One glance at the clock tower told me that it was almost time for Yubaba to do her nightly routine. I left my room
to walk up to the roof. Honestly I don't know why she always wanted me to see her off. Heck, I don't even know where she
goes. But I don't care, it doesn't involve me anyway. I watched her quietly as she got ready to leave. It wasn't much, she just wrapped her cape around herself. I bowed
in farewell as she stepped out onto the terrace and flew off, with her Yu-bird. The sun was just rising, signalling the bath house that it was time to sleep. Here in this world we go by the time
of the River. Everyone's awake as the River's Gate to the Human World opens during nighttime, and asleep as it closes
during the day. But I'm not going to sleep tonight. * * * Back in my room I quickly rummaged through my drawers. Where is it? Where did I put it? I opened up the last one and sighed in relief. There it is. I reached in and held up the piece of paper Kamaji gave
me a few years back. This definitely came in useful. I stood up and headed straight for the kitchen. It was useless to wake the chefs during this time of the day.
Besides I knew they wouldn't help out where money is not a factor. The door that I never touched before opened and I stepped in. It was clean. Too clean. I looked down on the paper
again. How am I supposed to find all the things I needed here? I sighed inaudibly and shrugged. I might as well start
looking if I want to finish before everybody wakes up. I searched around the cabinets and the refrigerator. Minutes later I looked down at the table. Salt. Rice. Salmon. Sesame Seeds. Nori. I nodded in satisfaction. Fortunately I found everything I needed to make onigiri. _______________________________ Author's Notes: Hey guys!! I'm sorry I haven't been updating as fast as before. I'm going off to college in two weeks, so I'm rather busy
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