The Power Level Rule

This is something i came upon a few years ago when I first started getting into fan fictions. I still stick to it till this day and I will continue using this method.

It says and quote "Contrary to popular opinion, a higher power level does not guarantee victory (this is evidenced by Goku's battles with Piccolo, when the margin between their respective powers was small. Though Piccolo was slightly weaker than Goku, he nearly defeated Goku).

Instead, the determining factor in determining if one power can defeat another is the % Difference between 2 powers.

For example, when comparing Goku and Piccolo at the start of Z, there is barely a 1% difference between their powers, which accounts for their close battles. However, when Nail (40,000) fights Freeza (530,000), there is a 92% difference between their powers. Also, in the fight between Recoome (40,000) and Vegeta (30,000), there is a 25% difference between their powers. During the (semi-even) fight between Goku (8000) and Nappa (7000), there was a 12% difference between them, and Goku maintained an advantage, then between Goku using Kaio-Ken x 2 (16000) and Vegeta (18000), there is an 11% difference between them, and Vegeta has a slight advantage. When Goku uses Kaio-Ken x 3 (24000), he gains a 25% difference between his and Vegeta's power, giving him the advantage.

Based on the calculations, up to a 5% difference will allow both fighters to fight on virtually even terms. 6-9% will give the stronger fighter a slight advantage. At 10% and up, the stronger fighter will dominate the fight. Above 25%, the weaker fighter has no chance of defeating the stronger fighter.

In order to determine the % Difference between two fighters, this is the formula:

Note: Fighter 1 full power (stronger fighter) = X. Fighter 2 full power (weaker fighter) = Y.

Step 1). X - Y = Z

Step 2). Z / X = W

Step 3). W x 100"

^If you want to read it, look up Maliks' guide to power-levels. I only stick with the percentages as a guide for power-levels and that is it. The ratios i believe are very accurate and precise (most of the time). I will use this throughout the entire power-level series, especially as a foundation for scaling some unofficial power-levels.

So basically, the movie 3 pamphlet as well as the Daizenshuu won't be used 100% in my own power-level series. Though the latter is a much more reliable source.

Now if you haven't read Dragon Ball Minus yet...then what the hell are you doing? Stop and go read it then come back.

Don't worry, I won't be going anywhere...

Now that you're back, let's finally get this shit started. Expect some scaling here.

Bardock's Partner: 1,050

Bardock: 1,500

Now I know what some of you are thinking already. Bardock at 1,500? Wtf? Well, yes. I am not doing that Bardock Special stuff. And I have Bardock at 1,500 for a very valid reason. Before we get into that, I would like you to check out an interview with Akira Toriyama.

"Episode of Bardock interview." Search and you'll find

Now if you're simply far too lazy to look something up and read some simple Q & A's, then I can give you a specific quote from the master Toriyama himself in this interview.

"To be honest, I haven't thought it through that far, but Bardock is a low-class warrior. Although even saying that, almost all [Saiyans] were low-class warriors, and there were only about 10 mid-class warriors. And when you get to the elite warriors, there's only King Vegeta and Prince Vegeta. Bardock is in the upper ranks as far as low-class warriors go, but he isn't able to become a mid-class warrior.

This rank is determined by an innate latent battle power, but naturally, if their battle power rises greatly afterward, they can be promoted." -Toriyama.

So there you have it. Basically all Saiyans are lower-class Saiyans. Bardock was one of them, though Bardock was very much in the higher ranks. And you know something? Raditz pointed this out, calling himself an elite warrior and what not. Maybe he wasn't an elite like Vegeta and Nappa at the time, but he has to be a higher ranking low level soldier. So I included a like father like son type of thing here. Raditz has been said to be around 1,200-1, I got Bardock in that same 1,500...which is much greater than 1,200 going by percentages. He'd actually destroy Raditz one on one.

Anywho...moving on...

Aliens that Bardock and help is facing: 500-900. (Honestly, they managed to do SOME damage...not a lot tho. Look at the Saiyans' armor to see for yourself in the Manga Special).

Average Adult Saiyan: 800-1,000. (These of course are the lower tier low-level soldiers).

Higher Tier Low-Level fighters: 1,200-1,800

Average Mid-Class Saiyan (There are only ten apparently, but why not, eh?): 2,000-4,000

Now I stop at 4,000 because Nappa and Vegeta were freaking out over 5,000 when Goku first came back to earth. And I know they couldn't believe it was Goku because he was at 400 just a year ago. Regardless, from my perspective, 5,000+ must be a power that only an elite Saiyan like Vegeta or his father could accomplish.

Freeza: 530,000

Vegeta: 9,000 (Sort of for shits and giggles because of the over 9,000 meme...but I personally have the King at 8,000 so I also believe 9,000 to be fair for the little prince as Vegeta did surpass his father as a kid).

Raditz (He is a kid here...): 600. (For one, this boy is conquering worlds with Prince Vegeta so he must have been strong for his age...)

Kakarot: 5. (Yes, five. I get Kakarot's power-level of 2 is stated in the movie 8 and whatnot, but I'm going by Roshi's well as Grandpa Gohan's. Both mentioned that baby Kakarot would be too wild for just an average human to handle, implying that only Martial Artist Experts would be capable of managing him. So I believe 5 is a perfect fit for the three year old).

Gine: 205. (I have the woman here as she was just suuuuch a weakling that she needed to be saved on multiple occasions, albeit she's a Saiyan and I'm sure a fully developed Saiyan is at least as strong as a Super Human, so 205 seems fair).

And that's just about it for this part. Next up is Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. I will do my best in going in chronological order as I prefer it that way. Be sure to read the manga Ginga Patrol Jako. It's only 12 chapters in one volume, also kind of funny. You can search it up on

See you next week!