Part 1

Remy smiles as he watches the latest in mutant news. The others were gathered around listening intently with concern but Remy was smiling because the latest anti-mutant movement was in California. California where the belle Willow lived. Hmmm, mebbe Xavier will have a mission for ole Remy.

Bobby nudges Jubilee next to him. "You notice that ever since Remy came back from New Orleans he's been smiling for no reason?"

Jubilee snorted, "Yeah, noticed Rogue's been gettin' her panties in a twist more 'n more lately, too."

"Scott, Logan, Jean, Remy meet me in the briefing room." Xavier's voice whispers in their minds.

Remy follows behind his fellow Xmen to Xavier's room hoping this has something to do with California. Ever since he met Willow at his Tante Mattie's place he hasn't been able to get her out of his mind. Tante had called just last night to tell him that Giles had defeated the demon and that Giles was going to return the couteau. He didn't need to pick it up.

Last night he had been disappointed that he wouldn't be able to use that excuse to see Willow again. But now, it seemed the fates were smiling on him. If he was going to California he was making a stop in Sunnydale with or without the Xmen.

Charles motioned for them to take a seat.

"As you already know the latest anti-mutant bill is before the California state legislature. We have been asked by the Governor to make an appearance and speak on behalf of mutant kind. He hopes this will sway the voters to vote no at the next election."

"Freakin mutants on parade." Wolverine mumbles and Scott glowers at him.

Charles chuckles. "Don't worry, Wolverine only Scott and Jean are going to be involved in the political arena. You and Gambit are needed elsewhere."

Before Gambit can protest or ask for a leave so he can go to California, Charles continues, "Cerebro has discovered Sabertooth in the area of a town called Sunnydale. I want you and Gambit to check it out. It may be nothing but I don't want to take that chance."

Remy couldn't believe his luck; the fates were surely smiling on him. Sabertooth was in Sunnydale, what were the odds?



Willow drops to the ground as Buffy tackles the vamp that had been about to attack Willow.

Willow quickly stands up and watches as Buffy dusts her third vamp of the night.

Buffy continues their conversation, "So, about the hottie that you met in New Orleans. Definite sparkage?"

Willow smiles as she thought about Remy. Which was pretty much constantly since coming back from New Orleans. "I don't know, Buffy. He was definitely a flirt but then again so were most of the men down there. But when he dropped me off at my hotel . . .I don't know . . . I think maybe some sparkage."

Before Buffy could respond she got a tingling along her Slayersense. She put a hand on Willow's arm and stopped.

"What is it?"

"Don't know but it's giving me the major wiggins."

A very tall man with a wild mane of blond hair steps out of the shadows.

"Holy crap!" Buffy mutters as she looks at the giant that stands before her and she grabs a stake.

Sabertooth just grins at the two girls standing in front of him. Magneto sent him on a mission to find the red head. It had just been by chance that he ran across them here. He had been on his way to meet Mystique at Stevenson Hall. She was in the guise of Willow's friend Tara to catch her at the dorms.

Sabertooth swipes his hand and Buffy goes flying back against the mausoleum.


Before Willow can rush to Buffy's side she feels strong hands grab her on the back of the neck. She kicks helplessly as she's lifted off the ground and her feet dangle in the air.

Buffy shakily gets to her feet, "WILLOW!" She ignores the stake that has fallen to the ground. She's not getting a vamp vibe off the tall man and he isn't in game face.

Before she can launch herself at the giant a glowing object flies past her head and hits a nearby tree. The explosion startles Sabertooth who automatically drops Willow.

Wolverine gives a feral yell before tackling Sabertooth. Remy rushes to a fallen Willow. He gets there just before Buffy.

"Who the hell are you people?"

Willow rubs her throat and hoarsely says, "Buffy this is Remy."

Buffy searches her brain for who the heck Remy is. Is that a name of a demon, Buffy wonders as she looks into his glowing red eyes.  A light bulb goes on over her head. Remy was the hottie from New Orleans. Leave it to Willow to forget to mention that he was a mutant.

The sound of grunting, fists hitting and stones falling reaches their ears.

Buffy looks over to where the two men are fighting the smaller one seems to be holding his own so she turns her attention back to Willow and Remy. "Who is that guy and why did he attack us?"

Before Remy can answer there is a howl of rage and the sound of a tree falling. Wolverine comes out of the woods and moves his head side to side cracking his neck.

"Dammit he got away. So any idea why flea bag would attack you?"

Willow shakes her head no. "I've never seen him before tonight."

Wolverine grunts and pulls out a cigar, "Either one of you mutants?"

Willow looks at Buffy and then down at the ground, Remy could tell she was contemplating something.

"I'm not exactly a mutant, I'm a Slayer." Buffy says.

"A Slayer?"

"One born in every generation to fight the forces of darkness. I guess you can say I'm a type of mutant but it's not really a chromosome thing. It's a destiny thing."

Willow smiles, "Or you could say that Buffy comes from a long line of mutants." Willow holds her hand out, "I'm Willow by the way."

Wolverine looks at Willow's hand and then over at Gambit. His lips quirk up into a small smile. So this is the reason the Cajun has been daydreaming since New Orleans and Rogue has been in a snit.


"This is Buffy."

"So why do you think this Sabertooth attacked us?"

"Don't know. Just figured he was here to recruit new mutants."

Buffy looks over at Remy who has his hand on Willow's waist. Time to get Willow some alone time with her Cajun. She turns to Logan, "Come on, let's go hunt us a Sabertooth. Willow, why don't you go back to the dorm? Get some tea to heal your throat and check on the computer for any reason why this Sabertooth guy might be here." She turns to Remy, "Can you see that Willow gets back okay? You'd probably be able to see something she might miss about Sabertooth, too."

Remy releases her waist and holds out his elbow to Willow, "Your chariot awaits."

Buffy smiles as she watches Remy and Willow leave.


Willow sees Tara pacing outside her dorm room, "Hey Tara. Did you need me?

Tara turns shy eyes toward Willow and the handsome man by her side. "N-no that's okay. I see you're busy. I was just stopping by about that thing."


"Y-you know . . .thing." Tara's eyes will Willow to understand.

"Oh, THAT thing. It's okay, Tara. Remy knows I'm a witch."

Tara just smiles shyly. "I'll come back tomorrow, okay?"

"Sure, see you tomorrow." Willow waves as her friend turns the corner.

Neither Willow nor Remy notice when Tara morphs into a blue skinned mutant and leaves the hallway.

Willow opens her door and escorts Remy in.

"Alone at last, eh chere?"