Smell of Desire Rated R / AU Summary: Add two matchmaking waitresses, a few pick up lines, a seductive dance, and you get a night that Sara and her dark knight will never forget.

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Sara sat at the small round table with her two closest friends, Vicki Po and Lee Woo. By begging and pleading both had miraculously convinced their mutual, over-worked friend to spend a night out. "Come on Pez you've been working like a dog. You need sometime to relax and let loose." Those were Vicki's words. But how could she honestly relax and let loose in a club. It wasn't exactly Sara's type of place. Give her a nice quiet bar with decent beer and a room with a pool table and she would have been happy.

Instead, they ransacked her closet, and when they found nothing Vicki magically pulled out a dress for Sara to wear. At first, it was a rather innocent looking dress. A simple black silk dress, a bit short for her taste but Sara was willing to use it. That was until she turned it over and notices that a very large portion of the back was missing. She held the dress up by its two too thin straps and stared at it shockingly. It had taken another hour of groveling and begging from the two before Sara caved in and slipped on the dress. After another half an hour of messing with her hair and make-up, they finally left her apartment and headed straight to Club Fusions.

To Sara's surprise, it wasn't all that busy considering it was a Friday night. Then again, it was still early when they had arrived. From what she's heard about the club things didn't begin to pick up until 11 p.m. and stealing a glance at her watch it was only 9:30 p.m. Thankfully the room, which was dimly light with blues lights, wasn't overly crowed there were a few people shattered here and there. The huge bar adorned one side of the wall and in the middle of the room was the dance floor, surrounded by railings and a short ramp where people had to walk down. On the opposite side of the dance floor, high above on its perch was the DJ booth. The rest of the room was filled with booths, small round tall tables, and bar stools.

Sara unconsciously ran her hand behind her neck and sighed. It wasn't as if she hadn't worn some pretty risque stuff in the past but now she couldn't help but feel a bit overly exposed. The dress had proven to be more then just innocent. Her entire back was exposed down to the very base of her spine, and the helm of the dress stopped just past mid-thigh. In addition, with her hair pinned up, save a few locks cascading down along her face, she just felt naked.

"How are you holding up in that dress?" Vicki amusingly teased.

Sara glared back at her already plotting her revenge on the woman. Vicki sheepishly smiled while Lee said, "You look great " Sara also spared her a vehement look, "Oh, I'm getting the both of you for this." Sara swore.

"Ah, come on Pez loosen up will you. You do look great and if you'd stop shutting down every guy that paid you a complement you'd have more fun." Vicki informed.

"Vick please horny assholes have been coming up to us since we've been here. They deserved to be shot period with some of those pick up lines they used." The trio began to laugh remembering some of them.

Excuse me, do you have your phone number? I seem to have lost mine.

I'm new in town, could I have directions to your house.

I wonder what our children will look like.

That outfit would look great in a crumpled heap next to my bed.

And of course their favorite one they've heard so far was, "I'm fighting the urge to make you the happiest woman on earth." Sara just rolled her eyes. She stared at the blond headed, blue eyed, imitation Armani suit wearing man and said, "You want to make me the happiest woman on earth?" Sara asked. Immediately he perked up at Sara's question.

"Oh yeah, baby."

"Well why don't your take your 'urges' someplace else and get the hell away from me."

The man known as Matt only chuckled at Sara's retort and continued to work his charm on her. "Oh I get it you're playing hard to get." Matt had moved closer to Sara, quickly invading her personal space. Underneath the table, he placed his clammy hand on her right knee and tired to work his way up. "So just where do these long legs of yours end?" He grinned. Sara sweetly smiled in return. She let her right-hand run down along his arm down to where his hand rested on her thigh. And for a brief moment, Matt had thought he had scored with the green-eyed temptress as she ever so gently squeezes his hand.

Sara could feel the Witchblade convert into its gauntlet form. She wrapped her metal fingers around Matt's hand and gave him another squeeze. Matt's face contorted and he whimpered as the pain in his hand induced as Sara added more pressure. Sara leaned in to whisper into his ear, "I'm only going to say this one last time. Leave my friends and me alone. Is that clear?" Matt nodded his head unable to speak. Satisfied Sara let him go and Matt mumbled, "Crazy bitch." Before leaving the table, cradling his injured hand in the other.

"Okay what just happened, Pez?" Vicki inquired.

Sara innocently looked at Vicki then over to Lee who was sporting a surprised look. "Nothing. The guy just decided I wasn't worth the effort." Sara too a sip of her drink. Vicki and Lee shared a knowing look and just let the subject drop.

As time wore on more people began to show up, and the club was slowly beginning to pick up. Sara looked down at her watch, 10:30 p.m. She downed the remnants of her drink and waved for the waitresses. A tall beautiful redhead walked over to the table.

"What can I get for you, Hon?"

"I'll have another Jack and coke." The waitress nodded her head and turned her attention to Lee, "What about you, Hon? What are you getting?"

"I'll just get another coke."

"Coke? Don't you want to try something else?"

