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(With Percy Jackson)

Percy Jackson let out a ragged sigh. He was tired, no not just tired he was bone weary. His muscles ached, and his head throbbed. His throat was so dry it felt like he had been drinking fire, which was ironic as he had in fact been drinking from the Phlegethon, the River of Fire, one of the only sources of life and sustenance in the hellish realm of Tartarus.

He wasn't sure how long he had been down here now, time seemed to have no meaning in depths of Tartarus. There was no night, nor was there any day, instead the landscape was forever bathed in an ominous red light. He wasn't sure exactly how long he had been trapped in this hell, but he knew it had been years, maybe decades, maybe even centuries, he honestly wasn't sure. What he did know though was that it had been a very, very long time.

Of course his stay down here hadn't been optional, no he had tried everything to get out. He had walked from one side of Tartarus to the other, fighting and killing any monster that got in his way. He had searched far and wide for any sign of a doorway, or of a way out but had come up empty.

Once he had even tried climbing the walls, that hadn't ended well, fifty metres up he had found himself a target for a group of savage harpies. He had ended up having to let go of the ledge he had been clinging onto to stop himself from being torn off the wall and ripped to shreds. This unfortunately had actually led to him falling off the wall. Luckily he had managed to grab one of the harpies and use them to break his fall.

Yes, he had tried everything he could think of to escape this hellish place. He had tracked down different gods and immortals that like him were trapped in the abyss and tried to bargain with them for a way out. More often than not though those confrontations led to a fight, some of which Percy won, others he barely escaped from. Still though at least the experience had allowed him to hone his skills to the point at which he would say he was a master of both the blade and his demigod abilities.

Probably the only reason he had even survived this long was his decision a few months into his stay in Tartarus to once again bath in the River Styx, regaining the invulnerability it gave him in the process. Yeah that had been a good decision, or at least it had at the time.

Now though he had been trapped here so long he was beginning to curse his decision, after all the Curse of the Styx was likely the only reason he was still alive today, which is something he regretted every now and then. Especially when he was having a particularly bad day, or had just had a especially nasty fight.

Not that Percy was suicidal, no not at all. He had too much pride to kill himself, especially in such a dishonourable way. But that didn't mean, that he didn't occasionally on some of the day's he was feeling particularly low, go hunting for powerful enemies in the hopes that they would overpower him and kill him. Not that he had had much luck with that, since he refused to fight with anything less than his absolute best and his time in the pit although draining had allowed him to hone his skills to the point of absolute mastery. This meant that more often than not he came out the victor, with the Titan of Destruction Perses once kicking his arse only to leave him alive so that they could fight again later when Perses was bored.

That's not to say it was all bad, as there was occasionally some release from his misery, he had had a few good years. He had met a few decent-ish monsters and immortals whilst down here. Eris the Goddess of Chaos was always a bit of fun, plus she was amazing in bed. He didn't see her often but when she did pop down to visit her mother, Nyx, she usually me up with him. Which was a welcome change from the daily grind for Percy, it was just a pity that she wasn't able to take him back to the surface with her, well not without him being turned to ash anyway.

Kelly an Empousa he had met in his youth also occasionally met up with him, the two of them had even had a brief relationship for a few years. One that had ended rather awkwardly when he had woken up to find her trying to drink his blood. Suffice to say a sword through the heart certainly put a dampener on things. Though after she had reformed they still had an occasional fling, the monster Lamia also joined the two of them once or twice. Yeah that was a highlight of the year.

So yeah although there were a lot of hard times during his time in Tartarus, he had had a bit of fun here and there. But as time passed, Percy began feeling more and more drained. His hope of escaping from the barren wasteland that was Tartarus slowly getting crushed by the realisation that he was trapped here.

Even if all the Gods of Olympus worked together he doubted they would be able to either find him or get him out, it wasn't like this place was as easy to get to of as the Underworld after all. At least in the Underworld a couple of mortals had managed to escape. This was Tartarus though, a place that even gods and Titans feared to go.

