Trunks: 4,800,000

Chi-Chi: 48

Krillin: 750,000

Gohan: 1,500,000

Bulma: 5

Yamcha: 100,000

Panchy: 4

Piccolo: 20,000,000

Kami: 315

Mr. Popo: 236

Cyborg 18: 720,000,000

Cyborg 17: 765,000,000

Master Roshi: 700. (Three more years of secret training for him).

Piccolo: 760,000,000. (He fuses with Kami and becomes one once more. He's just about equal to 17 as well...and he's stronger than the Super Saiyans. This is him at full power and excluding weighted clothing).

Cell: 600,000,000. (He's having lots of trouble with Piccolo. At this point in time Cell knew it'd be dumb of him to attack the cyborgs head he did what he could to increase his power by constantly draining people's energy).

Vegeta: 5,300,000

Goku: 4,960,000. (I don't have Goku with a Zenkai boost here as Saiyans only get stronger after being put on the brink of death...BECAUSE of physical battle. I don't think a heart virus would increase Goku's power-level, so it stays).

Cell: 950,000,000. (He absorbs a lot of people and finally surpasses Piccolo's power and just blows a hole through his chest. He and 16 are even).

Android 16: 950,000,000.

Cell: 1,715,000,000. (Here he has absorbed being Semi perfect).