Lee shook her head as she gently patted her belly. "Can't really since I'm drinking for two now." The waitress smiled, "Hey congratulations. Well we do have non-alcoholic drinks. Ah, lets see..." before the waitress was able to list the other drinks; another waitress had joined the group. This waitress was a contradiction to the other. She was much shorter, and unlike the long red hair of the first waitress, this one had short dark hair that just passed her shoulders. However, what stood out the most were her blue streaks. "Hey Jeni you won't believe what I just heard. You know that jerk Matt? Well apparently some chick broke his hand and totally bruised his ego."

"Well its about time that asshole got his." Jeni added.

"I heard that. And I salute to the woman responsible. May she live a long and happy life." Jeni just shook her head. "Don't mind her Lara can be a bit dramatic at times."

Lara gasped in shock as she dramatically laid a hand over her heart. "I do not! You hurt my feelings, Jeni." For added effect, Lara sniffled a few times. "Oh, please. Would you knock it off we got work to do. Now list some non-alcoholic drinks so this mother to be can have something to drink." Lara smiled at Lee, "Hey congrats! Hm, let's see what's good for ya? I got it how about a daydreamer?"

Lee looked confusingly over at Sara who only shrugged. "What's in a daydreamer?"

"A daydreamer is just passion fruit syrup and orange juice on the rocks."

"Sounds good to me." Lee responded.

"Okay so that's one J & C and one daydreamer. How about your other friend that was with you?"

Sara and Lee looked over to the dance floor. Vicki seemed to be having more luck with the guys tonight. She was already dancing with guy number two. "Ah, we'll just wait for her to come back and see what she wants." Sara answered.

"Okay if you ladies need anything else just wave either of us down, I'm Jeni and this little one here you already know as Lara."

"Thanks guys." Sara added.

As the two waitresses left Vicki had returned from the dance floor, a little breathless and worn out. "Whew! Just barley escaped that one." Vicki reached for the napkin and began to wipe away the sheen of sweat on her face. "What he didn't turn out to be the medical miracle he claimed to be?" Sara teased which got her an evil glare from Vicki. "Oh please. 'Scientists call me a medical miracle'. Well who ever made him gave him two left feet. That man can NOT dance. I'm surprise I still have any of my toes left." Just then Jeni had returned with the drinks.

"Okay one J&C for the lady and one daydreamer for the mother to be. You look like you've escaped with your life. So what will you have, Hon?" Vicki contemplated for a minute and said, "I'll have a scotch fix."

"Oh, that bad huh?" Jeni added as she wrote down the order on a piece of paper.

"Worse!" Vicki said before the waitress left for the bar.

Dropping the tray on top of the counter, Lara lifted the partition and walked behind the bar. She reached into one of the coolers, grabbing a water bottle. She moved over to the side, not wanting to get in the way of the other bartenders. She leaned back against the wall and ripped the cap off. Tilting her head back and closing her eyes, Lara relishes the feel of the cool liquid running down her throat, quenching her thirst. Nearly half of the contents of the bottle were gone when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. "Excuse me?" She lifted her hand to signal the person to wait until she was done. A few more gulps and the bottle was empty. Lara sighed her relief and tossed the bottle into one of the appropriate trash bins.

"Alright what can I do..." Lara's sentence trailed off as she turned around to address the person who had so abruptly interrupted her small break. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes widen. The man was gorgeous. Long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, the most impressive eyes she has ever seen on a man, a beautiful face covered by his dark well-trimmed beard, and oh so soft kissable lips.

Lara continued her slow inspection, which was only half of his body. The rest she couldn't see since the counter was in the way. Nevertheless, if his bottom half looked as good as his top then the man was perfect. The color of his black shirt and coat only seem to heighten the mystery of what hidden features lie beneath those clothes. It's a shame the club had a strict dress code she thought.

However, judging by those broad shoulders the man must have been chiseled beautifully from stone. He leaned forward and placed his hands on top of the counter. Lara lowered her eyes and stared at his gloved hands. Lara wasn't all that phased by the gloves actually it seemed to add to the mystery. Perhaps she could persuade him to take them off along with some other articles of clothing. Such large strong hands with long fingers. 'Oh my,' she thought, 'big hands mean big...'


His rich dark voice pulled Lara out of her trance. She quickly found her voice, "Ah, what can I do to you..." but it was a shame that her brain wasn't as quick as her tongue, "I mean what can you do to me, uh, I mean." Lara closed her eyes and buried her face behind her hand. Her face was growing red from embarrassment. She turned away from him for a brief moment, trying to regain her composure. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Okay.

She turned back and was happy to find him still standing there, watching her with those beautiful caramel eyes. "Ah, sorry about that. Let me try this again." she smiled. He responded by flashing her a small smile. It was almost her undoing but Lara held herself together. Hopefully enough to at least answer him back. "What can I do," she paused, "for you?"

He leaned in closer, Lara following in suit. He was close enough for her to capture a whiff of his cologne. She inhaled as much as she could of his scent, pushing the urge not to hop over the counter and, "I was hoping if you could help me."

"Ask and you shall receive."

