "Heck, it seems like he's gone for the good stuff!" The man then added with a grin.

"Itadakimasu!" Shirou said, starting his meal, causing the other two to mirror his actions. "You know, that makes it sound like you know what ingredients we have."

"Well, contrary to what you may think, I do know to some degree what we have." Azazel retorted.

"Well, he is quite keen on making sure he knows exactly what he has at any given moment." Penemue added with a small smirk. "Ah, this food is quite exquisite in taste as well. Is this why you have been hiding out here Azazel?"

"I believe we already covered that topic earlier Penemue. Are you finally becoming senile in your advanced age?"

"Need I remind you that I am no older than you are?" Penemue replied with a smile promising pain.

Well, they certainly know each other well.

Shirou couldn't help but smile a bit, though it quickly turned bitter as he remembered dinner time back home.

It seemed both Penemue and Azazel noticed it, but neither chose to say anything,

"Well, we have something important to discuss Shirou." Azazel instead said.

"What is it?" Shirou couldn't help but tilt his head at the man.

"I've been thinking, and I feel like it would be quite unfortunate if you never got to experience school all the way through." Azazel continued.

"You're sending me to school?"

"Yeah. There's a nice school here called Kuoh Academy. They used to be all-female, but somewhat recently started accepting boys." Shirou didn't like the grin on Azazel's face. "Which means there's plenty of girls to go around!"

Shirou couldn't help but sigh, and Penemue seemed quite disapproving, although, thinking about it, that might have started before Azazel mentioned the girls.

"I guess it would be nice to finish my schooling…" Shirou said. He didn't particularly need to finish his schooling in order to fulfil his dream, but it would probably help. "But I don't particularly care about the girls."

"Come on Shirou, you need to live a little! A nice girl or two really helps spice things up!" Azazel seemed way too upbeat about what he said.

Shirou half-expected Penemue to say something, but it actually seemed like she might even agree to some extent.

"And while you're there…" Azazel suddenly shifted gears, become something more akin to serious than anything else. "I want you to keep an eye on someone." Shirou could only raise an eyebrow at his caretaker. "Well, you see… a friend of mine-"

"So you call me an associate and Barachiel a friend?" Penemue suddenly interjected with feigned annoyance.

Barachiel… Great, another angel that appears in the book of Enoch. But that guy wasn't described as a fallen…

"A friend of mine has a daughter that attends Kuoh." Azazel continued, and it seemed neither of them noticed Shirou's confusion. "Their relationship is somewhat strained, and he hasn't been able to see her for quite some time."

Shirou shook his head lightly. "I suppose I could keep an eye on her…"

"Good! Her name is Himejima Akeno, and she's quite the fine young lady!" Azazel happily said while handing Shirou a photograph.

'Quite the fine young lady' was not an exaggeration. With extremely long black hair tied in a ponytail and an exceptionally generous bust the girl could give Penemue a run for her money. The picture gave off quite the lady-like air, almost perfect, but Shirou knew better than to buy that.

He had been in a relationship with Tohsaka Rin after all.

"How much is left?" Shirou then asked.

"Nothing. You'll be joining the second year on Monday." Azazel said without a care in the world.

On Monday…? But today was Saturday…

"What?" That was all Shirou could say in his astonishment.

"What? It's not like I would have taken no for an answer. Your uniform arrived just today, and I settled everything else last week." Azazel replied.

"Thank you for the food, my business here is already settled, so I'll take my leave now." Penemue suddenly said, rising from her seat. "You know, I might just claim the boy for myself if he's this good at cooking." She then added with an alluring smirk.


And so, despite quite a few misgivings Emiya Shirou found himself standing at the gates of Kuoh Academy, clad in its uniform.

He had to admit, he was hesitating a bit.

But not for the reason one might think. No, the reason for his hesitation wasn't so simple as nervousness.

There was clearly some kind of magical boundary there, and it left him worried for what he might be getting into.

He couldn't quite tell what it was for, and nothing seemed to happen whenever a student passed it. It was clearly active though… Maybe it only reacted to supernatural entities? After all, they did seem to be around, and hard to distinguish from normal humans, so wanting to know when one entered into your vicinity was perfectly reasonable.

So, the question was, who put it up, what exactly did it do, and would it cause him trouble?

Unfortunately, it seemed that he had been standing there for too long as the female student that had been standing a way beyond approached, probably having waited for him to enter only to become fed up with his hesitation.

"Emiya Shirou?" She called out.

She was a bespectacled girl with black, relatively short hair, violet eyes and a more modest figure, which was a bit of a relief, Shirou felt like there were already too many people with generous figures around. She also gave off an air reminiscent of Tohsaka's honour student persona.

