AN/This was a prompt from a Harry Potter group on Facebook that I am in and I thought to post it here ... because why not ^.^


Prompt: "How would Harry and Ron react to this? Hermione bunking the class..."

My Answer:

Harry takes a discrete look into Hermione's eyes ... "not glazed or has a milky sheen to them ... so that rules out imperius." he thought.

Harry and Ron trade a look behind Hermione's head.

A few nods and eye squints and they somehow agree that confronting her in the safety of their dorm is the thing to do.

Before confronting her Harry pulls Ron aside and asks

"Ron has Bill taught you any good or strong detection spells?"

"Not really, think we should owl him to check?"

"That would take too long ... How about we take her to the hospital wing?" Harry suggested.

"Good idea ... but how?"

"Like this ..." Harry trailed off. Turning to Hermione with an innocent voice... "Hermione?"

"Yes Harry?"

A voice comes from behind the three of them ...

"Petrificus Totalus"

Ron and Harry stared at this interloper wide-eyed ...

Neville just shrugs and replies "What? She did it to me."

And you guys can probably figure out what happens next! ^.^

Thank you for reading!