This is my first Peaky Blinders fanfiction. I started the series last week and binge watched the first 3 seasons and am completely in love! This starts of from the first episode of season 1. I hope you enjoy the first snippet, let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything Peaky Blinders related, the only thing that's mine is my own made up characters.


Birmingham, England, is as bleak as she thought it would be. No sun, no heat, only smoke and god-awful accents. She arrived only days ago, and she has been looking for work whilst staying at a tavern in town. So far, no luck. But last night she had a dream. In the dream she read a newspaper and saw a photograph of herself smiling, the title of the article read 'HAPPILY EVER AFTER'. When she awoke this morning, she purchased the paper and read it slowly. It was there she found an advertisement for the position of a barmaid at a pub only a few streets away from her lodgings.

'THE GARRISON' Her eyes gazed upwards to the sign of the pub above her before she entered the building and was welcomed by a crowd of men talking loudly and drinking fast. She received some glances as she sauntered through the crowd, making her way to the bar.

There was one man frantically handing out beers and spirits whilst deciphering who was shouting their next orders. She contemplated for only a moment before making her way around the bar and taking orders from men on the other side.

The older barman only noticed her when she had served five men in the time it took him to serve three. "Who the hell are you?" he shouted while giving a man a pint.

"The new barmaid, sir." She replied coolly while smiling at a group of men who winked at her as she took their orders.

"I don't have a barmaid." He shouted from his end of the bar.

She flipped her hair over one shoulder, smirking in the barman's direction as I she expertly poured two whiskeys without watching. "You do now, sir." She winked before turning back to her customers as the older man chuckled.

"We'll talk after the lunch rush dies down. Keep at it for the mean time."

The following hour and a half went by smoothly and before she knew it the bar was emptied, and the barman was staring at her as she wiped down the tables.

"You can work your way around a bar, that's for sure." He chucked, crossing his arms but sighed heavily as he took her appearance in. "You know these areas can get pretty rough. This ain't a fancy big city like what I'm sure you're used to."

She stopped her cleaning and leaned her bottom against the table with a loud huff. "Look mate, I grew up in Australia. I've lived in 'big fancy cities' and I've lived in shittier towns than this one, I assure you. I need a job, and you've seen I can do this one. Faster than you, might I add." She ended with a wink and a laugh.

"The names Harry. What's your name then, sweetheart?"

"Opal." She smiled softly as they eyed one another up from her seat on the table and his stance behind the bar.

Harry squinted his eyes together slightly, only for a moment, as if he was now questioning himself before he gave her the answer she knew she was going to get. "You'd best watch that smart tongue whilst working though, love. You'll either make the fellas angry or wanting of you. And there's a few men in these parts a girl like yourself doesn't want either reaction."

He leaned his elbows onto the bar top. "'Av you ever heard of the Peaky Blinders?" She frowned at the name, causing Harry to laugh openly. "Take a seat, love. I'll give you some history on the town before the fellas come in for a pint after work."

'You have your mothers common sense and your father's devilment. I can see them fighting. Let your mother win'

Polly's words echoed through Tommy's head as they had been all afternoon since they spoke in the church about the guns that are now in his possession and his responsibility.

'I can see them fighting'

If only she knew the extent to his inner battles. These days the only thing that waves a white flag between his ears is the thick smoke through his pipe at night to give him a false peace in a haze of opium. But tonight, he wanted rum. Lots of it before he sank into his smoky bed.

He enters the Garrison with a lit cigarette and goes straight to the concealed room to the side where he and the Peaky Blinders often made themselves comfortable. He didn't need to look to see the pub was slowing down for the night, he could hear the growing silence.

He opened the window that connects to the bar and was greeted with a woman's figure a few metres away, crouched to the floor and picking up pieces of a broken glass.

Harry glided past the girl making his way to Tommy. "What can I get you, Tommy?"

"Bottle of rum." He stated, his eyes not meeting Harry's as he watched the woman who was slowly standing, turning curiously to meet his eyes. "Who's this then?" he asked as he took a drag of his cigarette.

"New barmaid, started today." Harry looked back at the girl who walked closer in the men's direction and placed the broken glass into a small trash can.

"What's your name?" Tommy's voice came out harsher than intended, his tone never quite reaching interest but more feigned amusement.

"Opal." The girl replied, Tommy stared a moment longer.

"Where is that accent from?" he asked as Harry grabbed a glass and began pouring a rum for him.

"Here and there." She responded as she pulled a cigarette out that was hidden behind her ear and long dark hair. Tommy lit a match and offered the flame to her mouth.

"Australian she is." Harry offered as his eyes darted cautiously between the two.

Tommy flicked the match to the ground, landing dangerously close to the girl's feet and took a swig of his rum. "Country of criminals." Tommy scoffed and turned his back on the two.

He was one step towards the table and chairs when he heard the Australian speak again, "It takes one to know one." Tommy stopped mid step for a moment, not sure if he wanted to smile at the girl or ask her to repeat her fucking comment. He decided on turning back around and caught Harry glaring at the girl, whose eyes were comfortably staring back into his own.

"Sorry, Tommy. I heard Australian's have a tongue on them…" Harry tried to joke but neither of the two looked at him. "I can find a new barmaid if you wish, Tommy."

Tommy's eyes and hers were locked in a battle, and she wouldn't back down. It was then he realised that the battle in his mind had quietened for those few moments. She tapped the ash of her cigarette and the corners of her lips turned upwards, only slightly.

"Harry…" Tommy slowly withdrew his eyes from the girl and glanced at the barman for a split second before turning on his heels once again and walking to his seat. "Grab the girl a glass, seems she'll be my company for the night."