Most importantly though, she had a supernatural smell. It was different from Azazel or Penemue, but it was certainly something he had sensed before.

Shirou wasn't the only ward of Azazel's, but he had only met the other once. Said person had introduced himself as Vali, and there had been something in that person's mannerisms that had reminded Shirou of Lancer.

A repressed battle-lust that was just waiting for someone worth his while.

Vali had given off a distinctly different smell from Azazel, and now this person before him was similar. But where Vali had had a repressed hint of something else, the person before him was pure.

"Ah, sorry! That's right." He replied, doing his best to keep a straight face.

Any unease that showed through would hopefully be interpreted as nerves.

She sighed. "I am Shitori Souna, a third-year here at Kuoh Academy, and I serve as its Student Council President. I've been waiting for you."

Definitely annoyed. Still… for the Student Council President to personally come greet a transfer student? Why did he get the feeling she was suspicious of him?

"I see. I am sorry to have wasted your time." He apologised, bowing.

It didn't seem like she expected the apology.

"No, no. It's fine. I wanted to ascertain your character and show you around." She suppressed her fluster rather quickly.

"I see. Thank you Shitori-Kaichou."

At this point he didn't really have any choice but to pass through the boundary, and fortunately nothing seemed to happen at his end, and Shitori Souna made no indication that anything happened on her end.

It could of course be that she had nothing to do with the boundary, but that didn't seem overly likely.

As for wanting to ascertain his character… He could imagine plenty of reasons.

After that, he was simply shown around the various facilities of the school before he was left at the faculty office with his homeroom teacher.

The fact that said teacher had an inordinate amount of respect for the Student Council President didn't go unnoticed.


His first day had been rather… interesting.

He figured he'd get a lot of attention, being a transfer student in the middle of the year.

What he didn't realise was that him being male would garner even more attention.

The class was overwhelmingly predominantly female, and out of the males that he saw throughout that day, most were rather average. Not that Shirou had high opinions of his own appearance, but his high degree of physical fitness raised it, as mentioned by literally nearly every single girl he met.

Other than that though, the day passed without a hitch. Nothing unusual happened, and he could only assume that whatever that boundary did, it hadn't reacted to him.

He had by chance encountered Himejima Akeno and had learned a few things about her. She was one of the Great Ladies of Kuoh together with the girl next to her, Rias Gremory, a foreign exchange student with long vibrant crimson hair and an excessive bust.

The interesting thing he noted as he passed them by was that Himejima Akeno's scent was something of a combination between Azazel and Penemue's and Vali and Shitori Sona's, while Rias Gremory like the Student Council President had a more 'pure' scent.

The question then was simple. What was it that caused these different scents?

If they were some kind of supernatural entities, did it mean they were different species? If his suspicion that Azazel and Penemue were exactly what their names would suggest, then what could the others be?

Probably not Angels, as it wouldn't make a lot of sense with Himejima-San seemingly being a hybrid between the two.

The problem was that the list was kind of long. Various types of Youkai, Demons, Fae (a bit unlikely in Japan to be fair)…

He hadn't questioned Azazel about any of this out of respect for the man choosing not to question him about his circumstances…

But right now his caretaker was the only person he felt even vaguely confident about asking, and he was starting to feel the need for information…

His musings were interrupted when he realised that his surroundings were quiet… too quiet…

Stopping, he warily started looking around, noting the lack of people on the street, which even if it wasn't the busiest or anything shouldn't be empty at this time of day…

"Huh, seems like you can at least notice when something is wrong. Maybe this won't be as much of a waste of time as I feared." A young-sounding feminine voice broke the silence, coming from somewhere behind him.

The arrogance that seeped through it wasn't quite at the level of the King of Heroes, but it was certainly not at a level an ordinary person was likely to have.

He turned around quickly, tensing his body and getting ready to Trace, praying that nothing would go wrong due to the difference between this world and his when he did so.

While he had tested Tracing, he hadn't tested Tracing Noble Phantasms yet.

"Oh! It seems like you're at least a bit battle-hardened! Good, good!" The person exclaimed in response to his actions.

Now that he had turned around he could see that the person behind him was a short girl middle-length blonde hair tied into twin-tails by a large black bow and blue-eyes. Her figure was fitting for her stature, giving her the appearance of a child, although her words and attitude suggested otherwise.

She also had the same scent as Azazel and Penemue, so he assumed she belonged to the same species.

"Who are you?" He said, maintaining his cautious stance.

