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Welcome to the re-edited version of "A Godfather's Promise", previously known as "Fleur's Kinky Contract".

If you are not in the know about this story, it was initially conceived as a BDSM one-shot between Harry and Fleur that I made for DeviantArt. That story eventually became a multi-chapter story that would span throughout GoF called "Fleur's Kinky Contract", and that story became the probably epic length romance that I now call "A Godfather's Promise", which will probably end up spanning all the way until the end of the war.

The ambitious nature of the story increased, but the main themes still remain. Mainly speaking: a dom/sub relationship between Harry Potter as the dominant, and Fleur Delacour as the submissive. With the chance of a couple of other witches being added as we go along due to political reasons.

Needless to say, if you below 18 years of age, begone.

A Godfather's Promise: Prologue

The humid air marked the beginning of summer. The changing of season would usually mark the better times in the British Isles, bringing joy to it's inhabitants due to the change of the cold and rainy weather that manifested itself during a large part of the year. This usually cheerful change however, was not in the minds of the two figures seen sitting down on the living room of a particular residence in Godric's Hollow.

"Promise me," said the tall, bespectacled one.

"Okay," responded the other, shorter figure.

"Say it, Sirius," insisted James Potter, one of the only two descendants of the once powerful and influential House of Potter. His once positive and charismatic demeanor had taken a hit since leaving Hogwarts. This more mature James was shaken from the death of his parents, and the fact that he now had to protect the two most important people in his life.

"Prongs, I said okay," responded Sirius Black: best friend and partner in crime since childhood of the Potter patriarch. He too had changed, the war had seen to that; damned by his own family, which he was now ironically the head of.

"Okay is not enough, promise me," countered James. "Promise me that Harry comes first. Nothing else, not revenge, not justice, not the DMLE, not even the Order. If something happens to me and Lil-"

Sirius stands up, an angry look on his face. "Nothing will happen to you James! Nothing!"

James stands up as well. "Haven't enough of our friends died?! This war has taken them! Voldemort has taken them from us!" Anger leaving him, James adds almost pleadingly. "I need you to promise me that you will look out for him! He is my son, your godson, if anyone will live, it has to be him! Swear to me, Sirius, swear you will take care of him!"

Sirius sighed. "I swear you James, but at least Dumbledore must know of your decision to change who your Secret Keeper is."

"Very well, but only Dumbledore, no one else knows about Peter"

'The rat!'

'That stinking traitorous worm!'

'How could he do it?!'


The thoughts flew by Sirius, one after another as he knelt by his best friend's lifeless body. His brother in all but name, James had been there for him when his mother disowned him. He had given him a home in Potter Manor with his own family. When he needed the parents he always wanted, James' parents filled that role as well.

Charlus Potter had been like the father he never had, tall just like his son, with the same colored hair and eyes. Captain Charlus Potter was a sight to behold all the way until his defiant death at the hands of Voldemort. Dorea, Charlus' wife, came from the same family as he had, disowned because she had dared to marry a blood traitor, she understood well what Black youth had been going through. The thoughts of those happy days were numb to him now, numb just like James' corpse.

He tried to see if he could remember them still. How they had laughed at Hogwarts, how they had become the best of friends, how he stood as the best man when James married the beautiful Muggle-Born witch known as Lily Potter.

The memories were now tainted forever. Despair was enveloping him further and further.

'Why am I still here? Why wasn't it me? Take me away! Not James!'

A whimpering cry broke his train of thoughts.


Sirius rushed up the stairs, through the hallway and saw a door blasted open. Inside he saw another lifeless body. Even face down the vibrant red hair gave her identity away.


In the crib, the source of the noise was thrashing lightly calling out for attention from anyone that could hear him.

The Black patriarch walked over, taking the child into his hands, rocking him until he calms down and drifts to a peaceful slumber. In the end the only sobs came from Sirius himself.

'I swear to you James, I swear to you.'

Yeah, I made some new changes to the prologue, added a little more spice. I am fixing all the errors I have made previously. If you like this story, review or send a PM. Thank you so much for giving this story a chance.

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