"Excuse me?" Lara's eyes widen in shock. Did she just say that out loud?

"I mean yeah sure. How can I help you?" Before he could say anything Lara heard her name being called.


She turned around to see Jeni standing there and a knowing smirk on her face. Lara turned back and said, "Don't move. I'll be right back. Just don't disappear or anything." Lara reluctantly left the mystery man behind and approached Jeni. The moment she got in ear short Lara yelled, "Can't you see I'm working it over there, woman!?" Jeni looked over to the man standing by the bar. Lara watched her friend's reaction. She couldn't help but laugh as the same expression that she had on earlier was now mirrored on Jeni.

"Can I be HIS slave tonight?" Jeni finally added as she continued to examine him from head to toe.

"Take a number." Lara added sarcastically.

"I think I might. Hey I got a pen he's got a number. Think of the possibilities. By the way what's his name?"

"I wouldn't know I didn't get the chance because someone called me over here. Which reminds me what did you want?"

"What?" Jeni answered not bothering to turn her eyes away from tall, dark, and gorgeous. Lara shook her head and finally did something that what would get her friend's attention and probably a slap in return. She reached over the counter and pinched Jeni on the arm. "Ow," Jeni narrowed her eyes on Lara while rubbing her arm, "What was that for?"

"You called me over here, remember? Now, what did you want?" With her hands on her hips, Lara waited.

Jeni blinked once then twice as it finally dawned on her. "Oh yeah, uh, could you be a dear and mix me up a scotch fix for table 11. I would ask the other guys but their pretty slammed."

Lara gasped as her mouth dropped opened, "You called me here, tearing me away from that gorgeous man over there, for a drink?"

"Please!?" Jeni pleaded, "Pretty please!"

Lara rolled her eyes and sighed, "Fine!"

"Thank you, sweetie" Jeni added. A mumbled, "Yeah, yeah" was heard as Lara walked off to prepare the drink. Jeni stood there for a moment and spared a long glance at the man standing at the end of the bar. Without hesitation, she walked over to him. He was leaning against the counter when he heard someone walk up beside him. He looked up, it was the other waitress. Jeni smiled at him and he smiled in return.

'Damn,' she thought, 'the man is even more gorgeous up close and that smile.' Jeni picked up a few napkins and began fanning herself. She wondered if Lara had the same reaction. "Are you all right, Miss?" Jeni turned to look at him a bit sheepish knowing very well why she was so flushed. "Oh yeah I'm fine. Just got a little hotter in here that's all." A small silence fell between them before Jeni spoke up once again. "Are you waiting for someone?" realizing that he was just standing there with no drink in hand and gratefully no sign of a date or significant other.

"In an obscure sense you could say I am. Yet, I fear I shall be waiting for a very long time."

"Who in their right mind would keep you waiting?"

He grinned and lowered his head, averting his eyes. Jeni smiled, 'Did he just blush?'

"The opposite of talking isn't listening. The opposite of talking is waiting."* He responded cryptically. It took a minute for Jeni to realize what he was getting at.

"So this 'person' you're waiting for isn't ready to talk to you yet?" He chuckled and nodded slightly.

Jeni spotted Lara walking back, drink in hand. Jeni leaned closer to him and said, "Well if you ever get tired of waiting for this person you come find me, the name is Jeni. I am more then willing to engage in some very long conversations." He looked up and reached out for her hand. She watched as he raised it to his mouth and gently kissed the back of her hand. Jeni let out a small gasp and stared in awe. "I shall keep that in mind, Lady Jeni."

"One scotch fix," Lara laid the glass on Jeni's tray, "to go." Lara waved a hand in front of Jeni's face when she didn't respond. "Hello earth to Jeni?" Lara sighed and reached over to pinch Jeni's arm again. "Ow! Would you stop doing that?" she rubbed her arm. "Now, where's my drink?" Lara cleared her throat and looked down at her tray. "Oh, right. Ha." Jeni picked up her tray and left the two alone.

"All right handsome, now where were we?" Lara said turning her attention back to him. She watched, as his eyes grew wide. From the expression on his face, one would register it as shock.

"What's the matter?"

He shook his head and said, "Its nothing." But his eyes were saying otherwise. Interesting how she could actually read him just by looking into those expressive eyes. If he wasn't too careful, someone could actually take advantage of him. "I don't mean to be forward but I think you're lying." His eyebrows shot up. Lara couldn't help but giggle. "Look the only thing your eyes haven't told me is your name."

"Ian, Ian Nottingham." What a sexy name she thought. It goes perfectly with that gorgeous body of his. Lara stuck her hand out, "Well it's a pleasure meeting you Ian Nottingham. The name is Lara by the way but I'm sure you already know that." Remembering how Jeni had summoned her earlier. Ian took her offered hand and placed a soft kiss on the back, just as he had done with Jeni. He couldn't understand why but somehow he just felt at ease when it came to those two women.

Lara gasped and when she was able to find her voice she asked, "Now how can I help you Ian?" He grinned and a dark glint flashed is his eyes.

~*~ *quote by Fran Lebowitz