The being about to attack him seemed to ponder for a moment before shrugging. "Well, you're about to die anyways, so why not? My name is Mittelt, and I will have you die here, Emiya Shirou!"

With those words a spear made of pink light manifested in her right hand, and with inhuman speed she shot forward towards Shirou.

"Trace On!" He quickly traced Kanshou and Bakuya, feeling quite a bit of relief as the married blades came into being complete with their history.

Mittelt's eyes widened in surprise as she saw the blades form, but even so she managed to avoid his counter-blow when he parried her attack.

She quickly took distance and stared at him. "That's… But I can't sense any Sacred Gear… Some type of Magic…?" She muttered, clearly quite surprised. "That's nice! Seems like this might actually be quite interesting!" Suddenly a pair of black feathery wings sprouted from her back as her supernatural presence increased.

This time she was even faster as she shot forward, but the speed of her attack couldn't compare to that of Saber's during their spars, and with the help of the experience absorbed from Archer he parried the flurry of strikes, but he couldn't find any opening to counter-attack.

Honestly, he was a bit disappointed.

Gilgamesh had been a tougher opponent in close-combat than this.

But, even as he felt disappointment, his opponent started to feel rage, and with that rage came sloppiness.

She made a mistake, left an opening.

Shirou's leg lashed out, viciously connecting with her stomach, driving the air out of her lungs and sending her flying.

Unfortunately she recovered before he could follow up and took to the skies.

He considered whatever he should try Tracing a bow or Trace a few swords to fire at her.

Then she chucked her light-spear at him.

It was a good throw, indicating that this was a favoured tactic and not some desperate last-ditch effort.

It flew fast and true, and he wouldn't be able to dodge it…

So he deflected it. Kanshou and Bakuya were swords of superior make, even if his Traced copies were degraded, and thanks to Archer's additions they warded off magical attacks. It was honestly too easy.

The smirk that had formed on Mittelt's face turned into a shocked expression.

"How!? Don't tell me… You couldn't be… Are you a Hero!?" She practically screamed.

Shirou supposed he shouldn't have been surprised. If anything, this world seemed like it never left the Age of Gods, it would make perfect sense if there were heroes running around.

He couldn't help the smirk that formed on his face, although if he had seen it, he would probably have been horrified considering how it looked just like Archer's.

"Not yet." He replied.

It was sort of a true statement. He wanted to become an Ally of Justice, which was similar to a hero, and Archer was, for all that Shirou hated him, an Emiya Shirou that had become a Heroic Spirit.

For some reason it seemed like Mittelt became flushed with anger as she violently shook herself before starting to throw more light-spears.

It wasn't even close to what Shirou had to deflect while fighting Gilgamesh.

If possible, he would prefer not to kill Mittelt. Not because he didn't think she deserved it, but because he needed answers.

For example, why she was trying to kill him.

It seemed unlikely Azazel would have ordered this all things considered. Penemue was a possibility, even if it didn't seem overly likely with his current information.

It was possible someone else within their group wanted him gone for one reason or another. Of course, she could be unrelated to Azazel's group entirely for all Shirou knew.

Problem was, how was he going to capture her?

Fire Berserker's Axe-Sword at her? She might survive that…

Wound her till she passes out from blood-loss? Is that even possible? And how is he going to make sure she survives?

If he had analysed those chains used by Gilgamesh, he might have been able to use them but…


He does have a weapon with a chain attached. Rider's daggers.

He prepared to Trace the weapon, waiting for an opportune moment to use it.

Luckily, he didn't have to wait long as Mittelt seemed to tire from continuously throwing the spears, temporarily causing an opening.

Kanshou and Bakuya disappeared into motes of light as Rider's daggers appeared in his hands.

Subconsciously he drew upon the history of the weapons, replicating Rider's usage of the weapons.

Before Mittelt could properly react to the change in armament the chain had wrapped around her, and moments later she found herself pulled around with monstrous strength before painfully being smashed into the ground.

She lost consciousness immediately, but Shirou didn't move.

Because he had seen something within the weapon. A glimpse of Rider's summoning… and her Master.


It made sense. Tohsaka had said that Shinji wasn't a Magus. Shinji himself had said that he wasn't a Magus. The bruise on Sakura's hand shortly before the war began. Some of her odder actions and reactions around that time.

And he could perfectly well guess why she might have handed the Servant over to Shinji. It's not like he hadn't noticed her affection for him at all.

He shook his head, dispersing his rampant thoughts.

This was hardly the time or place, especially since there was nothing he could do about it right now.

Realising that Mittelt had lost consciousness he let the weapon disperse and picked her up.

It might be a really stupid idea, but he was going to have a chat with Azazel about this.

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