Currently Percy was stood at the edge of the pit, his dull sea green eyes staring out over the ledge and down into the swirling mass of chaos below. His black hair was currently matted with sweat, ichor and blood, as too were his shredded and battered clothing, mismatched articles he had scavenger from slain monsters and the occasional Titan he came across and killed.

Running a scarred and pale hand through his matted black hair, Percy's other hand began to absentmindedly play with the hilt of Anaklumous. The Celestial Bronze blade covered in scratches and scrapes, showing the signs of its heavy usage during Percy's time in Tartarus.

He had been stood here at the very edge of the put for over three hours now, his dull gaze never leaving the swirling and boiling mass of chaotic energy below. This was not the first time he had looked down and seen what lay below Tartarus. He had to admit it had always fascinated him looking down at the ancient chaotic being, the source of existence. The energy from which the Primordial Gods themselves were spawned.

Licking his heavily chapped lips Percy released his grip on his weapon, a smile passing across his face as he leaned forwards. His arms spreading out to the side, as he overbalanced and fell forward, his eyes clenched shut as he fell into chaos itself. Seeing only darkness even as he felt the skin being torn off of his limbs, and his body quickly breaking apart into golden dust the further he fell.

( - )

A few seconds later, or at least from Percy's perspective. The Demigod Son of Poseidon soon found his vision filled with a searing white light, his ears suddenly being barraged by a cacophony of sounds. All of a sudden he found his previously strong if worn out body feeling weak and uncoordinated, his mind a confused jumble as dozens of different emotions and feelings hit him at once. So many that he wasn't sure who he was for a second.

Percy could only blink in confusion as the white light faded and the loud noises turned into pained screams, the screams soon being followed by a calming voice saying unintelligible words in a comforting tone. Blinking his eyes Percy was confused to find himself being lifted up, his body feeling damp and sticky. His eyes only widening further as he also discovered that he was also being held, in what seemed to be the arms of a giant of some sort.

Percy scowled at this, his irritation rising as he felt himself being moved around, his body being swaddled in some rough and course material. Quickly Percy vision began to return, a stone ceiling above him some becoming visible. Letting out an irritated sound that sounded more like a gurgle, Percy attempted to look round so he could take stock of his situation, only to once again find his body almost entirely unresponsive.

"It's a boy?" A female voice said jubilantly. "Your majesty it's a boy!"

Percy felt his bad mood worsening as he heard that, well of course he was a fucking boy. What else did they think he was? Actually wait he wasn't a boy, he was a man gods dammit!

A deep booming laugh followed the woman's statement, and Percy soon felt his world turning upside down as he found himself getting passed from one giant to an even bigger one. This one a huge hulking man, with calloused hands, a thick bushy black beard, twinkling blue eyes and rough weathered features.

Not liking how helpless he was suddenly feeling Percy tried to scowl as he found himself looking up at the giant beings face, somehow though he didn't think he succeeded in expressing his anger, as instead of looking worried or afraid the giant simply chuckled. His blue eyes locked happily on Percy's sea green eyes, even as his large black beard tickled Percy's face uncomfortably. His large hands holding Percy maybe a little too tightly than was comfortable.

"Aye he's a boy, a fighter too I bet!" The man said loudly as he held Percy up, a large grin spreading across his face as he used his other hand to prod Percy a bit.

In response Percy attempted to punch the man in the face, only for nothing to happen as he lacked either the strength or the coordination to escape from the cloth that he was currently swaddled in.

"Robert?" A tired female voice suddenly spoke up, getting both Percy and the now named Robert's attention.

Glancing back at the man Percy noticed a sheepish expression crossing his face as he chuckled amusedly to himself before passing Percy over to the woman that spoke. The irritated Demigod very much feeling like some kind of show poodle, as he heard a few other people in the room letting out soft cooing noises.

"Oh of course Cersei, here you go, our son." Robert said his voice still loud as he handed Percy over to someone else.

As this was happening Percy once again tried to express his indignation, he was Percy fucking Jackson dammit, the Slayer of Titans, the Bane of Giants, the Demigod son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson. Not that Percy's attempts at cursing worked, as he instead found himself being held carefully in a pair of warm arms. A set of tired yet gentle green eyes looking down at him.

