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I have never been one for long stories and such, but I fear I must make this a long story, lest you be confused.

The next day, I woke up at sunrise, as was my habit, and got up and got dressed. It wasn't until I was halfway out the door that I remembered what had happened the day before. It literally felt the world crashing down over my ears, and it was all I could do not to curse and scream. But I grit my teeth, and decided that Chekov would see Da Chao crumbling before I gave up.

Without realizing it, I had just made the first decision of many that would change my life forever. In a sense, it was the most vital of them all. But I am digressing.

I stepped out in the corridor, and was promptly overrun but a pair of servants. Confused, yet I dismissed the thought of following them, as I had work to do. The only trouble was, I didn't know how to go about that work. Should I enter the princess' room and wake her up, or wait in the corridor until she did, and then go about today's duties?

Thankfully, I was saved from making that decision, as aforementioned princess stepped out in the corridor, wearing an overly large shirt and a pair of shorts, which made her look somewhat like a child in clothes designed for adults. She probably was, too. The shirt looked older than she was.

To my great surprise, she went over and hugged me, well, my legs to be exact, as she didn't reach any higher, but it was a hug nevertheless.

"G'morning." She said, yawning a bit.

"Good morning." I replied, still a bit stunned from the hug.

"What are we gonna do now?" She asked me, looking so adorable that I'm sure even Sephiroth would have melted. On second though, maybe not.

"Now, we are going to eat breakfast." I told her.

And so we went to find something to eat. We ran into Chekov along the way, and she said I should take Her Highness down to eat with me. The problem was, I ate in the soldiers' quarters, where I until yesterday had also had my bed. Well, if that was the way she wanted it, who am I to argue? All I worried about, was how my former colleagues would react when I shoed up at the doorstep with the Royal Brat, as they so fondly called her. And so had I, until yesterday. Somehow, the term didn't fit anymore.


We stood in the doorway to the busy soldiers' canteen, Yuffie clinging to my hand desperately, which she had managed to get a hold of somewhere along the way. There weren't many people in there, but I soon spotted some of my friends. They hadn't seen us yet, and I dragged the child towards their table, wanting to find something normal in this strange situation. Koji looked up when we approached.

"Hey, Tseng, where've you been?" He called.

"I got reassigned." I replied, gesturing to Yuffie.

Koji looked confused for a moment, and then looked in the direction I was pointing, and his eyes widened when he saw it was the princess I had brought with me. It was the first time I had seen Koji truly shocked. But it sure as hell wasn't the last.

"Errr, Tseng, are you sure she should be here?"

I nearly laugh now; I could practically see his mind trying to wrap itself around his new concept. He wasn't very bright either, that boy. Thankfully, I got over my own idiocy quite quickly. A dumb samurai is a dead samurai.

I sat down on the bench opposite him, and helped Yuffie crawl up beside me. I was loosing my stupidity quickly, and I was starting to enjoy messing with his head. I put on an expression of honest confusion, albeit a fake one, and looked at him.

"Why, yes, why shouldn't she?"

"Err, she is the princess, you know."

I looked down at Yuffie in mock surprise.

"Really? I hadn't noticed!" I exclaimed, winking at her, and to my surprise, she grinned.

That came as quite a shock. Five-year-olds aren't supposed to know sarcasm when they hear it, but she clearly understood what I was doing. Now I know that she is smarter than she lets on, but then I didn't, so I almost gaped at her. I didn't, though; it would have ruined my little show.

"Are you hungry, princess?" I asked her, smiling at her.

She nodded, and I piled some food onto her plate. It was amazing how much things had changed since yesterday. I, who previously despised children, found myself joking around with one. But Yuffie isn't, or should I say wasn't, a normal child. What normal child grows up to be a Materia Hunter and end up saving the world? But I am getting ahead of myself again.


The rest of the day went by much as the one before had. I remained in the same room as the princess, doing something insignificant, while she played. Koji had, after getting over the fact that the princess had had breakfast in the same room as he had, proceeded to spread that I was the princess' bodyguard. I didn't min, but it was getting a bit distracting, having people walk up to me every few minutes asking me if it was true. Hopefully, they would get over it soon.