SPIRITED AWAY aka SEN TO CHIHIRO NO KAMIKAKUSHI and its characters are the
properties of Hayao Miyazaki. (Although I wish Haku is mine...hehehe) The theme song
ITSUMO NANDO DEMO (ALWAYS WITH ME) is a property of Yumi Kimura.
ITSUMO NANDO DEMO Yondeiru Mune no Dokoka Okude Itsumo Kokoro Odoru Yume wo Mitai Kanashimi wa Kazoekirenai kedo Sono Mukou de Kitto Anata ni Aeru Kurikaesu Ayamachi no Sonotabi Hito wa Tada Aoi Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hateshinaku Michi wa Tsuzuite Mieru keredo Kono Ryoute wa Hikari wo Dakeru Sayonara no Toki no Shizukana Mune Zero ni Naru Karada ga Mimi mo Sumaseru Ikiteiru Fushigi Sinde Iku Fusigi Hana mo Kaze mo Machi mo Minna Onaji Tojiteiku Omoide no Sono Naka ni Itsumo Wasure takunai Sasayaki wo Kiku Konagona ni Kudakareta Kagami no Ue nimo Atarashii Keshiki ga Utsusareru Hajimari no Asa Shizuka na Mado Zero ni Naru Karada Mitasarete Yuke Umi no Kanata niwa Mou Sagasanai Kagayaku Mono wa Itsumo Koko ni Watashi no Naka ni Mitsukerareta Kara -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NIGIHAYAMI KOHAKU NUSHI --I-- My name is Kohaku...Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi. Some of you might think that it is a
name of a god...well, truth be told I AM a god, not a major one but a god nonetheless.
My kingdom is called the Kohaku River, which lies beside a small town in Japan. I am proud to say that my river is beautiful, compared to the others. Its waters are
so clear that you can see the bottom through them. The bank is an overwhelming green, with
an assortment of flowers growing a few feet away. Besides its beauty, I am also proud to say
that my river contributes a lot to the welfare of the humans living near it. I am their main
source of water--whether it be for drinking, bathing and such. Some of you might have heard stories about a dragon living within the waters of the
Kohaku River or about a mysterious boy wandering about the river...yes that's right, I am
both the dragon and the boy. These are the two forms that I take. I am a dragon by day and a
boy by night. As a river god, I have witnessed a lot of things as well as met many interesting
people for centuries. However, there is only one person who sticks out in my mind. She is
called Chihiro, a quaint little girl who was spoiled (as most "only child" kids are) and who
liked to cry a lot (as most girls are). An ugly little girl she is, often teased by boys and
often snubbed by girls. So what makes her so unique, you ask? What caught my attention to
her was her intense love for my river. From the moment her parents brought her to this river
there is never a day that passes by without her visiting. Somehow, for some reason, I have
become a sounding board to her. She tells me everything that happens in her life--how her
mother scolded her for breaking her favorite vase; how she hated Haru for popping a chewing
gum balloon in her hair; and how she made her first friend, a new girl in class named Elie. I admit, it feels rather good to be considered a friend. Heh, she even had a cute (a
term I rarely use) nickname for me... _____________ "What a pretty river, mommy! What is it called?" "It's the Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi, Chihiro." "Nigaha..." "Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi." The girl looks at me...or rather, my river...with her shining dark eyes.
"Nigaha...um...can I just call you 'Haku'?" Haku...I never want anyone calling me anything other than my real name...but I think
in this case I'll make an exception.
_____________ You know, everytime she talks to me I feel very much tempted to speak to her in
return. I even wanted to show myself to her. However, I refrain myself from doing so as it
is against the rules and that she might be frightened. ...but who knows? Perhaps one day I will. * * * It is an ordinary Saturday afternoon, and as usual I am making my daily rounds
across the whole of the river. It is a rather boring job, if I may say so myself, because
there was nothing unique happening--a few children swimming, a few men fishing with their
wives doing their laundry. The only consolation I have is the thought of seeing her...Little
Chihiro, who loved to play with my river. I smile to myself at the thought of this--soon, I
will be able to see her smiling face, as well as hear what stories she has to tell me for
today. I wonder...would they be about her friend Elie? Or about that wicked boy, Haru?
(Damn, sometimes I want to punch that boy hard for making her cry) ...ouch. I blink and grab at the thing which hit me. It is a small pink shoe.
Hm...this looks familiar... Suddenly I heard a commotion in front of me, and I saw that the fishes were in
panic. I feel my heart jump in fear. Chihiro!!! ______________________________________ Author's Notes: Hey everyone! That's it for the first part. I hope you liked it so far! I made this piece
because I thought it would be nice to make a Haku version of the story since SPIRITED AWAY
is told from the vantage point of Chihiro. Please read and review, so that at least I know
what you guys think of it! Till the next chapter! *wave wave*