Percy paused his vitriol at this point, the words leaving his mind as he saw the beautiful women that looked down at him. Her hair was sweaty and a complete mess, her eyes had dark rings under them, and she looked to be on the edge of exhaustion. But to Percy she still looked radiant, not because of her physical appearance though, but because of the sheer amount of love those eyes held when they looked down at him. It was a look only one woman had ever given him before, Sally Jackson, it was a look that only a mother could have when looking down at her child, a look of unconditional love.

( - )

Cersei Lannister smiled tiredly as she saw her new born son suddenly stop squirming the moment he was in her arms. Her emerald, green eyes glistening with tears as she gently reached out a hand and stroke the tuft of black hair on the baby's head. Her gazed fixed on the child's sea green eyes.

This was her child, her first born son. Just looking down at him, Cersei forgot all else, instead focusing on the intensely intelligent eyes looking up at her. She didn't know it was possible for a child to appear so self-aware, but if ever a child was to, then she knew it would be her child.

"What do you want to call him?" Robert asked as he turned to his wife, the Queen, the large heavily built man moving so he was gently perched on the edge of her bed. A soft smile on his face as he looked down at the babe in Cersei's arms.

Looking up at Robert, her husband. Cersei felt for the first time since she had married him something like affection stirring up with her. Their married life so far had been stilted and difficult with Robert being still in love with a dead women, the King often using wine and whores to bury his pain, snubbing his wife as he did so. But as Cersei saw the look on Robert's face, a part of her hoped that maybe something could happen. Maybe there was a chance of something like love blossoming from their union, something that had been absent since their wedding night.

Smiling at Robert for what felt like the first time in months, Cersei then looked back down at her precious baby. Just looking at him, Cersei knew she would probably never love anything as much as she loved this baby. Not even Jamie her twin brother, and probably the most important person in her life prior to today.

"Cersei, a name." Robert prompted gently, an unusual act from the usually loud and boisterous man. Clearly the birth of his first 'legitimate' son was enough to make Robert Baratheon act responsibly.

Pushing the thoughts of her husband away for now Cersei instead focused on the baby in her arms, who even now was still quietly staring up at her. The sea green eyes looking more intelligent than was natural for a new born baby. As she looked at the baby multiple names ran through her head, including names like Stefan, Joffrey, and Roland. Cersei frowned as she thought of those, none of them names seemed to fit him.

Her mind then moved to other names, ones that were from her family like Tytos, Tommen, Tybolt and Tywin. Those old family names seemed better, but she didn't want to name him after another person, her first born son deserved to have a name all of his own.

"Cersei." Robert said again, his tone turning a little harder, as his patience began to wane.

Cersei had to hide a scowl at that, not liking that she was being rushed. She was after all about to choose the name that their son would carry for the rest of his life. A name that would one day go down in history as the greatest King Westeros had ever had.

"His name..." Cersei began, her smile softening as she looked down at the baby. "His name is Tytan Baratheon."

Robert paused as he heard that, his eyes narrowing before he slowly nodded his head, reaching over as he did so and picking the baby up. Ignoring Cersei's slight yelp of protest as he took the baby in his arms, his blue eyes locking with the baby's sea green. "Tytan Baratheon… I suppose that's good enough for our son. What do you think then Tytan?"

In response the baby in Robert's arms suddenly started bawling, making Robert wince as he thrust the child in the direction of the midwife, a grimace passing across his face. The child's wailing already getting on his nerves as he passed the newly named Tytan over to one of his wife's midwives. With that done, Robert then swiftly moved towards the door. "Right, well I'm off hunting!"

Cersei gave Robert a dull look at that, her eyes moving from the wailing baby to Robert in surprise and minor irritation. The slight affection that had been building within her for her husband fading as he decided on a whim to go hunting minutes after his new-born son was born. Robert not even meeting her gaze as he strode out of the room, the Warrior King not at all interested in dealing with wailing children, not when there were boars to hunt and whores to fuck.

As the midwives and Cersei fussed over the crying baby Tytan and the King fled the room. None of those that were present noticed how a jug of water left on a nearby table began to bubble as the baby continued crying.

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