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Chapter 7

"You must hate me very much, and I don't blame you." The calm faced woman sitting at the counter of the kitchen said quietly. She was exactly the kind of woman that people say "You can tell she was strikingly beautiful when she was young" about. There were some almost unnoticeable lines at the corners of her beautiful almond shaped dark eyes, but they only gave her a more mature, and tranquil beauty. "I broke a perfectly happy family, and I do apologize deeply for that. I cannot ask for your forgiveness, I only wanted to see what his son is like, to explain to you what happened in those years, and thank you for the benevolence you bestowed upon me and my son." As she finished her sentence, she looked up with her beautiful but sad eyes at Sesshoumaru, who was sitting across from her, in a pleading look.

"It all happened long ago, and while I admit that I hated you when I was young, I no longer hold a grudge against you. As for the money, Inuyasha is Father's son too, so it is my duty to see to it that you are provided for." Sesshoumaru stopped shortly, as if looking for words so that they will not hurt the frail woman in front of him. "As for an explanation, if it makes you happy, I will certainly be glad to listen." He forced a smile on his face that only a gentle person like him could produce at a moment like this.

"I was only twenty-one and fresh out of college that year when I found work as a secretary at your Father's company. I had worked hard and did my best for six months when I was promoted to assistant to your father. To a young girl like me, that was enough honor to propel me to work ten times harder, and I guess being a hard working man himself, you Father took a liking to me. And I don't say this to be disrespectful, but your Father and Mother were not as happy as they could have been. Maybe because your Father spent too much time at work. I never dreamt that he would even like me in the least measures, but in my girlish fantasies, I pictured myself in a strong, mature, and intelligent man like him. And then one night, we were working hard...well, the rest happened so fast, the next I knew, I was pregnant with Inuyasha. When your Father found out about the baby, I expected him to leave and never come back. Instead, he told me that I was his one true love, but he could never leave your mother, because she went through so much for him. He then bought me a house, visited frequently as a lover would, and supported me. It was more than enough to me to know that he loved me. But when the scandal got out and your mother found out, she told him that he had to choose between me and her. So he stopped seeing me completely, got me another job in another company, and had his secretary send me checks every month. By then, my world was shattered, and my only purpose in life became raising Inuyasha..."

Kagome went into the yard to sweep when Inuyasha's mother came, she wanted to give them some privacy. Kagome had instinctively been sympathetic to the woman, for she could see that the older woman had suffered a great deal.

'I wonder what they are talking about,' Kagome thought silently as she wiped thin sweat from her forehead. 'I hope Sesshoumaru will be able to control his emotions, this must be hard for...'

"Mom! How can you go talk to that little brat after what they did to us!" A loud shout broke Kagome away from her wandering thoughts. It was Sesshoumaru's brother, Inuyasha. He came charging into the front lawn of the little inn, as if ready to run the door down.

"Wait!" Kagome said hurriedly, before Inuyasha had a chance to open the front door. "Your mom and Sesshoumaru are talking about something important, give them a minute, it could be good for the both of them." Inuyasha was startled for he had not seen her in the yard as he came in. Her silvery voice jingled in his ears.

"Oh yeah? Who are you to tell me what's important and what's not, little girl?" Inuyasha demanded.

"I am in charge of this inn, and if I said you can't go in there, then you can't!" Kagome felt rage at Inuyasha's rudeness.

"Look here, little girl, I'm here to claim my mother, so you either let me in the front door, or I'll break the wall. Either way, I'm getting in!" Inuyasha couldn't help but notice how beautiful her eyes were, in the brilliant summer sunshine. But his stubborn nature propelled him to argue as loud as he could.

"My name is Kagome, Ka-Go-Me! And if you want to go in there, you better start showing some manners!" Kagome's voice was also growing louder.

Just as their quarrel heated up, the front door was opened by Sesshoumaru. Silently, he walked Inuyasha's mom outside. Seeing Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru merely nodded his head, which Inuyasha ignored openly.

"Inuyasha, please show some respect to your older brother, don't embarrass me any longer." Inuyasha's mother said in her gentle yet firm voice.

Though a hard headed person, Inuyasha obeyed his mother, and acknowledged Sesshoumaru with a nod and a grunt that was not at all distinguishable.

The mother and son walked out of Kagome's front lawn, with the mother politely saying goodbyes, and the son mumbling to himself.

Looking up at Sesshoumaru anxiously, Kagome asked in a worried tone, "Is everything all right? She didn't upset you, did she?"

"It's ok, Kagome, everything's fine, I am beginning to understand..."

Assured, Kagome flew back into the inn like a little bird, chirping to Sessshoumaru, "I'm glad, now let's get ready for the day, where do you want to go today? I suggest..." Her voice trailed off as she vanished into the house.

Left alone outside, Sesshoumaru murmured to himself, "I'm beginning to understand how my father felt," Then chuckling to himself, he added to no one in particular, "In fact, I think I'm beginning to feel what he felt..."