Days pass since Opal and Tommy had met and she has seen him a handful of times in and out of the Garrison. She couldn't help but think about him whilst doing her jobs around the pub, or whilst walking home at the end of the day or once even in her dreams; a particularly raunchy adaption to their drinks the other night, where she had said 'Yes. I do want to fuck you' instead of her laughing it off. That dream left her irreparably agitated the following day.

She recalls seeing him meet Grace the day after their meeting. She'd watched the two with a sly smile as Tommy asked Grace if she were a whore, and if she wasn't then she was in the wrong place. Grace had a stunned expression the following twenty minutes. It was true, she didn't belong or fit in in this smoky town or this smoky pub. Opal did not need her tarots to tell her that, though the cards backed up what Opal felt.

Grace had come in to pub asking for the barmaid position a day after Opal had. Opal had walked in from the back-stock room as Grace sung to Harry with an angelic expression to match her beautiful voice. She had been trying to convince Harry that her voice could pull men apart whom were fighting, and this would make up for the fact she seemed out of place in the beige colouring of The Garrison. As Grace sung Opal began twirling her hips and patting her feet to the melody of Grace's voice whilst she picked up empty glasses from table tops. Grace's voice had stuttered only slightly as she watched the girl dance, but Harry didn't notice as well as Opal did.

"I'm sorry, mam. But the position really has already been filled." Harry had shrugged apologetically as he glanced to Opal who was still slightly swaying as she hummed now to herself.

"Please. I really need this position." Grace begged.

"Oh, come on Harry," Opal sighed dramatically as she danced her way over to the other woman, placing her fingertips underneath Graces chin, lifting it up slightly and staring into her eyes. Grace stiffened. "She truly does need this position." Graces eyes told her all she needed to know. "Would you want to send a beautiful woman home to cry? Her voice is as beautiful as her, the fella's will fall to their knees." Opal smirked, not separating her fingers from Graces face until she saw Grace's lip shake slightly. She truly was beautiful, and Grace thought Opal was too. Opal just wasn't sure if the Irish woman was envious or attracted.

Harry sighed heavily from his stomach and shook his head, "Alright. But if I can't manage to pay the both of you at some point I'll have to let one of you go."

Grace and Opal got on quite well. Grace was very quiet, compared to Opals bright vocabulary and friendly demeanour to all the men. But they both stared with the eyes of a hawk, and they both listened as intently as an owl. They both appreciated people, and all their little secrets, it seemed. Opal simply because it is what she was good at. She read the tarot, so she could expect the unexpected, she reads people for the same reason. But Grace, Opal didn't understand why she was so interested. Not yet, at least.

One evening Grace had been singing proudly to the men at the bar, who bellowed their voices along with hers. Opal danced along with the voices as she swirled her body from one man to another, everyone joyous, when abruptly all the men stopped singing. Only Graces voice sang in an ocean of silence. Opal turned her body around, one of the men still clasping at her hip though he had stopped dancing. Across the room, at the entrance, was Tommy and a few other men.

Tommy's eyes were fixated on Graces, slightly darting towards Opal and to the hand at her waste before back to the singer as she finished her verse.

"We haven't had singing in here since the war." Smiled Harry who was beside Tommy.

Tommy stared Harry down and replied softly, but Opal could hear his rage. No. She could see it. As if it softly rippled of him in waves of energy. "Why do you think that is, Harry?"

The men in the bar had slowly but surely sifted out of the bar as the singing vanished and before she knew it there were only a few drunken men humming softly at one table. Grace was cleaning around them with a stern, but soft, expression on her face.

The side window opened as Opal walked behind the bar and she saw the face of a man she had not yet met. He had soft blue eyes that were almost identical to Tommy's if it weren't for the fact they were as open as a meadow, his every thought and emotion exposed to the world. At that moment it was interest.

"Bottle of rum, love." His voice was deep, as harsh in accent and tone as Tommy's, but it was sweetened by the smile on his lips as he looked her up and down. As she set the bottle down in front of him he asked, "You new around here then?"

She smiled and leaned her elbows on the window sill, her face inches away from his. "Yes, I am."

He smiled, his eyes darting from her lips to her eyes. "What your name, love?"

"Opal." Her eyes slightly moved behind his ear to see Tommy sitting at the table staring at her. His face was blank, but his eyes glimmered with amusement.

Within seconds, before the young man could reply, another man was by his side. The two were arm to arm trying to fill as much space of the tiny window as they could, a childish game among two grown men. "You're the prettiest gem I've seen in these parts for a while." The new man spoke. You could not see his smile on his lips since they were covered by an impressive moustache, but his cheeks rose upwards.

"That's Arthur." The first boy arched his eyebrows in the other mans, Arthurs, direction. "My name's…"

"John," Opal smiled, her eyes darting between the two men. "Everyone knows who the Shelby brothers are." She winked at the two who both chuckled to themselves with a prideful smile.

"So, you know who this fella behind us is then?" Arthur threw his head in the direction of the table where Tommy know longer sat. He was now leant against the table while lighting a cigarette, his eyes meeting hers.

"We've met." He stated bluntly.

Opal leaned forward on her elbows noticing how the two men who had now parted slightly so there was a gap between them, so Tommy was in full view, both stared at her chest where her blouse now separated slightly at the buttons from strain. "Tommy's upset with me you see."

The two men glanced back at their brothers with smirks. "And why's that, love?"

"He didn't like my answer to one of his questions." She playfully smiled at Tommy who did not return an expression. The other brothers looked between the two for more information but neither wavered. Of course, she was talking about his proposition and how she waved him off saying she had to ask her cards, which she did. They were going to fuck, as he so politely phrased it. But not yet. There were a few mountains to climb first.

"Not upset. And I recall you said you had to think about it. So, I've not yet gotton an answer." He tapped the ash of his cigarette.

"Well how about we convince your new friend." Arthur chuckled and turned back towards the table to take a seat. "Come have a drink with us, love."

John made his way back to the table also and Opal glanced at Tommy who stared at her a moment longer before turning his back on her. "Bring a bottle of rum would you, Opal."

They sat drinking for hours it seemed. She decided Tommy was a bore and his brothers were far more entertaining and lively, which Arthur and John cheered to. Arthur had pulled her in for a side hug and kissed her on the temple joyfully as John pointed his finger laughing at Tommy. Some men would become jealous, but Opal could see he was amused. He knew she was still focused on him even when laughing with his brothers.

After that whenever the two other brothers came in they both would lean over the counter to kiss her cheek in greeting. Sometimes people need days, months or even years to become comfortable with someone. To become friends. Opal had a way of quickening the process, and she did with those boys. It had only taken her those few hours of drinking for them to become close. They had laughed and drank and swapped memories. But neither of them flirted with her. Not crassly, at least. It seems because of Tommy. He need only give them a silent glare when he was unhappy with a gesture or word and they would stop. It made Opal smile coyly to herself and made her heart flutter slightly.

She didn't need to read the cards to know she was about to fall. Or to know she probably shouldn't.

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